Aug. 10th, 2010 01:26 am
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This isn't working.

Escalating tension between Esthar and Galbadia; between the natives of this world and us "off-worlders"; even some of the off-worlders are starting conflict amongst themselves. It's like we're all in some sort of panic. Speaking of which, the unexplained disappearances of some of the cadets - Where did they go? Are we returning or not? [ Yes, she's referring to the disappearance of her sister. ]

Furthermore, what was with that whole month when all of us were experiencing those nightmares? That can't have been some random occurrence.

Some of this is just ridiculous.

-Lightning Farron
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[ Mid-Afternoon in Balamb, and Terra is almost going out of her way to avoid people. Well, if she's spotted before reaching her destination, she'll chat someone up, but ultimately, the girl is heading into the Training Center.

Not to fight, no sir, just for a little quiet time. Why she chooses her quiet spots in there who can say? Nonetheless, if someone DOES happen upon her, she could be found deeper into the Training Center, perched on a large boulder with a book in her lap. She is also talking quietly, almost whispering.

She's not alone. Seated beside Terra and curiously looking over her shoulder is an ethereal woman. Shiva. Anyone who comes into audible range of her lowered voice would hear her talking with the GF(s). ]

"Have you decided?" [ This from Shiva, apparently, as Terra shakes her head at the GF. ]

"I'm not so sure about this 'ballroom dancing' ... although it was pretty to watch when I first came here."

[ She pauses, and both she and Shiva seem distracted a moment, listening to something. Terra finally smiles, nodding. ]

"It's a little easier now that I understand how things work here, for the most part. Plus I have you and Shiva to help me, Quetzacoatl."

[ Don't mind her. She's just a weird girl being...weird. ]


Aug. 6th, 2010 09:02 pm
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[ Now, generally, the Doctor really hates working in the open unless pressed for time, but his space is limited. His feet are propped up on a bench, and he lies with his back flat on the grass. Various papers lay strewn about him, and he's just tinkering away at the robot cat he's built with his sonic screwdriver. It's usual whirring sound is faintly audible from up to about five feet away, and almost buzzing by the time anyone gets within one foot of him. He's ditched his tweed jacket so he's just in a plain dress up shirt and his usual red suspenders (and red bowtie to match, thank you very much) while he lies on the ground. every now and then, however, he pauses and rubs his eyes, or pauses to breathe deeply. some normal people might take that as a sign of sickness. they might be right, this time. ]

... toxins? No, no, wouldn't make sense--unless I accidentally took aspirin. That... wouldn't be good. Ah, extremely very not good, if I took aspirin, but I doubt I did, would've felt it.

[ he sighs, before reaching beside him. there's a rather impressive stack of crepes beside him, and he pops one into his mouth as he goes back to working. well, he did learn how to cook in 18th century France. --no, er, 17th century. 20th, yes, that's right. One of those centuries. ]

004 [BBS]

Aug. 5th, 2010 12:17 am
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Guessing by all the BBS posts up today, I think most of you have seen the new issue of the newsletter. With that said, I'd like to state a formal apology addressed to the Cadets, SeeDs and Faculty in Garden.

I was the one that was caught waterbending by a native down at the beach in Dollet. I know, I know-- It was a stupid thing for me to do. I was overeager at the chance of being surrounded by my element and I made a bad judgment call. I should have been more mindful of my actions, as now my carelessness has caused for the natives to become wary of Garden.

But at the same time, I don't regret having exposed this sort of prejudice that the natives hold against us off-worlders. We're here because we don't have a choice-- if I had my way, I would be home where I wouldn't be ostracized for a natural ability that isn't viewed as a curse by the people of my world. Bending is an art form, a rare gift that only the few and proud possess. I shouldn't have to be ashamed of it or live in fear because of my ability.

Even if I do have the gift to manipulate water, I know better than to use it against innocent people. What's to say that everyone who has a unique ability immediately has ill intentions? Their ignorance isn't going to make our lives any easier during our stay in this world. There has to be a way to make them see us in a different light.

- Katara
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[ Enter the lobby and you'll find yourself a redhead, rubbing the back of her neck as she looks at the directory. What was she doing here? Amy was blaming this on the Doctor; somehow this had to be his fault. One way or another. How else would she end up back in school? Ugh. Wasn't she done with this?

Don't get her wrong. She was all about new planets, but she was promised Rio. Or at least some beachy, Rio-like planet. ]

I won't get marked off too much if I skip my first day, yeah? Probably just give me a warning - since, you know, I'm new and all.

[ She's debating with herself because she really doesn't feel like going anywhere. Especially class. But, she wouldn't mind seeing what other sort of places there were besides classrooms. Just a bit of research in case she wants to play hooky gets lost later. ]

I should get myself sorted first anyway. Hang on. What's a... Quad?
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[ to those who are semi-awake, one might hear a voice shouting, then a little metal thing comes around the corner, into the quad. the Doctor--er, John Smith, as you may know him--is following it, ranting and raving. ]

No, no, no! Bad cat, bad cat! Oh, this is the last time I engineer a robotic cat, absolutely the last time, oh, well, alright, maybe the second to last time.

[ once he finally catches up with it, he places a foot upon it and sighs, pulling a hand down his face. ]

Blimey. Rewiring, then. Yes, time for that.


Jul. 12th, 2010 02:12 pm
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Does anyone know the world record for not sleeping here? I think it might actually be close to a couple weeks in my world. That, or two of my friends set it by fighting five days solid. Either way, I think I'm as strong as Jinbei and the other one. So I'm just going to stop sleeping for now. And live off tea's caffeine. So if you see me nodding off while studying for tests? Just poke me.

How's everyone else holding up?
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[ It's not uncommon for Terra to have nightmares - having nightmares that were quite that vivid were though. She hasn't slept a wink for fear of seeing that face every time she closed her eyes, trying to steal a little bit of rest. Instead, she just kept hearing the screams that kept echoing in her head. This may be why she's found at the second floor balcony during a free period, hugging herself tightly, her cape caught in the occasional breeze.

... Also she's standing on top of the railing. One wrong move and over she goes! (gasp) Pay her a visit? Shove her over? Steal her wallet -- er, she doesn't have one but yeah! ]
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[You're late, running between classes, or it's after everything's shut down for the day and you're just chilling around Garden. Whatever. Regardless, a series of surprisingly heavy footfalls indicate the arrival of someone from around that corner: from whence comes a man muttering to himself, and with only one arm.

It's cool, he's got his other one sticking out of a bag. It and his shoulder are sparking occasionally, a series of small metal pylons and wiring sticking out.]

... so I'm pretty sure swords aren't really my weapon.


Jun. 16th, 2010 03:47 am
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[ Oh, the Doctor didn't waste any time once he was settled in.He'd have to explore every inch of this place, and if he didn't achieve all of that today, well, he'd skip some classes. (Except not.) He still couldn't believe that he had to take some classes--did they still lecture? It'd been ages since he'd been in a classroom. In a real, proper classroom, as a student. What was it, ohh... 800 years? About. Yes, about. The last time he had been in a classroom as a teacher, that'd been... with Rose, as his tenth incarnation. Amazing, that was, how time flies. The Doctor walked around the Garden, looking at the faces of students as they passed by.

Yes, yes, he already looked like a professor. He was well aware.

Oh--and he'd have to resort to calling himself John Smith again. Oh, that was annoying. John Smith, John Smith, John Smith--sometimes, he wondered, if he should pick another ambiguous name. Dr. John Smith, maybe he could trade it in. ]

Nooo, what if I forget? That wouldn't do.

[ he muttered to himself, before quickening his steps, hands shoved into his tweed jacket. ]

Well, best to learn the territory before I make any rash decisions--wait. [ was choosing to be a teacher a rash decision? ... probably. ] Probably... too late. Maybe.


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