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[The webcam is situated rather quickly, the sound being heard before the face appears. Luna adjusts herself a bit to plop in front of the camera, one wing stretched before being pulled back to her body.

Once that's done with she finally speaks, putting on a cheerful smile in her video.]

Hello, students and other staff alike! We feel We have not introduced ourselves properly to all of you, but We've been gone for quite some time on a little journey of sorts. But We have returned and will be taking to our duties as one of the drama teachers and one of the speech and conduct professors you will see about this place.

Our name is Luna and We used to be just as lost in this place as some of you may be, in fact, where We come from We were a princess of a kingdom called Equestria alongside our sister. But, well, not everything can go according to plan, can it?

If there are any others from our world, We would love to hear from you, mainly to just get numbers and not lose contact. Everyone else... please do introduce yourselves, particularly if you are to be a part of one of Our classes.

We will also answer any questions you may have.
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[Remember that prank from ages ago? Well, the pink gorilla strikes again! This time, everything has bells attached to it. At least five. Sometimes ten. But anytime anyone moves anything in the cafeteria, there will be a little jingle of bells.

Meanwhile, the pink gorilla is just chilling at a table, reading a romance novel titled 'The Crashing Waves of Desire'. Nothing to see here.]


[Pinkie Pie, as herself, is in the noisy cafeteria, reading the same romance novel as that gorilla. She looks very intrigued times confused. But mostly intrigued. In her distraction, she lifts up a granola bar, bells attached, and slooooowwwwwwly brings it towards her mouth.


Just...a bit more...

And a bite is taken, which Pinkie munches on slowly. Man, this book must be good!]
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I don't know who you are, or what you think you're pulling. This letter you gave me? Bullshit.

I want some real answers and I want them now. Start talking or I'll start bashing heads.


[Stomping around the lobby is a woman who looks extremely pissed off. The letter everyone receives when they arrive is crumpled up in her fist, a fist that is being waved in the faces of various strangers as she threatens them. Feel free to approach her and get yelled at.]


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