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[ All week long he has the same schedule. For his weapons class, he would offer advice and show higher stances, working with the students in how to move with instead of fight against the momentum of their weapons. The obstacle was set up with the idea of not losing their weapons while running, dodging and crawling through the different terrains available, and then set the students to clean their weapons while on a cool down march. He next sets them up against each other and the ones that were too good or too over confident he would take on, correcting their moves and egos by precise application of bruises and gentle chiding.

For Philosophy, he speaks a lot about the different theories, waxing at length about the mind and how impulses drive the body and vice verses. When his accent grows too thick, or he cannot find the proper word, he switches to Japanese, which sometimes leads to an explanation of how different words are even in languages and applies it to the governing thought of the moment. It's a chaotic class, jumping from thought to thought, but he seems to enjoy the discussions, especially when someone brings up a new word or a new idea.

After classes and the paperwork generated by them - forms for medical treatments, forms over homework, and forms he thinks they just got tossed into the mix to make sure he's paying attention - Yoshi heads for the library to browse the books and take out a bunch written in a language he can understand better. If the book is interesting enough, he will start reading it as he walks along the campus on the way to the cafeteria or the Quad.

Weekends often had him spending time in the Training Center. If asked, he will take a student or two outside to fight random monsters. Of course, that is if the students were good with all their classes at the time. Extra training sessions can be gained, and he is always up for a spar with other instructors. ]
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[ It always takes him a minute or two to figure out the system after an extended stay away from Garden. Truth be told, his world is somewhat like this one - the disproportionate levels of technology mixed in with the old ways, but computers were one of the things that had gone with the gun. So the window remained open for a minute before he types. ]

It is good to back. It has been a while since I was here last. So introductions: I am Yoshi, from a village in Japan and a world that is like this one in many ways. [ This is so hard for him. Awkward to say the least, but he is trying, durn it. ] It would seem that I shall be teaching the Advance Bladed Weapons class and Philosophy in the next quarter. I hope you will enjoy them booth.

Good luck also, to those taking the test. May your mind and weapons hold true.


[ After cleaning off the dust of the rode and checking the BBS for any familiar names, Yoshi retreated to the Quad with his swords and his cleaning kit. Since he came to this world, he had been given a pair of blades suited for a samurai since he never had a set for himself. It had been unspoken back home that he would inherent his father's swords along with the family's titles and lands, especially with the Dragon hanging on his neck as proof of his finished quest, so he had never needed to have a set made. Though Yoshi had found himself thinking on having his own blades, as a way to separate himself from the bloody past that the Dragon and his ancestors had lived in.

Despite his dislike for violence, he still enjoyed fighting. He liked the way he can make the sword dance against imaginary enemies and against another skilled swordsman. There was something satisfying about it, all the training and lessons condensed to breathless movement. Maintaining his weapons also was satisfying. It helped with relaxing his thoughts and set his hands on a task that was not harmful to anyone else. The rasp of whetstone against steel, the feel of the blade against oiled and then soft cloth, it put him in a peaceful state.

It definitely made him not really pay attention to his surroundings like he should have been. ]


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