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[Oh hello, perhaps after awhile or two, you might occasionally see this girl nervously shuffling around to her classes. Basically, y'know, that girl who always seem to try and make herself invisible from others. However, on this afternoon, that girl might be found just outside the garden, playing happily with a stuff doll all by her self.

Go and bother her?
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So, um, classes are starting soon again, right? I should probably look into them and which ones I will be taking. I've never taken any classes before, so I hope I do okay. Is there a list or something that we can look over to see what's available?

Also, I was wondering if I could help out at the infirmary? Would there be someone I need to talk to about that?
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[She'd read the letter over a few times by now, but MOMO couldn't find anything related to Time Compression within her data banks. Maybe she should ask a SeeD, like the letter had suggested doing if she had questions, but in the meantime, the little Realian can be found in the library, in her cadet uniform, as she looks over the course catalog that the letter also been attached to. A lot of these classes looked pretty interesting, that was for sure, but she was confident she'd be able to pick out the ones she wanted to take.

While she was in the library, maybe she could find something on Time Compression, as well?]
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[If anyone had visited the infirmary these past few weeks, they might've seen a little lifeless kid lying there in one of the beds. Supposedly, right after finals, he'd fallen into a deep sleep and refused to wake up.

Until now. Suddenly gasping for air, Damian immediately sits upright. He's... he's... in the infirmary? He furrows his brows and glances around the room for any clues. The last thing he remembered, he'd been taking finals... and then...

Then he'd been whisked back home. How long had it been? Six months? Twelve?

Slag, Time Compression really hated him. Why else would it drag him back into Garden after experiencing all that? After meeting Green Arrow and Zachary Zatara and that weird Jewish kid who claimed he was Kryptonian... in the context of Garden, it really didn't make much sense. He leans forward, arching his back and trying his best to suppress a sigh as he stares down at his clothes. Dammit, TC! If it's going to whisk him back, at least whisk him back with clothes that actually fit.]

... Here again? Guess I haven't had enough yet.

[A few hours later, there's a brief post on the BBS system:]

Does anyone have the latest issue of that sky pirate comic?? I wanted to buy one over the break, but it sold out before I could. :| That and the one about steampunk mechanics. They're both pretty schway.

Also I think I might need to go shopping. I don't really want to, but nothing really fits. Not even my uniform. 8( So what the slag'm I supposed to buy?

- Damian

[ooc | Damian just went through an canon-updating coma! This basically means that he's a whole year older... and in dire need of a new wardrobe, welp, since he's about 2 inches taller than when everyone last saw him. :c]
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[Eyes drift down to his paper then back up again. Steps are quiet and hesitant but he is out walking around and that is a stride in itself. Brows knitted together in a obvious look of confusion and lingering stress which loosens slightly as he exhales quietly. The words upon the parchment did little to explain the entirety of the situation and he was mildly desperate for more information. He figured that the letter was supposed to give the basic premise, but certainly didn’t dive under the surface of the issue and certainly didn’t stop his heart from beating rapidly within his chest.

Shoving it into his pocket as he walked around, his eyes searched around, pausing to look at the architecture that he came across, lips parted by the impressive design but it didn’t remove his thoughts from the situation at hand. His wandering had a purpose, he was in hopes of finding someone, anyone that could help, and preferably anyone with a familiar face. The thought alone caused his steps to pick up their pace and his eyes to look around a little more quickly, less inclined to marvel at the surrounding area, something that seemed more out of a fictional film than reality.

Quietly thankful that he still remained with his talents from home, despite the note of caution it was one of the thoughts that was stopping him from falling into a complete and utter panic attack, reverting back to the mental state he was a year ago.

He can be found here and there--until he finally stops and finds a seat, running his hands through his hair with a sigh--what to do?]


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