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Dec. 20th, 2013 10:23 am
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well holidays are cool and all [...and would be cooler if they came a bit earlier and let him skip finals, but never mind that!]
tacky decorations and murderferrets aside
u all know what the important part of the sesason is right?

SO? whose got plans already??
dont be shy now!
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[Balamb Garden surged forward through the black predawn hours, racing across the Great Plain of Esthar. 22 years ago, mobile Gardens had no access to the continent, but in the course of the decades and the increased goodwill between Balamb and Esthar, a large portion of the rocky cliffs had been demolished and graded, making an access ramp for the academies.]

[The night was completely black. The moon was new, and thus not out, and clouds covered the sky from horizon to horizon. In the distance, though, a sickly white-yellow light illuminated the low-hanging cloud cover.]

[The Time Compression distortion above Tears Point lanced into the sky past the clouds, a mighty finger of warped light that stood literal miles high. At its base, Tears Point faded in and out of view like a mirage.]

[The Ragnarok and the Chaotix docked with Balamb as the academy shuddered to a halt just outside of the projected worst-case scenario blast. Already loaded with supplies and ready for transport, the two airships held motionless just long enough for the combatants to board before lifting off, as the first rays of dawn ran across their hulls.

[Visible to the south, on the opposite side, three other airships raced to Tears Point: two literal sailing ships with propellers in place of sails, and one mighty large enough to engulf the other two a dozen times over. They landed in formation, and the army of Sol Invictus -- not just foot soldiers, but mighty vehicles and weapons of war -- emerged from its depths to form lines.]

[Not intentionally, but simply as a matter of the ebb and flow of the tides of war, Balamb Garden and Sol Invictus struck at the same time.]

[At first it was to no avail: the machinery of Tears Point, meant to repel the Lunatic Pandora, had been resurrected and repurposed; the mighty field they formed served as a mighty wall, repelling all efforts to breach it. But as Lunatic Pandora had ultimately overwhelmed it, so too did the field seem vulnerable to the massed might of its foes. From the SeeDs, blows, spells, and an abundance of rockets smashed into the field, weakening it with each impact, while on the other side Sol Invictus unleashed an astonishing fusillade of technological and magical might of their own. The generators whined and hummed in furious protests, their engines straining to counteract the onslaught. A couple of ranks in, the first machine to fail popped in brilliant flare of light, electricity arcing across its neighbors and smoldering metal shotgunning outwards.]

[As if signaled, a wave of monsters -- almost literally, the way they surged outwards between the protective devices -- passed through the one-way field effortlessly, smashing into the assembled lines. Though numerous, they were comparatively week; the might of Sol Invictus, and the training and discipline of the SeeDs and cadets, met their attack and repelled it with minimal loss. The monsters, however, seemed endless. Time Compression continued to surge and write, depositing wave after wave of foes to harry and harass those who opposed the Time Compression Mage's ultimate goal, and though those monsters could not dispatch his enemies, they accomplished their purpose nonetheless.]

[The great Time Compression Distortion abruptly shuddered, then without warning, disgorged a massive shape all at once, more like that great form had always been there than as if it had in some sense emerged from the distortion. Three miles tall, one and half wide; a gargantuan metal structure than shone as if with veins of light, almost obscuring the symbol of Esthar on its side.]

[Lunatic Pandora.]

[At once, the field machines short-circuit in a pyrotechnical display that would have been awe-inspiring if not for the appearance of the Lunatic Pandora itself. The sudden shift of tidal forces was gut-wrenching, enough to drive weaker people to their knees from vertigo and nausea. In the sky above, the new moon burned a brilliant red, a long finger stretching from its surface towards the earth.]

[The field is down, but the monsters continue to surge forwards. Somewhere inside, the Time Compression Mage harnesses the massive tidal forces generated by the Crystal Pillar for his own ends. An army with a common goal fights on the opposite side of the pillar, but is the enemy of your enemy your friend?]

[The Lunar cry has begun.]

[OOC: Post to the threads below, or start your own if you have a scene you wish to do. There is no tagging order; respond as you see fit. Mod tags may come at any time. You may also NPC monsters or encounters yourselves if you desire. If you are specifically requesting a mod tag, please put some indication in the subject line of your comment. The OOC planning post is here!]
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[There are worse places to sit and nibble at a sandwich than the centre of a peaceful grassy clearing, right next to a makeshift campfire.

Of course, said clearing is right in the middle of the training centre, but you can't have everything.]

Aah, it's so warm!

[A blissful smile on her face, Osaka shuffles closer to the pile of leaves and twigs, which is crackling merrily. Maybe too merrily - if you're paying attention, which this girl decidedly is not, you might be a little worried by just how much of the grass is already alight...]
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[The air is full of excitement (at least according to Pinkie) as the beloved MC for the date auction takes the stage. Dressed in a queen of hearts costume (with full red bodysuit beneath), Pinkie hops onto the stage with the brightest smile she has in her arsenal.]

WELCOME TO THE EIGHTH ANNUAL… uh… SECOND ANNUAL… No, that's not right either…

[Just how many were there?! Pinkie does some math in the air before batting away at the imaginary numbers.]


All proceeds from the auction will to towards making a fun space filled to the brim with FUN! Doesn't that sound…FUN?! [Is that silence?] Yeah, I'd rather the money go to orphans, too! But we can work on that later, right?! [She looks to the GFC. Well, it's more like a 'WE-HAD-BETTER-OR-ELSE!!' kinda stare. Pinkie looks back to the audience with her brightest smile again.]

So let's get this show on the road! [Pinkie gives a sly look to the audience.] The road to love~!

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[0900 hours. Whether the weekend was spent in anticipation, terror, dread, or fury, the time has come. The Ragnarok docked at the observation deck on the second floor, ramp extended to admit those brave few who dared to volunteer on the first day, as well as the SeeDs and Instructors charged with keeping them from death, and the recovery and medicine specialists to restore them to health.]

[For the next three weeks, life would be rough for Garden's inhabitants.]

[[OOC: Use this thread or make your own for parties and fights on the Island Closest to Heaven! If you'd like a mod to NPC some monsters for you, please put your request on the OOC planning post or PM the mod account. When your party needs a rescue from a senior SeeD, that request can go on the OOC post as well!]]

[[Game on!]]
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[For some people around Balamb Garden, it's an ordinary day. Others may notice a difference in those people, be it in personality or appearance or the memories they claim have happened, but there are still classes and clubs and missions to get on with despite these odd changes in people.

[One of these things is not like the others...]

Mod note, to reiterate:
  • From December 10th through December 24th, characters may be replaced with AU versions of themselves. This can be any level of AU -- a small change to a world-shattering one.
  • AU characters retain their game memories and CR to the best of the ability of their AU to accommodate it. If you want to sit down with your fellow players and dissect just how your CR would have changed, that's fine! (Here is a place to do so.) But applying the MST3K Mantra is also perfectly acceptable too.
  • Your characters do not have to be affected at the event start, nor do they need to be affected for the entire duration of the event. This way, your regular characters can interact with AUs, your AU can interact with regular characters, and your AUs can interact with AUs.
  • You may use more than one AU per character if you wish.
  • Characters will have their full memory from the AU experience at the end of the event. If their AU ends before the event ends, they can remember it or not as you choose up until the event ends.
  • The event is not mandatory. You don't have to AU your character if you don't wish to.

    If you have any more questions, feel free to ask on the OOC post or through the mod channels ([personal profile] wrmods or [plurk.com profile] witchesreign).
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    [Gourry is smiling cheerfully as he looks into the camera, seated somewhere with his laptop level in front of him. He waves energetically; the video option has always suited him much better than writing things out, once he figured out how to work it. He doesn't have to worry about spelling things this way!

    He rubs at the back of his neck as he addresses the camera, looking slightly lost despite the familiar surroundings.]

    Looks like there's a lot of new cadets here since I went on my last mission! Makes you wonder where they're all comin' from! Anyway, thought I'd introduce myself, since I'm seein' a lot of new faces in the halls! The name's Gourry Gabriev, SeeD! Er, that's a title, not part of my name. I'm a sword specialist here! To any new cadets, good luck with your training, and watch out for Instructor Inverse! She's got a short temper and she's not shy about throwin' those fireballs around!

    [The feed cuts out, the video being wrapped up rather unceremoniously.]

    [Action, Afternoon:]

    [Later that same day, Gourry can be found in uniform, seated in his own corner of the cafeteria with a table all to himself. There are about five full plates of food spread across it, which he is steadily working his way through without breaking a sweat. He's friendly enough, for anyone who wants to approach him, but keep an eye on your hands. You're likely to lose a finger if you set them down in the wrong place.]
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    [If anyone, or anypony, had noticed that it had been pretty quite lately, it was because Pinkie had been in a small coma.

    Fortunately, THE SILENCE IS BROKEN! Lucky you!

    Pinkie is back, refreshed with new vigor, humming a bright tune as she strolled through Garden with bags full of presents she just bought. How could she stay in bed as instructed by the doctors when holiday shopping was in order?!

    She takes a seat on a bench to catch her breath.]

    PHEW! Now I know why Rarity gets so tired after shopping!
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    [ All week long he has the same schedule. For his weapons class, he would offer advice and show higher stances, working with the students in how to move with instead of fight against the momentum of their weapons. The obstacle was set up with the idea of not losing their weapons while running, dodging and crawling through the different terrains available, and then set the students to clean their weapons while on a cool down march. He next sets them up against each other and the ones that were too good or too over confident he would take on, correcting their moves and egos by precise application of bruises and gentle chiding.

    For Philosophy, he speaks a lot about the different theories, waxing at length about the mind and how impulses drive the body and vice verses. When his accent grows too thick, or he cannot find the proper word, he switches to Japanese, which sometimes leads to an explanation of how different words are even in languages and applies it to the governing thought of the moment. It's a chaotic class, jumping from thought to thought, but he seems to enjoy the discussions, especially when someone brings up a new word or a new idea.

    After classes and the paperwork generated by them - forms for medical treatments, forms over homework, and forms he thinks they just got tossed into the mix to make sure he's paying attention - Yoshi heads for the library to browse the books and take out a bunch written in a language he can understand better. If the book is interesting enough, he will start reading it as he walks along the campus on the way to the cafeteria or the Quad.

    Weekends often had him spending time in the Training Center. If asked, he will take a student or two outside to fight random monsters. Of course, that is if the students were good with all their classes at the time. Extra training sessions can be gained, and he is always up for a spar with other instructors. ]
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    [Most people who knew him (or maybe just knew of him), knew that Zak really hated Galbadia, its Garden, and the people who ran it.

    So maybe nobody can blame him for seeing this as a prime opportunity for revenge. It even seemed like he'd made plans for the day...

    He'd kind of taken matters into his own hands, truth be told--a bagload of pipe bombs, well-hidden in his room. Ones that had taken just a little bit of tinkering to be properly armed.

    Then, he'd gone haring off to Galbadia, through the boarding tube. Half an hour or so of unplanned destruction later (take THAT, hockey rink, with your monster-hockey-team!) finds him haring back down that same boarding tube, tossing pipe bombs like a parade participant throws candy.]
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    Cadets, staff, and faculty! It is time to celebrate! And of course, there is only one proper way for a humble Home Ec teacher to go about this:

    Tonight, a feast on the lake shore!

    [To call this a feast is to undersell it significantly. On the beach that evening is a massive spread of food laid out on every cafeteria table, normal table, classroom desk, or other horizontal surface that Champloo could get his hands on. Soups and samplers; steaks and fowl; stews and curries; baked fish, baked potatoes, baked Alaska; Spicy Netherdactyl Wings that actually distort the air above them from pure capsaicin concentration; vegetables, stir-fried, saladified, or simply steamed; cakes and cookies, ice cream, pudding and mousse...]

    [It goes ON like this. Whatever you may think of Champloo's personality or teaching style, there's no denying that the man can cook.]

    [In the center of this chaos, serving and answering questions and keeping order, such at is it, Champloo just can't stop grinning. Which has described him ever since Homecoming.]

    [Dig in.]
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    [Pinkie, dressed in a blue t-shirt with balloons on it (similar to that familiar cutie mark), a pink tutu-like skirt, blue and yellow striped thigh high socks, and pink sneakers is walking around Garden handing out lollipops with tags attached. Each tags says:


    As she gives them out, she's smiling brighter than the sun! But during off hours, she looks around in search of something. In her case, it's actually someone. One can tell by her facial expression that she's genuinely worried.

    Gummy is attached to her shoulder this time, sporting a little bow tie.]
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    Ms. Sparkle, may I request a moment of your time when it is convenient to you? I wish to speak to you about a mutual friend of ours!

    ~Champloo, Home Ec teacher


    Jul. 3rd, 2012 01:09 pm
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    All right, it's pretty clear that there are more species than just humans from other worlds here, but how many different blood colors are there? Even in the Special Zone, there's usually just the one.

    And what kind of diversity is everyone used to in their worlds?
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    [Throughout classes for the past two day, Lt. Furor's been getting increasingly snappy and basically cringes at loud noises and lights. One might even think the instructor is hung over, but nope! It's just Chuck Testa a very bad migraine.

    By Friday, the poor guy is just trying to find someplace quiet to get away from everything. Is this your classroom? Oops. Were you baking in here? Damn it. And what's with the band and theater classes? Do they have to kill everyone's eardrums? He's starting to get ready to give up. Or maybe beg for help. Someone throw him a bone?]

    Since Holi Tournament is over, why does everyone continue to be so damn loud? Shouldn't you all have less energy by now?

    All I want is some peace and quiet around here.

    And maybe an icepack without having to worry about the kitchen blowing up while I'm there.

    Does anyone have aspirin, or whatever this place uses for migraines? First student to get me that and iced coffee gets a free A on their next assignment.

    [What abuse of power? This is obviously both a lesson in justice and international law.]

    And something to make it dark. Even the dorm rooms are loud as hell. It's like you all have Spring Fever.
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    [It's Pinkie Pie's birthday! So of course there is a party! But most importantly, it's her FAVORITE day of the year! Two celebrations in one!!

    First off, there is plenty to eat at her party, but BEWAAAAARRRRRRREEEE! Not everything is as it seems! The cupcakes look harmless, but their flavors are not! Some cupcakes have jalepenos, blue cheese, strawberries, or just custard in the middle. Most have the first two, though.

    The three tiered cake is made of cardboard, so good luck cutting it!

    The pies, labeled 'apple', 'peach', and 'cherry' are false. They're really blueberry, lemon custard, and blackberry.

    The only food that's not a trick are the punch and popcorn.

    Last, but not least, the chairs have whoopee cushions.

    Meanwhile, Pinkie has so many balloons attached to her that she's simply gliding through the air in her party dress!]

    Hope you guys brought your party blowers! I have extras just in case!
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    [Pinkie has a lot of baskets set up around her and a megaphone in her hand...]



    [She also has a pony tail clipped to the back of her pants. It's as floofy as her mane hair.]
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    [It's been an interesting week. All the ki signatures appearing, disappearing, and reappearing again have given him, if he was honest, a bit of a headache. Vegeta alone had nearly driven him to distraction with all the times he was back and forth. There were the usual, ever-present energies at least.

    After a while, it seemed he'd given up on being suspicious and uneasy, accepting the current weirdness as best he could. He was still restless though, walking around Garden when he wasn't in classes.]
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    [Oh look, another new student! 

    Don't mind Ariel, she's just fascinated by her new surroundings and it's quite clear that she's never worn a uniform before. It looks.. a little strange, especially with the yellow bow tie portion tied in her hair, rather than around her neck. Needless to say, she's attracting some odd looks from the other students.

    She'd spent a large portion of the morning getting lost and is currently in the cafeteria, staring in awe at what is on offer in terms of food. She's pretty much starving but is frowning in confusion and hesitating about approaching the counter.]

    Um.. so people eat dogs here? Oh gosh..

    [She's looking at the word "Hot Dog" and is feeling all kinds of freaked out. And, yes, she is talking to herself. The cafeteria staff are also most likely giving her odd stares as she continues mumbling to herself.

    Help a mermaid out, anyone?]

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    [ Today, boys and girls - ladies and gentlemen, there's a new student on campus. Of course, she's still wearing her usual North High uniform (and not the regular uniform) and is walking around like a wrestler trying to find someone to fight.

    Of course, she's walking around aimlessly, not even bothering to get used to her surroundings. But if she notices someone, she'll immediately make a beeline towards you with a very enthusiastic look on her face, asking (well, unless you're Mikuru, which instead she'll attempt to sneak from behind to grope you as a way of greeting!): ]

    What are you, a slider? Esper? Alien? Maybe even a time traveler?! [ Yes, Haruhi is way too excited about this.

    Especially since anything supernatural-related piques her interest. ]


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