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[Throughout classes for the past two day, Lt. Furor's been getting increasingly snappy and basically cringes at loud noises and lights. One might even think the instructor is hung over, but nope! It's just Chuck Testa a very bad migraine.

By Friday, the poor guy is just trying to find someplace quiet to get away from everything. Is this your classroom? Oops. Were you baking in here? Damn it. And what's with the band and theater classes? Do they have to kill everyone's eardrums? He's starting to get ready to give up. Or maybe beg for help. Someone throw him a bone?]

Since Holi Tournament is over, why does everyone continue to be so damn loud? Shouldn't you all have less energy by now?

All I want is some peace and quiet around here.

And maybe an icepack without having to worry about the kitchen blowing up while I'm there.

Does anyone have aspirin, or whatever this place uses for migraines? First student to get me that and iced coffee gets a free A on their next assignment.

[What abuse of power? This is obviously both a lesson in justice and international law.]

And something to make it dark. Even the dorm rooms are loud as hell. It's like you all have Spring Fever.
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[1) Action: Marco can be found wandering about the Garden's open areas, whistling to birds, and perhaps more astonishingly, having them whistle back or come land on his shoulders or pineapple looking head.

2) Later the following BBS post pops up:]

Heading out on the honeymoon soon, before anything else can pop up to drag my new wife or I away. So I need someone to help with a few loose ends while we're gone. Souvenirs &/or babysitting gil can be rewarded upon request. Can SeeDs field out smaller jobs? I should know this by now... well if we can, count this as that, but you'll have to be very trustworthy. Let me know if you're interested!

-- Marco, SeeD Rank

[Option 3, you can get Marco while he's packing.]
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[The warm, sunny day is too pleasant for Yuna to stay indoors, so she's studying outside during her lunch break. She's sitting on a bench with her laptop perched on her knees, finishing off her sandwich while she reads through her class materials. Exams are coming up, so she's trying to follow the advice she'd heard about preparing early; it isn't going too well. She keeps watching people as they walk by, and there's too much noise for her to concentrate. Maybe a study partner would help?]
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[The webcam is situated rather quickly, the sound being heard before the face appears. Luna adjusts herself a bit to plop in front of the camera, one wing stretched before being pulled back to her body.

Once that's done with she finally speaks, putting on a cheerful smile in her video.]

Hello, students and other staff alike! We feel We have not introduced ourselves properly to all of you, but We've been gone for quite some time on a little journey of sorts. But We have returned and will be taking to our duties as one of the drama teachers and one of the speech and conduct professors you will see about this place.

Our name is Luna and We used to be just as lost in this place as some of you may be, in fact, where We come from We were a princess of a kingdom called Equestria alongside our sister. But, well, not everything can go according to plan, can it?

If there are any others from our world, We would love to hear from you, mainly to just get numbers and not lose contact. Everyone else... please do introduce yourselves, particularly if you are to be a part of one of Our classes.

We will also answer any questions you may have.
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[It's been a while since Yuu has had a bath. With the roughhousing, falling in the ocean, falling in t-rexaur dung, the usual kid stuff, it's no mystery as to why the boy smells so bad. It'd take up until a teacher pointed out his foul odor and ordered him to clean up. Although, it would have been an amazing feat to be the first SeeD who fought solely by smell.]

[So there he is in the men's locker room, soaking under one of the many open showers. The water is so disgusting, you'd swear the tiles were cream yellow. He's really just standing there, skin tinged pink from the boiling hot water. His hair is a mass of moppy-blackness, flopped over his scowly face. No scrubbing, no soap, he doesn't know what to do with soap. You can see he is faintly confused as to how to get this dirt off, rubbing it isn't very successful as of yet.]
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We are to conduct an investigation regarding trapped, disappeared and lost students under Headmaster Cid request. As for the VOLUNTEERS, don't get in my way. The DISCIPLINARY COMMITTEE is to report to me at the end of the day.

#00301, Seifer Almasy
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[After a long battle with one of the washers in the laundry room, Raidou has sworn off automated washers: they're useful in theory, but in practice, the effort exerted isn't worth the result. Instead of relying on machinery, he does it himself, methodically scrubbing the dirt out of his clothes in a large washbasin next to the row of washers and dryers. In a plain white shirt and black slacks, he's dressed down more than he's ever been in a public place; it's a little nerve-wracking, but also very comfortable - as he gets into the rhythm of washing, he starts tapping his bare feet to the beat of some unknown song.]
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[So what, exactly, is the internet? --For that matter, what exactly is a computer? Raidou has to ask for the librarian's help about five times, but he gets the browser up and running and figures out where to click in order to enter text into the BBS' update form. The keyboard is hard to navigate in a foreign language, and he has to peck at each key individually, but slow progress is progress nonetheless, and soon he has four sentences all typed out and posted.

The next step he has to take is to wrap his mind around the idea that multiple people can communicate with him at once; he's under the impression now that there's only one person on the "other side of the internet," and he should communicate with them much like you would if you were exchanging letters with a stranger.]

good morning。 are you well? my name is raidou kuzunoha the fourteenth。 it’s a pleasure to meet you。

[He'll figure out the text input settings eventually.]
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[After taking Luka's advice, Rin has written a short essay and then... posted it. With the translators help, of course. Forgive how it's badly written, for the English class is clearly not finished and she doesn't understand run on sentences and the like. At 16:30 anyone is free to see Rin hovering over her translator's shoulder in the Library, half-whispering the words so that it'll be written just right.]

TITLE: Discrimination of the Junior Cadets in this Garden.

I do believe, fellow Cadets, that there is a serious problem at hand! Those of us considered under age are also seen as unable to complete duties that the older Cadets are handed so easily. This, I believe, is unfair! So I have written an essay. An essay about equality between all students, young or old! About giving us the chances that the others are given and we are not. Like flying the Garden! And other things. Don't let us forget the Disciplinary Committee and its leader. That guy. You know the one I'm talking about. Tall, blond, rude, smells bad.

So we'll start easy. Clubs and Committees. Older students have not been given a second look when joining any of these, and are handed the responsibilities without question. If a younger student were to ask for the same privileges, would they be given the chance? I think not! They would be judged, and all immediately assume that because we're young and/or small, we can't do the job! But this is absolutely incorrect! I know I could do just what the older students do, and I bet twice as better because I'm smaller and lighter. The more difficult things like going in high places or small spaces, could the older students do this? No, but I could! Ask the younger students to help! You don't know what we're capable of without letting us try!

Imagine trying to hang up special lights for the Garden Festival, but you choose an older student to climb up the ladder. Then they fall! They fall, they break a leg, and they blame you. This would be terrible. But what if you chose me, or another young student? Why, we would have it done as quick as butter, and if we got hurt we would heal quickly because we're kids, and that's just what we do. That Disciplinary Committee can't be taken seriously with all sour faced adults! Nobody will trust them without a cute face around to look at. Take this into consideration!

So rethink your choice when choosing one of the other simply because of age.

However, when it comes to piloting the Garden, I understand that you need someone with experience. What if I told you I have spent a lot of time playing video games in which I pilot a plane? That's experience! And who ever learns it right off the bat? I think, if you start a piloting class, you could have plenty of pilots available in order to give the others rest. One person doing the flying all the time has to be tiring, and without anybody to take up the slack it's just troublesome and it'll definitely get old. Not to mention, I personally would love to be given at least one day to fly the Garden. And it's for a good cause, I promise! It may fly, but I've driven the Road Roller for years and years, and I know how to flatten people just right! I could do it with this Garden, and it would be twice as effective.

Haven't you ever thought, "gosh, that person is so annoying, I wish I could just flatten them without getting in trouble"? Well you can! I'll do the damage, and you won't get your hands dirty. The other Gardens will be jealous that you have the gusto to use this Garden in such a way. If this idea is not approved of, than I only ask that I get one day to command the controls. You see, when the day comes, there is one particular person that must be punished. Punished because I know, we all know, that he will arrive in greed, alone and without the rest of our family! So, this must be done.

Don't you see? The young have amazing ideas! Don't just leave us on the side until we get old and boring like everybody else! Let us do our best!


[And she's fairly proud of herself, even though she probably should have just written it down and sent it to the Headmaster rather than publicly posting it. Really, she doesn't mean any harm.]


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