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[With only a day to go before classes started, Gavril thought it would be a good idea for the instructors to get together and try to enjoy themselves before the stress of the start of the school year got to all of them. But more than that, it was a chance for them to all get together and get to better know one another, as there weren't many instructor activities where they could come together and mingle without having to chaperone.

Or at least, that was the theory.

Though he had sent PMs to all the instructors inviting them out, he was beginning to wonder if maybe no one would show up, or that only the few people he was friendly with would show up, or any other number of things as the minutes counted down to the time he had given everyone. He'd even gone so far to move the location to a bar in Balamb after learning at least one of the instructors was underage, as he'd managed to convince the owner of this particular bar to allow underaged instructors in tonight, but only if they got their hand stamped to prevent them from obtaining alcohol. Also, by moving it off Garden, it lessened the chances of bumping into any students.

Not one to be a pessimist, though, Gavril quickly pushed such thoughts from his mind and started drinking a little early, nursing a beer while he hoped for a large turnout.]

((OOC: For the sake of my sanity, I'm handwaving the fact that Gavril sent out PMs inviting every instructor to a night out before the new semester starts. Feel free to mingle with one another and otherwise do what you like! Though Gavril started it this is very much an open post for everyone to get to know each other better, and relax before the start of classes, so tag around! And if your character feels so inclined, drink away. We'll figure out who has to pay the tab in the morning :D

Also, I apologize for any typos there may be as it's 2am, and I will fix it in the morning >>; ))

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[Morning: Front Gate]

[So what has Redglare been doing? Actually, no one knows. As much as she should take interest in the exams earlier, she actually didn't.

At least, because she didn't get to judge them.

Plus, she's been reacquainting herself with everything via smell. Apparently vision isn't something of interest to her. At all.] Silly pink creatures. Seeing seems so boring when you can smell like I do.

[Yeah...she might just be smelling everything and anything. That means people too. If you smell really good, she might lick you. No. She will. It's just one of those mornings.]

[Afternoon: Cafeteria]

[Redglare is sitting in the cafeteria all smug as usual. She's got an unopen soda in front of her, but for some reason she doesn't seem at all interested in it.] Does someone wish to consume this bubbly, strange beverage for me? I only wish for the can.

[You heard her right.]


As I had expected, I have full control of my wonderful senses. But I will not bore you with such details as I know none of you wish to hear about the wonderful things I have smelled.

It seems that my little descendant isn't around anymore? I'm severely disappointed that it seems that not many who care about what I care are around.

It is actually quite dull.

But I am curious. Any of the trolls of the female side of the spectrum interested in a "girl's night out"? I have no idea what that is, but I assume that it is only for those of the female species. However, I would like to offer out to go into the city together and do that thing where you choose clothes and talk a lot about nothing important. Oh, and perhaps eat before returning back to the Garden. It sounds ridiculous and frivolous, but I believe that some certain trolls require to converse more. Or eat more. Or, you know, stop being a bitch at times. But I digress!

Do please reply to me. I would love to know if we can have a night out.

-Instructor Redglare
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I can use my own magic again! What a relief. The GFs aren't bad, but you don't want to rely on them too much. Is everyone else back to normal?

To celebrate I have a little something for everyone. I'd show you, but that would spoil the surprise. I'm handing them out in the Quad!

- Aerith

[ And that gets posted. ...And then about ten minutes later, after a little more stumping at the computer, a new message gets posted! This time it's unsigned, but it's the same id number on both entries. ]

I mi-i-ight have forgotten how to do video on the computers. It's been too long. Could someone refresh my memory?

[ Okay, that might be the real reason it's a "surprise". Anyone who has seen Aerith recently will not be surprised that she's handing out flowers, those still fresh from when the unexpected powers manifested. Between springing flowers on people, she's weaving a few into larger things, like a flower crown and an assortment in a small red vase. ]
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[OOC Note: Strikes indicate backspacing on Isaac's part.]

Oh look, I'm back agai
So I came back as soon as the quarter ends. Gives me time to prepare, at least. Not like home was a good place anywa At any rate. This place seems to be holding up fine enough.

As an introduction, the name's Isaac. Starting next term, I'll be your M/W/F Engineering instructor Wait, that can't be right. Did I sign up to teach Psychology too? Oh boy, this has got to be a jok As well as your Tues/Thurs Psychology instructor. I'm sure you'll all do fine, but be warned I know this stuff and for good reason. Hands-on experience is my forte.

That's all, I suppose. I look forward to seeing you all in my classes. Feel free to ask any questions. Or introduce yourselves, it's always good to know who I'll be teaching.

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Right, so I can't be the only one who's noticed that things are getting... a little out of hand, what with the scorch marks, the goo, the Quad pies, the random explosions, the monster dung, the cats --

I'm just going to pre-empt you all and ask what needs to be cleaned up.

- Garden Staff

By the way, can we stick to blowing up cakes and not the toilets? I'm serious, no one's going to be happy if I end up marking those out of bounds.

[Sounds like someone's jogging along the ceiling! Oh, but wait, that would be defying gravity -- oh, but wait, the Prince doesn't care about that.

Look up and receive a faceful of scarf:

> Yes
> No
> How about a falling Prince instead?

Careful, he's kind of heavy...]

(OOC: Thanks to the superpowers event, the Prince gets to reject gravity at will whenever he decides to go wallrunning/ceiling crawling/Spidermanning -- well, moreso than usual. Expect to see him abuse this at every given opportunity.

Please let me know if you'd rather avoid having the Prince falling on your character -- if it just makes things awkward and unfunny, then we can skip that. Also, he'll be making an extra effort not to crash down on any women. Menfolk, however, are in for it.

ALSO ALSO kids on detention, feel free to jump in and complain. He'll be calling on you for help :|b)
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[There's a blonde woman with short hair and very blue eyes--and a very skintight t-shirt--looking a little apathetic before instantly smirking--as if she has just realized the video was recording.]

Looks like all you br--students got lucky. I'm back, but the session's practically over. Don't worry, I'll make up for it next quarter.

If you don't know me, you can call me Miss Tea. I'm one of the WTR 301 instructors and I teach Information Technology 101. None of you better be failing those classes.

[She stretches, arms pulled tight behind her.] But I'm feeling like a generous teacher today. Come out to the Training Center and I'm willing to help students on their target practice.

[Which means she's already gotten bored. Come keep her entertained by firing things at her. She'll be around for a while.]
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So, I don't know when or how it happened, but my room is full of pastries and stuff. There's icing everywhere and everything is really, really sticky now. Uh. Anyone mind maybe helping me clean up? I'd do it myself, but I'm kind of afraid I'm going to break or burn or freeze something in here. Again.

(P.S. David, sorry about the hole in the wall.)

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[Max surveyed the club's designated area of the Parking Lot with a technical eye. Blueprints rose, flowed through her mind and then erased themselves in favor for others. She tried not to get too far ahead of herself -- this was a joint club for others, too, after all -- but she really did hope to set aside a bit of an area she could claim for herself where she could specifically work on certain ... things.

That would be the main focus of the meeting today. A joint, feasible design for the area and figuring out what everyone wanted to get from the club.

As she took a step to view the other wall of the club's spot, she took note of a pair of footsteps heading towards her.]

You're a bit early.

{{OOC: Feel free to branch off and talk to other members besides Max! I'll put in a thread later for getting down to the meat of the club, such as the question of what everyone wants from the club and etc.}}
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[A grat disintegrates to nothingness once Grell is done with it. She's getting a lot better with this chain whip, and that kick of fire when it strikes is her favorite part! Her chain whip returns with a flick of her wrist before continuing deeper inside.

As usual, she's wearing the appropriate clothing, trainers on her feet, and hair tied back into a ponytail. Nothing can stop such fabulous looks.

Except a T-Rexaur.

There is one ahead of her which makes her stop in her tracks. Perfect! She could use some fun. Her sharp teeth show as she allows the beast to charge at her.]

Such a foul disposition so quickly~? [All she has to do is flicker behind it--

As she tries, nothing happens. Alarmed, Grell looks down at her place, wondering why she hasn't moved yet. She tries again with the T-Rexaur ever approaching quickly. Still no movement.]

What's wrong-- [She tumbles out of the way of being rammed into, but has become too slow to avoid a powerful tail swipe. It knocks her into a tree trunk before she crumples to the ground, groaning.]
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PM to Damian R.

Kid, you free to talk?

- Max



For those interested in the Tech Club:

Time: Wednesdays, 1800 - Undetermined.

Location: The Parking Lot

Memberships are still accepted. First meeting will include setting up our space and going over what everyone wants to or expects to get out of this club.

- Max

[OOC: If enough people are game, I can set up a log for the meeting later in the week.]
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I guess I should mention it here, just in case.

I got really sick, so I'm going to have to stay in the infirmary for a while. I don't know how long it'll be until I'm well enough to leave, but for now, I guess my teachers shouldn't expect me in class. Although if anyone can bring me the homework or notes from my classes, I'd be really grateful!

-Danny Masters

[Should anyone choose to come seeking Danny out, he can be found in the infirmary in a bed looking very, very exhausted, but not asleep. He has a book with him from the library to help pass the time, but right now it's closed and on his lap--he doesn't feel well enough right now to strain his eyes with reading.]

((OOC: Danny will be in the infirmary until August 20th-ish. He'll be available for action threads in the infirmary, but won't be able to leave or interact over the BBS, unless he gets a laptop or something. Thus, any responses over the BBS will not be replied to, but feel free to find him in the infirmary! (Laptop courtesy of Gavril, so he can respond via BBS now too!)

EDIT: crazy-weird post-dating this to after Olette's and Jazz's introposts, whenever they go up. TL;DR: All you really need to know is Danny posts this just a few days after the move to Fisherman's Hook.))
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[So whoever thought they were classy when they arrived at the Garden thought they were classy obviously hasn't arrived back on a dragon.

Actually, that probably scared the heck out of anyone who's never seen Redglare and her Lusus Pyralsprite. But she knows how to make an entrance as the large dragon flies her close enough to make a safe leap down onto level ground, staff in hand. The dragon soon disappears as she lands.]

It smells like the ocean now that we're near Fisherman's Horizon. It's kind of annoying really to smell all this fish. Hmph.

But I smell a lot of new things around here too, how delightful.

[He boots click against the ground as she makes her way around the Garden.

You'll probably catch her at the Front Gate[Morning], Quad[Afternoon], or the Library[Evening] throughout the day.]


Greetings students. I am Instructor Redglare. I will not tolerate any silly nicknames or anything that may potentially be impolite.

I suppose not all of you were here when I was around, but that is none of my concern. I will be instructing International Law and Criminal Justice as no one else is worthy of teaching such classes. I've spent most of my life to learn everything I know about these subjects. I take law very seriously and if you are enrolled in my classes, I will see to it that you treat them with the utmost respect that it deserves.

That being said, I take rules just as seriously and I will not hesitate to punish those who break them, so I better not catch any of you childish antics and rule breaking around here.

Make a disability jab at me and you'll be at the receiving end of my staff. Goody day.

-Instructor Neophyte Redglare
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[Night has fallen on Balamb Garden; the halls of Garden are mostly deserted besides the stray student walking about, and even the usual faculty members are missing from their posts around the school. There's a certain festive energy through the air, the source coming from the happily decorated Ballroom located on the second floor.

At exactly 2100, as soon as the dinner rush ends, the Garden chime sounds and the intercom clicks on. The Headmaster speaks to the Garden.

The Homecoming Dance is now beginning. Your attendance is requested at [2F] Ballroom.

I repeat, the Homecoming Dance is now beginning. Your attendance is requested at [2F] Ballroom. The ball will run until 2400. Students leaving the ball after curfew are to return to their dorms immediately.

The ball and its festivities tonight are being sponsored very generously by the Garden Festival Committee.

[After the announcement, the intercom falls silent. The faint sound of music can be heard from the second floor of the building.]

A mod note )
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[There seems to be a festive atmosphere all throughout Garden. Why? Because it's the Homecoming Carnival! The Garden Festival Committee has been hard at work all morning and when 1300 hours strikes, it's finally open for everyone to enjoy.

There's a map on the Directory which shows where everything is located:


Have fun, Garden!]

[OOC: As noted, this has been backdated to last Friday. So as not to exclude new characters who came in after, though, it can be assumed that their arrivals were backdated so they can participate.

PLEASE DO NOT POST UNTIL WE HAVE FINISHED PUTTING UP THE SUBCOMMENTS. Thank you! We're done posting the subcomments, you can go ahead and jump in!

EDIT: Also, we forgot to mention: Players can assume that characters take different shifts which allow for everyone to enjoy other parts of the carnival as well instead of being stuck manning a booth the whole night. For Dunk Tank and Kissing Booth, it's best to leave your character's name in the subject of their comment to start off their thread to indicate their shift. Thank you!

EDIT 2: FORGIVE US! We forgot to mention that there is a price for some of the attractions at the carnival. This is a fundraiser where the money can to go whatever the Garden Festival Committee sees fit; we'll let the players and their characters decide on that front. Here's how the pricing goes:

KISS: 2 gil each
CARNIVAL GAME: 1 gil per game
FACE PAINTING: 2 gil per person
FOOD STALLS: We'll leave this up to characters to decide.
DUNK TANK: 5 gil for 3 balls, 10 gil for 10 balls
FORTUNE TELLING: 3 gil per reading

We hope this clarifies things!
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[This evening in the quad, there is a large section filled with tables, lights, snack foods, baked goods, and decorated with an almost ridiculous amount of streamers and balloons. There's even a banner that says in bright red paint:]

for superheroes!!

[Impulse can be seen as a blur as he speeds around the area, making sure everything is set up correctly and ready for the party.]

((ooc note!: Every DC(AU) character in the game has received an invitation to the party regardless of whether Bart knows them. It is also an in-costume party, but don't worry! If your character doesn't have a costume, Bart can provide them with one. When commenting, either start a new thread for your character or jump around in other threads. Non-DC characters can feel free to crash the party (and if they ask nicely, Bart'll probably make them a costume). HAVE FUN GUYS.))


Jul. 27th, 2011 10:43 am
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Option 1: Cafeteria

[Lizzie had been working as hard as one could when it came to lessons. The types of lessons she had to do were completely different than the ones she did back at home. But for now she was starting to get a little bit hungry, so with as much work as she could have done was sorted for the moment, she had quietly started to make her way from her room, all the way to the cafeteria to get something to eat. Another thing she really wasn't use to was the food, but she knew that a lady shouldn't complain and instead eat what she is given.

Getting her food, she eventually found a seat and sat down and as politely as one could started to eat.]

Option 2: Library

[Lizzie can be found in the library, reading on certain subjects she had for her classes, she glanced down at the books, so much to cover and she didn't even understand how. Watch as she turns the page, glancing at the pages, but nothing seemingly coming to mind. She is stuck on the subject as she looks around for anyone that might be able to help her.]
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Hello everyone!

It certainly is quite nice to be back.

For those who are new here, my name is Belle and I will be the new instructor for (CLI 101) Composition and Literature on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays; (ENG 099) Understanding, Speaking and Writing English on Tuesdays and Thursdays. As of the moment, I am going through all the lesson plans and grade books to see where everyone is at, but rest assured things will be fine to progress come classes. If any questions are needed to be asked, please do not hesitate to seek me out or respond to this post with them.

Thank you and I look forward to meeting you all in time.

- Instructor Belle
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Cut for courier! )

[ If you're in the quad, you may see a young girl with huge glasses, a slinky black-with-green-sparkles nightgown, and long messy black hair wandering around looking hopelessly confused and lost.

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[It doesn't matter where you are in the garden; if you're in a public area, you now see what appears to be a giant red and white robot casually walking around, like it's totally normal for giant robots to be wandering the building.  This is Gavril, both reacquainting himself with the building as well as testing out parts of his armor's computers.  He had been messing with it before his arrival, and he had to make sure everything was in proper order.  Don't worry, nothing appears to be malfunctioning.

Anyone want to mess with the robot?]

Hello again comrades!  So much change appears to have happen since I leave.  So much new faces!  I am Gavril Ivanovich, and I am new Instructor Engineering.  What is to be spoken for me?  Back home I was on new Justice League International.  Was big superhero group for superhero around world.  Superhero name is Rocket Red.  Rocket Red is also name of super power unit in Russia.  I was Captain of Rocket Red brigade but I leave because we not agree ear and ear.

I have talk too much!  Instead I wish to learn about new people!  Is anyone in the engineering on Tuesday or Thursday?  Do not be shy, talk to Gavril!


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