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[Even though the hour is getting late, Selphie is rather comfortably sprawled out on one of the benches that's strewn decoratively about the Quad. There's still just enough light from fixtures and the moon for her to make out what she's scribbling down on her collection of papers.

"Food and Drink" would be taken care of easily enough. That much at least, is circled in cloud like patterns. Below that entry, "Entertainment" is written, which of course, has several question marks and scratched out lines below it. She hasn't quite figured out what sort of entertainment she wants for this particular shindig. Even as she ponders the options, the pencil gripped between Selphie's fingers is tracing a stray flower off in the corner of her notes. Her lips purse somewhat in frustration, as she lightly stomps her feet out against the arm of her claimed bench.]

Bummer! Why is this so difficult! It doesn't have to be perfect, Selphie! Everyone's going to enjoy it, you know. There's plenty of time too. The end of the month should be a good idea!

[The petite girl sits up, and tucks the pencil behind one of her ears in order to keep herself from chewing on the already abused eraser-end of the utensil. Planning your own birthday party is supposed to be fun, not frustrating. For a moment, she considers taking a break. Maybe she could find something to eat. The cafeteria might still be open!]
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[There was an open bag of sugar, about six lemons that were squeezed and juiced, a pitcher filled with ice and lemonade on a table (who knows where he got it from), and a stunning red head humming while stirring the lemonade drink with a long spoon and reading his text book for his Information Technology class. Hurray for multitasking!

He was...actually doing well in that class! If only his other classes got the same attention.

There were some pre-filled cups on the table as well, and a sign that said 'FREE LEMONADE'. He may not be good at making tea, but he will make some excellent lemonade!]

(ooc: Grell's in the quad, giving out lemonade. Better than coffee.)
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Hey, I was wondering if there were any clubs for tinkering with machines around here. I didn't ask sooner but I guess it's better late than never.

We have what you call "fon machines" back home but they're run a bit differently than the ones around here. I'd sure like to compare my knowledge of them with what you guys have around here.

-- Guy Cecil

✝ one

Jul. 8th, 2010 11:15 am
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[ Allen can handle a nightmare or two, or three. In fact it's not all that uncommon for him, nightmares that aren't quite nightmares. But well it's been a week and he's almost at the point where he's barely sleeping. ]

[ That forcefully bright smile of his, it's wavering, giving way to a tired grin when people look at him too long. He's actually probably being a bit creepy but he can't tell. TOO TIRED. ]

[ So as he's trying to make his way to class he somehow ends up in the cafeteria instead. Probably because it's the one place that he remembers the location of without effort. He contemplates trying to find his way to where he's actually supposed to be but...it's not really worth the effort. So he's going to wait outside until they start serving food. He will be found plopped outside, staring at nothing. If you catch him wandering around he'll just be avoiding reflective surfaces, thanks. ]


Jul. 8th, 2010 10:34 am
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[Ken's little tired from his nightmare from last night. Logically, spending a night in a strange room in a strange place would do that to him...probably. However, that's not what he's really bothered by it much, he's just dragging his feet a little more on his way to class.]

I thought I was done with school.


Jul. 8th, 2010 09:57 am
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Someone once famously asked if androids dream of electric sheep. Turns out they do even if they are not supposed to and by the way the sheep are missing their faces and want to eat me

soooooooooo how about that handy distracting topic change, huh

[Should you go looking, a robot is tucked away under a desk in the corner of the computer labs, looking a tad harrowed and apparently attempting to conserve power.]
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[What a time to be intro'd. During a nightmare event. Sweet.]

New guy here. Just got a quick question. Are you guys always this much fun? Some of you seem like a bunch of zombies or something. What gives?

Oh right. Names Duo. Nice to meet you and all that shit.
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[ When you can't sleep, there's not much you can do on your own other than fight monsters or read. So, the training centre, just after curfew, again. Colette is a little oblivious to curfew - some part of her vaguely remembers it, but the training centre is open, and over in the "secret area" there's such a pretty view of the Garden, all lit up at night! It's nicer than staying in the tiny dorm.

Sat down quite comfortably by the wall, a small pile of confusing textbooks by her side, Colette bites her lip as she reads a confusing paragraph for the eighth time this evening, hoping that it will eventually make sense.

Not much luck there... in the hopes that a later paragraph might make more sense, Colette turns the page, eyes widening in apparent horror as she, misjudging the page turn, manages to rip a corner of the page off.

Ah! This is a library book!

Colette jumps up to her feet, looking around her for someone who might have some of that very, very useful stuff this world has... "sticky tape"?

Does anyone even bring sticky tape to the training center?

Even if they don't, Colette is all on her own...]
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[ Deciding whether to explore the training area first, the library or settle himself into the cafeteria was surprisingly turning out to be a difficult task. Of course, discovering a method home was probably the most important issue but he's learned that everything would sort itself in due time. Besides, he's been told enough times to just observe.

...not that being surrounded by so many female cadets didn't give him enough visual distractions already. Perhaps spending the hour socializing would be best. Besides, that question about cabbages is still fresh on his mind. ]


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