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[Bulla is looking over a course catelogue and contemplating taking a few classes to give herself a secondary specialty, and possibly even a tertiary one. She's making a few notes on each class, as well as notes on instructors' contact information so she can discuss what arrangements they can make in case she's called away on a mission. She's not certain what the procedure is for a SeeD who wants to take more classes, so she's making sure to take plenty of notes.

Unfortunately, she's taking those notes outside, and a gust of wind sends some of them flying.]

Oh no!

[Do you: A. Help her?
B. Ignore her?
C. Point and laugh?]
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[Aladdin wasn't quite sure why he'd ended up with a completely different room after the dorms had had that chocolate cockroach infestation, but hey, he hadn't been in his previous one for that long so at least he wasn't attached.

But when he arrived at his new room, it didn't take long for Abu to find something that made the small monkey say something that sounded a lot like 'eeew']

Abu? What is it?

[Aladdin comes over, Carpet floating behind him with curiosity, and picks up what Abu had been holding - a portrait. Which just so happened to portray Jasmine getting married - to Jafar.]

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[The past few days have found Jackson hiding in his dorm. Wallowing in self pity is a party for one,y'know. He is getting a little paranoid. Someone had already found out his secret .  What if it happens again? He can't risk the only chance he has of leading a life separate from Hyde.

Irate private messages between the two reveal something that greatly unsettles Jackson. Hyde doesn't care.This was the dumbest thing that the other had ever said to him. He had taken great care to not let any music reach his ears. That was is way of punishing Hyde.

But, finally Jackson dusts himself off and ventures out. Right now he can be found in the Art Room. He is sitting at a table, completely absorbed in his work. If you get a good look at his sketch you may notice it kind of looks like an older version of him.
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[In the quad, Aladdin is peering quizzically at the translation necklace. On his shoulder his pet monkey Abu looks at it with him, making a disinterested noise.

Chances are most people won't be looking at the young man or the monkey though. That persian rug which is floating in the air beside him and somehow managing to look curious is much more attention-grabbing, after all.

Aladdin hasn't put on the device yet, so when he speaks it's in Arabic, not English]

So what do you think, Abu?

[Abu natter's away in a tone that suggests he doesn't think much of the device. Aladdin grins and shrugs in response]

Hey, as long as it works. [He puts it on and spreads his arms, facing Carpet. Suddenly, his next words come out in English] How do I look?

[Neither Abu nor Carpet understands English, but they seem to guess what Aladdin means. In response, Abu huffs his disapproval - but Carpet seems like like it, giving Aladdin a cheerful salute with one of its tassels]
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[It was weird having a dorm to herself now. Nepeta couldn't say she particularly like it--she missed Ronnae a lot. While she had lived a pretty hermetic life out in the wild she had always at least had Pounce. Then there were the other trolls, and when she came here Ronnae had always been around. It surprised her how attached she had become to the other girl. So many of her friends seem to have disappeared lately. With Eridan's return, a pat of her hoped that the others would reappear soon as well, but for now she was finding an outlet in baking. Lots and lots of baking.

That's why she had set up a table right outside her dorm door to put treats out. There was no way she'd be able to eat all this by herself, so anyone who comes by is more than welcome to take some. The door to her dorm is open and she can be seen inside. The sleeves to her black shirt are rolled up---a shirt that does not bear her sign--and her hair, now reaching a little past her shoulders it messily piled atop her head with a clip.

The scent of all the various baked goods she is making spill out into the hallway. Come by to have a bite?]


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