Jun. 23rd, 2010 01:08 am
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[Axel left his dorm room door open- if you peek inside, it looks like he just came in from a shopping trip. Guess where he's been Corridoring all over to.

That's right, doing recon of the area when he should've been studying for midterms! But hey, at least he got some souvenirs and nobody will suspect he's actually still thinking about a way out of this joint. It's nice having his bff and all, but the old itch and ache of not-having a heart gets to you sometimes. Oh and the trip included clothes. In case he ever needs to blend in with the locals. In fact, he's trying them on. Bit tight in places. Feel free to poke in and give him pokes/fashion suggestions/laugh/see half-naked Axel.]

[ooc:no he's not really wearing pigtails or anything.]
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[ This is all a bit overwhelming for Nill. A new place- more than a new place, but a new world- a school, classes... she's excited and scared, and trying to navigate the halls and find her dorm.

Feeling a little (a lot) lost, she takes a seat on the edge of the windowsill. Maybe if she could just rest for a few minutes, she would be able to get her bearings and reorient herself.

Nill puts the books and papers to the side, examining the school uniform curiously. She holds the blouse in front of her, checking and double checking both sides.

Looks like she's going to need to borrow some scissors. ]


Jun. 9th, 2010 03:20 am
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[There is a boy wandering the first floor hallways of the Garden, and he doesn't look pleased. Well, he's not just "wandering", exactly. More like stomping angrily. It could just be restlessness - he's new, and he certainly doesn't like the situation he's in, and he's ready to take it out on anyone or anything he comes across.

But stomping down the halls like this means Elliot isn't really paying too much attention to where he's going. He might bump into you (yes, you) on your way somewhere if you're not careful. Or maybe you can catch him before he collides with someone? Either way, this can't be healthy, and he must be stopped.]

↠ oo4

Jun. 4th, 2010 04:56 pm
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[Cue Naoto frowning at her hands when leaving the girls' rest room. Needless to say she does not like something about them now.

Well, she's washed them quite a lot of times, but since coming out of WTR aka FREAKING GUN TRAINING they've been feeling a little... numb. And possibly dirty, even though she's already washed them. She's never used a gun before, and using a weapon without gloves is... very different. She's done it before, but she really does prefer gloves. At least if she had gloves during the actual firing of the gun she could have simply stripped them off and washed them at a later period.

Needless to say, she's not enjoying learning how to use a gun. Hell freaking no.

She hitches up her bag, and one hand unconsciously flexing as she stalks off. Maybe the library can give her some quiet time before she has to go and join the masses in the canteen for some smelly, greasy foodstuff.]

LOU 001.

May. 29th, 2010 12:13 pm
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[ Crazy situations like these are nothing but routine for Lou, yet she had to admit she had never been in a place quite like this. The technology wasn't that different from the one back in her world, even if a little bit less advanced, although the difference was nearly unnoticeable for her - after all, she has never been quite in touch with technology.

As a very independent (and stubborn) person, Lou likes doing everything by herself and so she has been giving herself a tour around the Garden. She peeked in the Training Center, but ended up slowly backing away when she saw a enormous dinosaur stomping around and currently, the tattooed girl was checking out schedules and classes, sitting on one of the benches of the hall, leaning her chin on one hand.

She had no idea what she was reading, though.
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[ Haine's sitting at a table in the cafeteria and it's practically like high school all over again. He's made sure to pick an empty one and he's looking down at his tray with what looks like a mixture of displeasure and disgust. He jerks his food around with the end of a fork. ]

[ he wont admit it, but in that flash of a moment, he almost misses the pasta from Buon Viaggio. ]

[ ...or maybe that's just because he was slightly more used to people staring at his strange appearance and odd behavior back there without being questioned. Either way, he brushes the thought off and grabs a forkful of the food on his plate and shoves it into his mouth, with no prelude to the unceremonious follow-up of chewing it down. ]


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