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[Now that the club has been established, Aerith worked tirelessly to post up as many fliers as possible about the brand new Cooking Club. If this club was going to work, then she would have to work hard to lure in as many members as possible. That's why if any of you cadets are walking along the halls of the quad today, you may see a dozen stylish, pink and white fliers on the walls begging for your participation.

They look a little something like this:

The Amazing Flier! )

[Quite proud of her work upon the fliers, Aerith hurried to the cafeteria with Abel in tow to start baking for what she expected would be thousands of guests! (More like twelve guests in reality...)

Oh, I really hope they come!

[Aerith whined as she stared at the plain white & black clock upon the wall.]

Who could deny a sweet tooth anyways?

[ooc: this is another mingle comment spam! have your characters show up at the cafeteria~]
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We are to conduct an investigation regarding trapped, disappeared and lost students under Headmaster Cid request. As for the VOLUNTEERS, don't get in my way. The DISCIPLINARY COMMITTEE is to report to me at the end of the day.

#00301, Seifer Almasy


May. 29th, 2010 02:43 pm
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[anyone who's stopped by at the library right now will be greeted with the sight of a small-statured teenage boy sitting in front of the computer, with his arms folded over his chest, a grouchy expression on his face, and several cables extending from the back of his neck and reaching into the computer's USB ports. he speaks aloud, voice monotone with an underlying sense of irritation, and the computer records his words while transcribing them onto the screen.

anyone checking the BBS will see the following post:]

Okay, so let me make sure I've got this straight. Because this world is glitching up or something, we're stuck here, and instead of making it up to us, those guys are forcing us to go to school? Seriously? That's so stupid. School is for kids who don't already have a future of fame and richness ahead of them. I'm not even a kid.

Rin, Luka, Bakaito, Meiko, Miku -- come on, I know you guys are here. Don't be lazy, I could really use a better welcoming committee than that Cid guy. It took me like an hour just to find this library, I'm not even going to bother with my dorm room -- doesn't this place have a map? Just hurry up.
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[ Haine's sitting at a table in the cafeteria and it's practically like high school all over again. He's made sure to pick an empty one and he's looking down at his tray with what looks like a mixture of displeasure and disgust. He jerks his food around with the end of a fork. ]

[ he wont admit it, but in that flash of a moment, he almost misses the pasta from Buon Viaggio. ]

[ ...or maybe that's just because he was slightly more used to people staring at his strange appearance and odd behavior back there without being questioned. Either way, he brushes the thought off and grabs a forkful of the food on his plate and shoves it into his mouth, with no prelude to the unceremonious follow-up of chewing it down. ]
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[A girl with an appearance that's a bit unusual even by the standards of the new imports comes sliding to a halt at the entrance of the cafeteria. Her eyes are mismatched, for one. The right is golden-yellow, the left is dark blue. She's wearing a black outfit with a high fluffy pink collar, absurdly long sleeves, and pink and black striped leggings. Her hair's also turquoise-green.]

I got here first! Look Noki, I was first!

[Whether Noki is actually with her or not is irrelevant - for her, it's entirely normal to assume that if Noki's not there yet, she'll be there momentarily]


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