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Would anyone be interested in accompanying me to Timber for the weekend?

I heard that there is a TV station there.


Jun. 11th, 2010 12:41 pm
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[So having wandered around the Garden a few times, he managed to have a good idea of where is what and how to get from point A to point B. He never thought he'd think it, but he misses Ikebukuro already. At least this place has vending machines. Which he is frowning at one right now.

Why the hell don't they have cigarette vending machines here.]

... Tch. [He takes a long drag from the one he's currently smoking, giving the machine a glare before he turns around and leans against it. If they're gonna be stuck here, at least have adequate supplies for the masses. People these days.

Feel free to bother him, though depending on who you are, your mileage may vary. 8|a]
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[ Do you hear that? What, you ask?


The unmistakable combination of girls giggling and gushing as they gossip to one another. The dreaded triple Gs.

Well, that'd all be coming from that group of teenage girls over there who have crowded around Kasuka while he was minding his own business, just sitting quietly in the quad. Really, all he was trying to do was memorize his schedule.

But now they've surrounded him and a couple of the more outgoing ones are asking him when his birthday is, his horoscope, if he has a girlfriend, what kind of girls he likes, what his favorite food is, etc. He's staring back blankly, uncertain of how to dispel the crowd.

At first it was just a group of three friends, who were then joined by a few more friends, who then attracted some other girls, and things just snowballed from there. He really wasn't... expecting this to happen here too, but. Maybe he's forgotten how to turn off the whole 'appeal to teenage girls' vibe. ]

[ ooc: So. Yes. This is Kasuka. Feel free to join the mob/troll him/admire him/try to stick your hand down his pants/rescue him/w/e. He's my new favorite whipping boy, so GO WILD. &hearts ]


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