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[Things are going so much better now. Between catching up on her sleep and enjoying the marked lack of classes, Rinoa's in a much better mood than she's been in the for the last several weeks. Sadly she's not the sort of person who survives very well on a limited amount of sleep so all those nightmares had been well, a nightmare.

Everything was better now and she was getting te sleep she needed night after night. This is why with a much improved outlook on life and way less caffeine in her veins, she's hanging out in the city square of Dollet.]

Feels nice to be out in the fresh air and off Garden for once, doesn't it girl?

[Sitting on the edge of the fountain, she smiles as she ruffles Angelo's fur fondly. After a moment the dog gives her an enthusiastic lick and then bounds off in search of a something (a stick, a ball, a person?) they can use for play. Rinoa stays behind, legs stretching out in front of her as she leans back a little to enjoy the sunlight.]
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[We have a lanky ginger taking a look at the directory.  Or rather, he's searching it.  Thoroughly.  It's pretty obvious where he is and finding out where everything else is located can come later.  There's just one thing he wants has to know right away.]

Where the hell does a guy get smokes here?


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