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Hey guys! Bulla here! Just wanted to remind everyone that Fight Club meetings are still Tuesdays and Thursdays at 17:30 in the sectioned off area of the Training Center. Anyone who is interested in checking it out - whether it's to find a sparring partner or if it's to pick up a few pointers, is welcome. No spectators, please.

I'd like as many members as possible to try and show up this Thursday. I've got something important to talk to all of you about in person.

Also, I wanted to see who might be interested in joining or at least checking out a club devoted to fashion. If started, the fashion club will offer makeovers to whoever needs or wants one. Want to look extra good for that upcoming date? Bored with your current look? All part of fashion club's purpose.
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Hey everyone! Judging by when everyone who responded was free, I've decided to have meetings on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 17:30. Like I posted before, they will be in a special cleared off area of the training center. Not sure exactly how long the meetings are going to last, and I suppose it depends on what mood everyone's in. So for now, I'll say they'll be at least half an hour and no more than two hours, so everybody can get back to their dorms and have a shower before dinner.

Then there's time for getting homework done, and we've all got our weekends clear.

For the first meeting, please be prepared to talk about your preferred fighting style a little before the sparring matches start.

Also! The club is totally open to SeeDs, whether you want to practice and spar or offer pointers to less experienced people, we'd be happy to have you here with us.


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