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[There's a tortoise loose in the Garden.]

[This might not be worrisome, except that said tortoise has a helicopter strapped to his shell and is merrily flying around without the level of agility and control one would like to see in a flying tortoise, particularly a flying tortoise with the strength and endurance to ricochet off walls, furniture, and people in ways that do much more damage than Tank receives in turn.]

[Uh.. duck.]


[Without much appropriateness for her environment, Rainbow Dash is doing push-ups in the quad. With her wings. Her forelegs are tucked behind her back, and the feathered limbs push her up and down without any real exertion, it seems. She shifts to one-winged pushups, left then right, but only seems to succeed in looking more dissatisfied as she works. Someone help her out.]


[A rainbow-haired girl is in the Training Center. Just in case some upcoming mission or test or SOMEthing means she's gotta fight under the influence of the Polymorphus potion, Rainbow's decided to clock in some practice time under its effects. She has a Blaster Edge strapped to her wrist, but it's going mostly ignored; as a human, Dash finds that leaping into the middle of grats and using her mad karate skills is a lot more personally gratifying. By this point in her training, she's scratched up and bruised in a lot of places, but the wild look in her eye is pure wicked delight as she chases after another grat.]

[gratuitous shipping DAN101, so closed to Ed]

[Rainbow Dash eyes the handout they've been given skeptically. Very skeptically, because buried beneath some diagrams and step patterns on the page is a little note: "Cadets subject to the use of the Polymorphus Potion during external appearances will be required to practice and demonstrate competence in all dances while under the effects of the potion."]

[She looks nervously over the paper at Ed. He's not gonna like this...]
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[Those passing by the Quad today will find an abandoned laptop sitting on its lonesome near a tree. The laptop looks surprisingly scuffed, though not too badly damaged, and the general position of it suggests that it was tossed out of the tree -- with great force, if said denting of the normally durable computer is any indication.

For those who think to look up, there's a red-furred echidna lounging on a branch, back against it as he flips through the course schedule. It's a little hard to read his expression, but he seems fairly absorbed in it, muttering something under his breath occasionally.]
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[She was certain everything was going to be certainly-


Twilight's eyes snap open in the now-familiar sight of Garden's infirmary. Quickly coming to the conclusion that she was just dreaming (after all, Princess Celestia would never really release Discord, right?), she silently thanks whoever brought in her laptop with her, and...

...wait, what's this feeling she has in her oh.

Welp. Let's try to break this one slowly. At least she was only out for three days.]

I'm not quite sure what that was about, but it's over. I'm just going to adopt the usual stance of "blame Time Compression aftereffects" for the fact that I've been asleep for three days.

But on that note, has anyone here ever woken up and known that their dream had to have actually happened?

~Twilight Sparkle

[ooc: Action taggers, her wings literally grew like five minutes ago, so if you're rushing over there ASAP, you won't have seen them.]
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Well, that was a fun experience! It was certainly not as lively as back home, but cute none the less.

Do any of you have traditions similar to this where you are from?

[Annnd sometime later in the day, the Headmaster will find a little bottle of Lihau's sweet brew waiting for him with a little card tied to it.

"Thank you for the chocolates! Here is something that I hope you enjoy as well.

-- Cadet Lihau"]
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For those of you who are still a bit wound up, I have managed to finish my first batch of brew! If you would like to try a little for free or purchase some for yourself or this upcoming "Valentine's Day," I will be in the cafeteria most of today. I do have this laptop with me and I believe I know how to work it well enough, so feel free to make an order or ask questions here as well.

-- Lihau

[As promised on the BBS, Lihau is in the cafetera. She's appropriated a table or two for herself, a couple kegs, some large bottles/flasks/tankards for sales, and a few mugs of... fairly large size for samples, along with a towel and bowl to wash said mugs in-between uses.

She's not drinking herself -- she can always drink her own brew later and she'd prefer to leave as much as possible to the others. After all, she never did say how much "a little" was...]
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[It took quite a bit of explaining on the behalf of some patient NPC to get Ayla to understand how to log into the network. While she doesn't understand what she's pressing, she knows that this series of buttons makes the thing work. It also made her wish that Robo or Lucca were with her. They were good at these... things.

Once logged in, Ayla stared at the screen for a while, grey eyes blinking uncertainly. Based on what's around her, she's in the training center.]
Magic rock no talk. [She reaches out and taps the screen a few times before growling in frustration.] Uunga! Ayla no can use magic!

[The video cuts off as she slams the laptop shut. She'll try making the magic rock work again later, when she's beat something up and doesn't feel so frustrated.]


[Ayla climbed up the tree she was sitting against and put the magic rock in the branches. She couldn't use magic. She was from before magic. While the concepts of past and future were vage to her, she understood enough to be able to follow that.

She left the Training Center and crouched in the hallway outside. It was such a weird hut, but she could smell where the outside was.]

Ayla get beast. [She nodded to herself. They were giving her shiny rocks for beast catching. She understood the idea of a training ground. There was one near Ioka.]


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