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May. 25th, 2010 02:53 pm
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[ The library's nice and quiet. Good place to go and clear one's head. Or alternatively, a good place to catch up on all the homework he's behind on. He's found a desk near a window, and the desk is littered with notes and open textbooks. Recipes. Odd class topic.

And English is tough, sheesh. Not speaking it, he's got that covered, but writing it's another story. Trying to remember where proper punctuation goes, spelling oh man spelling. Like this word right here. The one in his text book that he's been staring at for the past ten minutes just trying to figure out how to pronounce. What the heck is cay-- ... cay-enne? ]

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May. 24th, 2010 07:12 pm
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[ It's hella late for an intro, isn't it? But ah, well. Euphie's out in the front lobby, just past the staircase that leads up to the elevator. She's standing there because her bag tore. .w. Shouldn't have checked out all those books from the library, Euphie. Now her things are all over the floor and she has nothing to put them in. Sigh.

Oh well, she'll start by stacking everything up and figuring it out from there. At least she has a lunch break before her next class so she won't be late to her culture class or anything. ]
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[Note:This entry is backdated to the morning of May 9th]


As you know, that ball thing is tonight, right? For those of you who still need something cute to wear, I'm declaring a group shopping trip to town!

For whoever wants to come, meet me around noon at the front gate!

Don't be late!

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*...he's not exactly comfortable in the uniform. Oh, it fits fine, he can move perfectly well in it, it's even a little bit stylish. But the fact remains that this is a uniform for a SeeD, or at least somebody who wants to be a SeeD... along with everything that implies, although he doesn't much know what it implies yet, considering how little he's familiar with the workings of this crazy place.

But it's for a SeeD. And Murasame Tsukumo isn't really a SeeD, or anyone who wants to be. He is a Zweilt. And it's more than a little disorienting that that means nothing here.

He's wandering around the Quad right now after dinner, listening to the murmur of mental voices around the Garden and continuing to try and get his bearings. It might be hard to believe he's really in a different world from where he was before, except... not only is nobody around him speaking Japanese, he can't sense his sister's voice anywhere. He's never been so far away from Touko that he couldn't still hear her before, and it's a little scary. Not knowing anyone, not hearing anyone familiar.

.....clearly the solution is candy. So don't mind him as he stops right in the middle of the courtyard to dig around his pockets before producing a package of gummies.*


*staring at it mournfully, mumbling to himself in Japanese*

Wonder if they have gummies here... I hope this isn't my last package.

((Hello :D If you care to tag with Tsukumo, he's a psychic, so I'd appreciate your filling out this permissions form so I don't overstep my bounds with your chara. Also, his spoken English is not that great, but if he can hear your thoughts then he can understand you regardless of language.))


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