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[For once, Alistair had it together. He'd dropped his bags off in his room, and had decided to people watch. Hands resting over his stomach--those hot dogs had been even better with cheese--one can find him waving as students pass, as if he were a king making a public appearance to his beloved subjects.

In some realities, it might even be true. But today, he's only a SeeD back from assignment.]

Hey! How have you been? Lovely day we're having, isn't it?
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[Dweia is heading off to the medical office to see Doctor Kadowaki about the apprenticeship, feel free to bump into her and talk to her. She's semi distracted by a book she's reading but if she's learned from last time it's to make sure she doesn't literally bump into anyone.]
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The newsletter is really unprofessional - at least the 'Around Garden: What's New?' section.

I understand that it's important to let people know what's going on in Balamb Garden, and the Newsletter is a good way to do that, but I don't think something that's supposed to be an official thing - and thus affiliated with SeeD - should be in the business of rumor-mongering. Political news about things that are happening in Galbadia and Esthar are important to us as SeeDs, and it's good to hear things about the off-worlders and things like that. But the only one of those that comes off as being written with any sort of journalistic integrity or even standards is the one written by miss Helena Oster.

However, my biggest problem comes from miss Chessy Delacreaux's article - if you can call it that. All it is is gossip and tidbits that makes SeeD look more like ... some sort of club rather than a mercenary organization. We're all training to be professionals here; why does it need to be written in an OFFICIAL PUBLICATION that Souji was out with some guy? Who cares? Why does it matter? Why is there news in the newsletter about a post on the BBS? That's not news.

And I really don't care what miss Chessy Delacreux's favorite sponsorship is. That, too, isn't news. If we want some sort of paper to spread all sorts of rumors around Balamb Garden, fine. I'll think it's dumb, but that's the place of whoever wants it. But an official newsletter isn't the place to talk about things that may or may not have happened that aren't even newsworthy anyway.

And stop using so many exclamation points. It's tacky, especially in an official Balamb Garden publication.
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Greetings. My name is Naoto Shirogane. I am posting this on behalf of the library committee.

There will be a meeting from 1800-2000 this Thursday. If anyone is interested, please feel free to attend. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.
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[ And more importantly, who won the betting pool?

After the debacle involving personal ads, a faculty member, and Yuri punching out said faculty member, Reno and Yuri were dragged up to see the Headmaster. Now they're on their punishment tour, which, frankly, Reno is a little disappointed with.

Not that he's about to complain, but this place doesn't look like it knows how to keep its cadets in line at all.

Anyone who wants to hop in, Yuri and Reno can be found puttering around the Garden. Loudly. Mostly Reno. ]

--And here I was worried that something bad was actually gonna happen. [ We join our fantastic duo as Reno's in the middle of half griping, half, gushing at Yuri. Yeah, he does that. ] You know what'd be happening to me right now if I'd decked a superior officer back home?

...Nah, you don't wanna know. But the point is, that was fuckin' sweet, Yuri! I didn't think you'd slug the guy!

Did it feel good? Tell me it felt good! [ Yuri, watch out. Reno's arms are searching for your shoulders again. ]


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