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hey who wants to start a flying organization with me

instructor do


...can anyone else here actually fly

not with vehicles or anything, sorry pinkie, but under their own power. we could practice stunts and routines, and have shows. it'd be awesome. who's with me here

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I certainly hope I won't have to continue fighting after suffering a concussion. Nasty things they are. I wouldn't recommend them.

Oh, and I DO expect an answer, because I refuse to go back to battle after this. Only a few people are aware of how much it pains me to make such a statement.

-Grell [She's in no mood for her usual heart after her name]


[Grell will be sitting in the cafeteria, a bit in a daze while she tries to sip her beloved orange juice. There is a bandage on the side of her head as she leans her chin into her hand, playing with the straw to her glass. She yawns, because wow, medication is pretty strong in this one.]
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[0900 hours. Whether the weekend was spent in anticipation, terror, dread, or fury, the time has come. The Ragnarok docked at the observation deck on the second floor, ramp extended to admit those brave few who dared to volunteer on the first day, as well as the SeeDs and Instructors charged with keeping them from death, and the recovery and medicine specialists to restore them to health.]

[For the next three weeks, life would be rough for Garden's inhabitants.]

[[OOC: Use this thread or make your own for parties and fights on the Island Closest to Heaven! If you'd like a mod to NPC some monsters for you, please put your request on the OOC planning post or PM the mod account. When your party needs a rescue from a senior SeeD, that request can go on the OOC post as well!]]

[[Game on!]]
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To all cadets going on the Heaven mission, and any SeeDs helping out on it:

I'd like a role call in order to assess team lineup. For cadets we seem to have more healing specialists than previously believed. I know at least three have spoken up, and I know of at least one GF specialist. [That's not even an official thing, but fight him, he's hoping that other cadets will step forward to brag about their own GF skills.] However most of our straight forward fighters seem to have either graduated or they're holding their tongues, so I'd like to see who else qualifies in that respect. Likewise paramagic or anything else, thank you.

On a purely conversational note, have any of you done anything like this before or do you all come from worlds more peaceful than this?

Thanks for your time and attention,
Marco ID #52133
SeeD Rank 9

[Truthfully Marco is aware of those who have declared their specialties, however, he knows a lot of the kids haven't declared it yet, and more importantly, he's hoping to get them excited about the prospect and eager to prove and establish themselves rather than just be afraid.]

[For anyone looking for him, Marco will generally be outside around the Quad whistling to some birds, but he also discreetly patrols the Training Center hoping that a bunch of the kids will try to get in some last minute training, and this way he can keep an eye on them so they don't burn out. And for his own peace of mind, he's busy practicing free falls and backflips. It's been a long time since he fought something he would consider truly challenging, and if anything, he knows he needs to practice his own restraint. It's the kids' chance to fight, he's just going to be flying in and taking out anyone too close to dying. Feel free to catch him singing with the birds or while doing a few backflips, he wouldn't mind some company at all.]
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Cafeteria... cafeteria...

[Today, the large directory in the lobby has a captive audience - not literally, but it's easy to infer that from both the distressed look on her face and the length of time she's been staring at it, almost motionless.]

Ah... Ah! Okay, I got it! If the map says it's here, that means it's gotta be [she points] this way!

[Just as suddenly as it blossomed, her confidence wilts.]

Or... maybe it's this way? This way?

[Slowly, her attention wanders from the map in front of her to the crowds bustling past her in all directions, down to the slightly oversized cadet uniform she's wearing, and finally up towards the ceiling.]


[She tries to stifle a yawn, unsuccessfully - but then keeps her eyes closed, her expression turning into one of utmost concentration.] No way! There's no way I'm givin' up here! I can do this! I just gotta focus...!

[After a couple more minutes of her standing there, a keen listener might be able to make out a tiny snore.]
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[Selphie may have been particularly and unusually quiet since she came back to Garden but hey, 22 years of catching up can take quite some time. On top of that, she had to learn how to use the laptop before she cast Firaga on it like she'd threatened when it started crashing on her. Thankfully for the Garden Tech Support staff, they gave her another laptop and instructions on how to operate it. Quiet all you tech saavy types, they didn't have laptops at Garden during the war, okay?

However, the perky brunette wasn't expecting to open the curtains in her room on this very special morning to snow. It wasn't just any snow, either. It was the snow with the big fluffy flakes that glittered in the sunlight and everyone on the second floor of the dorms is going to hear the girl squealing with delight for all it's worth. Feel free to come and find out what all the commotion is as she's scrambling to set up her webcam to start recording the gently falling flakes.]

Garden! Everybody, make a wish! If you don't know about the Snow Fairies, then you clearly haven't spent enough time at the awesomeness that is Trabia Garden!

Otherwise, snowball fight in the courtyard in half an hour. Be there or be square!

[Then she's leaning in with an excited look on her face. Really, she looks like a kid who's walked into a candy store for the first before grinning at everybody with a mischievous glint in her eyes.]

Or if you want your sheets frozen then by all means, skip out.

Selphie, out!

[And with a peace sign to the camera, the feed cuts out.]
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[Pinkie Pie, dressed casually in this attire, is frolicking around Garden while passing out peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Yes, she is frolicking, and sometimes hoping on her pogo stick.

This has everything to do with the recent bout of jam. She's eaten too much sugar, apparently. Again.

Gummy isn't with her this time. Lucky duck! She left him in the safety of her room for a bit. Hopefully he won't get swallowed up by the jam.]

ACTION FOR MWF HEC 101 or whomever passes by her classroom

[Instead of making clothing patterns, the class will be making sandwich patterns.

Also, Pinkie is still wearing her fancy suit.]

I want to see LIONS and TIGERS and BEARS today! [She paces the front of the room, looking to every cadet, quite serious about her request.] We're making these for those still in the infirmary since the last attack, so PUT SOME CHEERE INTO THAT SANDWICH!

[She dug beneath the neck of her costume and took out a whistle before blowing it.]

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Nice little gadgets we've got here. Shiny technology left and right... and all of them a little short on instruction manuals. Kind of a shame, really.

So this letter tells me 'Time Compression' is what I have to thank for this brave new world opened up to me, but I'm guessing that's not a proper name. (I'm hoping it's not.) So someone want to give me the ten-cenz story of who pulled this stunt off and why?

Oh yeah, I'm supposed to ask if anyone's seen a couple people named 'Fu' or 'Lan Fan' around. Don't ask me for more details, it's a yes or no. Don't ask me why I'm doing these sorts of favors.


[So having figured out the BBS system, the homunculus is feeling ambitious! That's why he's parked out in the cafeteria, playing around with his laptop and trying to figure out what else it can do for him. He's not having much success, but he hasn't bricked it yet, and he's cheerfully taking his failures in stride. For the moment.]
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You two! Move those supplies to the infirmary, and don't even THINK about walking!

[Grell's standing in a severely damaged hallway, checking where the needed supplies to help with recovery efforts need to go.

Meaning that she's bossing random cadets around.

Once in a while, she'll lift up a large piece of debris, revealing more damage beneath. Due to assisting with the battle, she has a bandage on her neck to cover up an injury. Since the beginning of the new quarter, Grell has since changed back to her usual attire of slacks and her infamous red trench coat.]

And can someone get me an orange juice?! [She says to no one, and everyone, in particular.]
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[2100. Balamb has settled into position some time ago, and life continues on as normal. Galbadia Garden has mobilized, in that it's broken free of its moorings and converted to aerial mode, but the structure remains otherwise motionless. The strategy of preventing their antagonist from moving seems to be working just fine --]

[Without warning, alarm, or seeming plausibility, a sword of perhaps thirty stories height and sufficient width to do the job transfixes the mobile mercenary facility. The point plunges through the roof, just barely missing the cockpit, but smashing through a weapons classroom on the second floor and the cafeteria on the first before bursting out the bottom of the facility. It hits the ground, penetrates, and sinks who knows how far deep before friction overcomes mass. The sword stops, leaving only a profoundly deep and disquieting humming as it continues to vibrate with the force of the descent.]

[Balamb's motive engines whine and screech as the helmsman attempts to move the facility, but only a horrific rending sounds as more of the structure crumbles. All the engines can do is shove the building into the sword, not move the weapon.]

[All is horrified silence.]

[In that moment, Galbadia Garden completes the motion it had begun just as the sword descended, and strikes. By flying transport and by motorcycle jumps, troops cross the gap between the two Gardens, while on the first floor, a massive deployment tube crashes through the wall of the garage and troops pour in.]

[It's going to be one of those days.]
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[Anyone in the girls dorm, might notice what looks like a young boy hovering around the door for room B115. This supposed young man seems to be pacing and just generally glaring at the door in general distrust.]

Awe man. I can't do this. Share a room with a girl?

[Tugging on her unruly hair, Masaki can't help but frown. Maybe it'd be better to request a new room. The last thing she needs right now is some stranger to start screaming because a boy came into her room without knocking. Geeze. Thinking she hears something coming from inside the room, she turns and bolts down the hallway at top speeds.]

Forget it. I can't do this!


Oi! What's someone got to do to get a room change around here? I need to know asap. I can't share a room with a strange girl.
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Alright, I'm getting bored around here. Anyone have any idea of something fun to do? Or feel like sparring?

Tell me about your world if you want. That works too. I'll tell you about mine if you really care.

-- Instructor Wukong


[Those who look around will find him -- surprise -- lounging in a tree in the Quad. He seems... somewhat off today, for those who know him, looking fidgety and uncomfortable and generally just irritated. This obviously means he's a bit more distracted and doesn't quite notice anyone coming up to him straight away...]
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Has this poly-whatever-it's-called potion been tested on humans (or beings biologically close to human)? Has anyone of this category tried it?

I do wonder what would happen if one were to swallow some of that concoction for the sake of curiosity.

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Okay I know I haven't been back for that long, but I'm still vaguely insulted Miss Tattler couldn't actually insult me this go-round. This means I have to try harder, I guess. So anyway, anyone want to do something gossip-worthy? Come on, I'm sure we can come up with something better than Miss Tattler. [He's not seriously suggesting they go out and do anything for gossip, rather come up with "gossip" more outrageous that things Miss Tattler can come up with. Whether or not he actually conveyed that properly is up for debate.]

SeeD ID#73197 Para-Magic Weapon Specialist Operative, Firearms Platoon and Magic Operative, Attack Platoon, Level 3


[As he stripped the color from his hair for the homecoming dance, Chase has opted to give his hair a break from the constant dying so it doesn't fall out or something by the time he's 30. As a result, he's his natural blonde... though he's making up for the natural hair by wearing red contacts. In honor of those red contacts he's also rocking (that's a subjective term) an all-red outfit as he wanders the Garden.

If you catch him in the cafeteria, he's got his triple triad cards strewn about pretty much an entire table as he tries to put together a new deck.

If you catch him in the library, he's in the cheesy romance novel section, trying to find something to read. Careful, if you come close enough he'll ask you for suggestions.

If you catch him hanging around the quad he's laying in the grass, unabashedly reading the cheesy romance novel he got from the library. Yes, it has the most ridiculous cover you've ever seen (why else do you think he picked it?).

If you catch him in the training area, he's without the red contacts, using the innocent Grats for target practice. As he shoots, he has a serious expression that he rarely displays anywhere else.]
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[The quad's all set up for the date auction! A handsome-looking blonde guy - one of the native cadets on the GFC - is center stage with the list and a mic, auctionees (and Headmaster Cid, sipping on a drink supervising) ready behind him. (Alas, Pinkie is out campaigning or something, and Mikuru is doing some last minute work elsewhere and doesn't like the stage anyway.)

[He flashes a smile.]
Gooooood afternoon, ladies and gentlemen and everyone else! I'm Russell Drake from the Garden Festival Committee, and I'd like to welcome you all to the GFC's second charity date auction! Once again all proceeds will be going towards the Centra orphanage, so please be generous with your bids! Bids start at 1 gil and we do not take rain checks or IOUs!

We have a fantastic bunch of volunteers for your dating pleasure today, so without further ado, let's get started!

  • Each person has their own thread. Please put your bids in the subject lines so people can see them! Threads collapse after fifty comments, so using the subject lines will make the bids easier to see.
  • Bids close and winners will be posted on Friday before the carnival post goes up. IC-ly, the winners will be announced Wednesday afternoon.
  • If you missed signups, PM [personal profile] wrmods and we'll squeeze them in as an IC "saw the auction on the day, hopped onstage and harassed the GFC to auction them off" auction. Just characters who would willingly sign up at this point, please!
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    Hello, everyone! I am starting to practice baking in the Home Ec room, and would appreciate any volunteers for taste testing. Please feel free to walk right in and help yourselves!


    [Thumbelina is busy at the counters with an array of basic ingredients, bowls and pots and pans, with dozens of whirring machines turned on and many cookbooks laid out on the table at the center of the room. The main subject of the pages contain sweet treats, such as various kinds of cakes.]
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    [The Garden Festival Committee and the Fight Club have graciously sponsored a giant bonfire in the Quad from 2000 to 2400 hours on Saturday night! It takes up most of the room in the center, with piles upon piles of freshly-cut logs and staff members replenishing the fire every so often with para-magic, but there's plenty to do and see in the Quad regardless.

    Various members of the GFC have guitars on them, in order to properly sing campfire songs around the bonfire, and there's stations run by both Fight Club and the GFC near the back for s'mores, chocolate, and various other snacks that a bonfire party might need.

    And even though your presence isn't mandatory, the smell of freshly roasted s'mores and the heat from the bonfire might be enough to entice just about anyone.]

    [ooc | we apologize for the delay in getting this up! Players are free to create their own threads outside of the ones we've provided if they absolutely have to. :) Enjoy the bonfire and have fun, y'all!]

    001. bbs.

    Feb. 21st, 2012 04:26 pm
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    Uhm, hello?

    Is this Garden I am talking to? The other students? I hope so, because I just arrived and I want to introduce myself before I start my classes. That's how it works...right?

    My name is Thumbelina, and I've never seen so many little people in my entire life! Where do you all come from? Are there little people villages and homes farther away? Do you know any fairies? I have so many questions I would like to have answered.

    If that's not too much trouble! I mean...you don't have to answer them, but maybe there's something in the library I could read?

    [ooc: changed because I took one look at this after a long needed nap...and almost headdesked myself into ANOTHER nap.]


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