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I suppose it's only right to ask: Out of those who will be seeing me in my expected classes, what do you expect or want to learn? I have enough engineering knowledge that I should be able to cover most topics with you. Psychology might be a bit tricky, but I will teach you what I know.

-I. Clarke

[It's multiple choice time, students! No matter where you find him, he'll be in a weird, futuristic-looking body suit. Surely the odd type. You can find him in either two places:

Choice the first: The Quad. He's reviewing his own notes (with weird, almost unnoticed marks penciled into the margins, if you were to look over his shoulder) and generally being as anti-social as you can be in an open-air garden.

Choice the second: The Engineering Classroom. You can catch him reviewing the workspace, along with materials he has to work with, teaching-wise. You might notice something that doesn't exactly look like a pistol on the desk, while he's doing all this review. Can't be too careful, after all.]
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[Multiple choice time for Instructor Sunarrow! Either you can find the blood elf sitting in the sun and going over some notes in Thalassian, enjoying some 'quiet time' in the quad (any time away from every pet she owns is quiet time, seriously, even if the Quad itself is not necessarily a quiet place).

Alternately, you can find her in her classroom with the training dummies set up, going at a little target practice, because--well. Kat enjoys shooting things, really, but also it doesn't pay to get rusty. She does have an image to keep up, after all!

Anyone care to join her?]\

(ooc: I have been so fail, sob. Life just keeps trying to eat me, but I keep trying...I love you guys!)
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It's been quite awhile, Garden. This time, I pose a new question to you: why is it you treasure peace so much and yet willingly forego negotiation without a thought unless it could benefit you in the long run? Do you humans believe your own ideals so superior that you must battle to prove so?

If you were to think about it, if humans weren't such a barbaric species, perhaps you wouldn't be preyed upon by my kind.

[As always, it's left unsigned. And yes, he realizes the irony of asking this in a military academy.]
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[OOC Note: Strikes indicate backspacing on Isaac's part.]

Oh look, I'm back agai
So I came back as soon as the quarter ends. Gives me time to prepare, at least. Not like home was a good place anywa At any rate. This place seems to be holding up fine enough.

As an introduction, the name's Isaac. Starting next term, I'll be your M/W/F Engineering instructor Wait, that can't be right. Did I sign up to teach Psychology too? Oh boy, this has got to be a jok As well as your Tues/Thurs Psychology instructor. I'm sure you'll all do fine, but be warned I know this stuff and for good reason. Hands-on experience is my forte.

That's all, I suppose. I look forward to seeing you all in my classes. Feel free to ask any questions. Or introduce yourselves, it's always good to know who I'll be teaching.



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