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[A small, white-haired boy in a futuristic blue uniform has been intermittently wandering through the area, looking as though something's going to jump out of the shadows and eat him at any moment.  His fingers are knitted together nervously, and he appears to be searching for someone and might occasionally flag down a stranger to ask them of the whereabouts of his twin.  Assuming they look human, that is.  He still doesn't want to let it sink in that he may be separated from the other URTVs for a good while now.]

Has anybody seen my brother?  He looks just like me but with red hair and his name is Rubedo.  We're supposed to be together but I haven't seen him since I came here...
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[Hello, Garden.

Today is a pretty normal day, despite all the things going around.

The birds sing, the sun is up, and Clark Kent is walking around, headed for his Basic English class. The exams are almost here, so he has a lot of work to do. He wants all of his students to pass, and he's doing his best to teach them properly.

So yes, pretty normal day.

Well, except for the fact that Clark's upper body seems to be completely invisible as he walks, and he doesn't seem to be noticing...]

[OOC: Clark power-swapped with Danny Phantom this week! I am, sadly, still unfamiliar with that fandom so I am getting most my information from the respective wiki. Please, do tell me if I get something wrong.
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[Clark will be walking around today, getting acquainted with the building again. Everything's the same... yet different. When you spend almost a year outside you tend to fill your memories with a few touches of your imagination. He goes to the cafeteria, the training room, his own room... he touches the walls every now and then, he's feeling kind of nostalgic.

Feel free to say hi to him... and he'll probably come to you if he knows you. He's also wearing his Superman suit, if that makes any difference to your character.]


It's been a while, hasn't it? I didn't mean to get nostalgic but I kind of... got lost in the memories.

It's time for presentations I guess, isn't it? Some of you won't remember me. Most of you even, so it's only fair. My name is Clark Kent, and I will be your instructor if you need to improve your English. But I will always leave my door open if you have any kind of problems so do not hesitate to come to me. I can't promise you I will have all of the answers, but I can promise my best shoot and total confidence.

Trust me, I am good at keeping secrets.

That said, it'll be a pleasure to know you all, and also a pleasure to meet old acquaintances again as well.


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