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[The GFC, the Disciplinary Committee, and Fight Club have teamed up to bring Balamb Garden an unforgettable experience with the weekend-long paint balloon tournament! Prior to the tournament, various sponsorships are given tables to organize and plot for their dominance over the other teams.

During the tournament, most parts of the school is fair game! (Though Headmaster has politely requested that all students refrain from the usual restricted parts of the school). Feel free to hit your opponents, though don't be surprised if they strike back! There are a few stations that are designated paint-free zones: the GFC, DiscComm, and Fight Club areas (as the Fight Club's hosting seminars, the DiscComm is monitoring students for suspicious activity, and the GFC's selling balloons and food) as well as the gymnasium and pool, but the rest of Garden is fair-game.

All students, SeeD, and staff members are given ten paint-filled balloons to start. The GFC will be selling extra balloons for 2 gil a piece, while craftier people may find a way to circumvent their limits.

Happy Holi! Fight, win, and eat lots of yummy spring-themed goods!]

[ooc: We will not be monitoring balloon usage, so feel free to go over the limit! We just politely request that you refrain from using a godlike amount unless it would be IC for your character. Enjoy Holi, everyone!]
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I don't know who you are, or what you think you're pulling. This letter you gave me? Bullshit.

I want some real answers and I want them now. Start talking or I'll start bashing heads.


[Stomping around the lobby is a woman who looks extremely pissed off. The letter everyone receives when they arrive is crumpled up in her fist, a fist that is being waved in the faces of various strangers as she threatens them. Feel free to approach her and get yelled at.]
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[It's been an interesting week. All the ki signatures appearing, disappearing, and reappearing again have given him, if he was honest, a bit of a headache. Vegeta alone had nearly driven him to distraction with all the times he was back and forth. There were the usual, ever-present energies at least.

After a while, it seemed he'd given up on being suspicious and uneasy, accepting the current weirdness as best he could. He was still restless though, walking around Garden when he wasn't in classes.]
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[After his encounter with Vegeta, Trunks went to the nearest terminal and worked out a brief message.]

I'm sure most of you have noticed the influx of new people by now. It doesn't seem normal, even for around here. Is it just time compression messing with things again?

Bulla...Rinoa too, probably. There's something I need to talk to you about.

- Trunks
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[In the quad, Rinoa sits under her usual tree. It's probably a rather peculiar sight as on one side of her there is Angelo, on the other side there's a young cat, and in her lap there's a little plush lion. Despite all this anyone who knows her will realize that she's absolutely miserable. Though to be fair those who don't know her will too as it's written all over her face. Which is a crime when surrounded by such cute things, but honestly she can't help it.]

I should probably know better by now, right Angelo?

[The poor dog just sighs and rests her head on Rinoa's knee with a long suffering look in her eyes. It always seems to bother Angelo when Rinoa gets all moody like this. Jules, the cat, just seems miffed that her purring isn't enough to cheer Rinoa up, and every now and then her tail lashes out crankily. Not being able to help sucks.]

Don't worry girl, it will be different next time. [She pauses and then adds softly.] If there is a next time.


Jan. 24th, 2012 06:45 pm
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[All it took was the blink of an eye really. One minute he was standing with the other parts of himself and the stupid variants around the U-DO terminal, and the next minute he was in a far more pleasant place. Shuffled into an office that looked too much like his fathers, and handed a letter that made no sense, he was ushered back into the grounds and set loose.

So now, dear citizens of the Garden, you find a boy sitting in the middle of the path with a very clear 'Now what the hell do I do' crossed with a 'deer in the head lights' look on his face. ]


Where is...where is the rest of me?


[Approach? Y/N]


Jan. 16th, 2012 07:12 pm
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[Suddenly finding oneself in a new place? Not all that common for Trunks, time travel aside. He knew where he was going and why, then...and while it hadn't been guaranteed that the very new technology his mother had developed would work as intended, he'd been confident that it would.

This was different. He hadn't been in the Time Machine, he'd been facing Cell. The creature he'd failed to stop from ascending further, that he'd failed to defeat. The frustration and anger he'd felt...the despair when he realized that Cell was so much stronger.

And then it was all gone. He wasn't in the middle of a blasted battleground, he was in some kind of school, a military academy, and before he knew what was going on he was given an acceptance letter of all things and turned loose to familiarize himself with his new surroundings. Thus, staring at the directory and...talking to himself.]

This is ridiculous.

[So says the purple-haired guy in a bright blue spandex jumpsuit and chest armor. Your ridiculous-meter is well and broken, Trunks.]

Time compression...sorceresses...damn it, I can't sense anyone else either. What on Earth is going on.


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