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[The video comes on to show...well...to call it a mess would be putting it lightly; the room looks like what would happen if a small child had just been bouncing off the walls for the past two hours or so, except if you replace "small child" with "teenage catgirl" then you may have a better idea of what sort of horrors took place here.

Between the clutter and the camera stands Katt, looking one part tired as all get-out, and two parts apologetic.]

Yeah, uh, wha's-your-name? I kinda forgot your name. But. Um. Sorry 'bout the mess.

[It's a public message like all of the others, but she's intending for it to eventually reach her roommate, if said roommate doesn't return to the room before finding the message elsewhere. So hey Colette, the dorm room—Katt's side at the very least—is a certifiable disaster zone. What do?]
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[Renton's passed the Front Gate and walked into the Lobby, letter and catalog still in his hand. He looks down and around, scratching his head. Everything is so dream like. The colors, the architecture, even the weather, in a way. Needless to say he's still confused and completely out of place.

A frown and scrunched up nose follow another attempt to make sense of things -- they have been crazy ever since Eureka crashed into his grandfather's shop, no doubt, but this...

He drops his head, exhales, then throws his hands out dramatically:]

This is insane!!

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[Is Eiko annoyed at this whole time compression thing? Oh yes, Eiko is annoyed. She wants to go back to Lindblum, darn it, and be with her new Mother and Father!

Just... not necessarily at top speed. Shiny Garden is shiny. So Eiko is doing what Eiko does: "sightseeing." In that there's currently a small, blue-haired six year old bouncing around 1F and poking her nose into everything. You know - to see what's up.

Feel free to bug her/question why she's there/pick her up by the wing ornament on her back!
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[Zim is new here, so when all hell breaks loose on his first day at this place, he's confused. (And annoyed that he doesn't have the technology to join in on the fun.) But after this long, he's growing bored of slashing at puny monsters with his PAK legs, so he grabs the person nearest him to interrogate.]

You! Stinkbeast! Tell me: is this school usually so...screamy? [He looks at his surroundings in disgust. These humans are so incompetent.]
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[The second round came up in the Quad and Grell's already weary. Very much unlike him, but being poisoned sure did slow him down. The Mesmerize that appeared made things tricky, but so far, that blasted blade got knocked off early on in the fight. The cold also battles against the red reaper, who holds his scythe with a shaky grip.

It's his turn.

In a blur of red he rushes in, but his vision doubles and as he swings his scythe, he misses by mere millimeters. The Mesmerize, however, does not and uses Ram to knock Grell into a tree. Comically, though, all that snow from the branches fall atop him.]

P-Playing...so rough. [He stands and leans against the tree, ever smiling, despite the blood running down his face, down his back where the wound is probably an angry purple hue, sliding down the side of his mouth, and on top of it all, knowing he may not win. Well, someone had to discover that bracelet on his frozen body later on.]

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[There was something bitingly familiar about this, Knuckles had to admit. How many times had he been on something that had plunged into the ground now?

Thankfully, he hadn't lost the Master Emerald in the crash, which meant now that he was working on the second most important thing -- clearing out these monsters and seeing who exactly he could find in this chaos. If the cold is bothering him, it's impossible to tell; he's powering through anything and everything in his way, and he's already pried open a few doors to make pathways.

At the moment, he's currently checking through the classrooms, though it isn't too hard to find him, what with the monster-shaped dents and holes scattered around the hallways.]

Anyone here?
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[Only a little shaken up from the crash emergency landing, it had still taken Rinoa a little while to get ready. Fact is she'd had to junction first, Shiva seeming an ironic but appropriate choice considering just how cold it was already getting. The choice to junction ice magic to Elem-def-J had been an easy one  at least. After that it didn't take long to grab not one, but two weapons and head out to see what all the ruckus was about.

Seeing the mess that Garden was in currently, Rinoa was suddenly very thankful for all the extra training she'd been putting in lately.]

Is this some sort of test? [She asks aloud to herself before testing her grip on the gunblade she's been training with for some time now. Looks like this is really it, the ultimate test to see just how much she's learned in class and from Ryu. Satisfied that all is well with the blade, she spares a glance for the blaster edge strapped to her arm for emergency use before hurrying off to get the attention of several grats and bite bugs that seem to be bickering at each other.] I'm not going to be left behind anymore, I don't have to worry. I can fight too! I'm not going to hold anyone back, not anymore.

[Pep talk over she enters into combat with a very serious, for Rinoa anyway, look on her face as she lets the monsters know just who's boss.  Things are indeed different this time. Now the grats and bite bugs are all dispatched easily with swings that have clearly been well drilled into RInoa's subconscious. It's safe to say that the motions are almost flowing, though they're far from the skills of a true master. Still it's a vast improvement and it's obvious after a while that she's fairly proud of herself and her new skill set.

So...care to fight with her? Maybe gawk at how much she's managed to improve if you were there for Rinoa's last public foray into gunblade use? Something else entirely? Totally up to you.]
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[Over the course of her life, Gwendolyn has learned to count her blessings. For instance, at least this time she wasn't caught flying outside when the Garden crash-landed. Better still, she also didn't have to fly back to Garden, which means she's fresh and capable of engaging in more than a few rounds of combat in the event of a fiend invasion.

You know, such as the one currently taking place.

Fortunately, there are more than enough SeeDs and cadets running around to keep anyone from being overwhelmed. Just to be safe, Gwendolyn is gliding around, dive-bombing any beast that decides on ambushing an already occupied ally - a confused foe is an easily dispatched one, after all - and lending a hand to anyone who might need it.

If she has one regret for today, it's that no one's probably recording that fight she glimpsed between two Blue Dragons and a T-Rexaur. Ah well...]
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[Those who have managed to break out into the Quad amongst the chaos have found a rather... unusual and perhaps terrifying scene. Some monsters are screeching and twisting in agony as their bodies slowly dissipate into data, while others seem to be missing some part of their body entirely. Even the Quad itself has suffered some of the damage, with the trees and other plants missing entire hunks or parts of themselves, while some -- like the monsters -- are still slowly deleting piece by piece.

Tobias has gone into what can only be counted as an utter panic. The biting cold and sudden surge of creatures has terrified him to the point of blank-minded preservation, and he's resorted to using the power he'd been hiding for so long. Anyone who gets near him will clearly be able to see that his right hand to a few inches above his wrist is no longer flesh -- instead, it seems to be made of what can only be described as purple 1s and 0s along with what seems to be glitched up tiles of ground or water, all arranged in a hand-like shape. Whatever this weird hand is, he's using it wildly, grabbing anything that gets close, which causes whatever it is to fall into the deletion pattern until it manages to wrench away long enough to break contact.

Tears are streaming down his face, and his voice is hoarse, as if he's already been yelling for a while now.]

Espio! Daddy! Mom! HELP!
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[When Garden had taken its rough tumble along the snowy grounds, Squall had been standing at the window in his 3F office looking out at the passing white-covered foliage. The announcement had been made immediately after he'd braced himself against the window frame, having jolted forward upon impact.

The lights and all power had been lost, the only light being from what was outside as it filtered into his office.

...What now?

[He can only imagine the panic beginning down on the main level and sets off with Lion Heart in hand, leaving the office. He doesn't wait for the elevator, instead he takes the emergency exit stairs off to the left of the corridor and lets himself out onto the 2F to assess any 'damage'.

Well. The only 'damage' there is are the monsters running around on their rampage. So he stands there to take everything in and then moves forward to help those in need with disposing any of the monsters.
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[Anyone in the lobby area might find themselves startled by a sound like that of a gunshot splitting the air.

The cause, oddly enough, is Akiela. She stands on top of the flattened remains of a Grat, who tried to smack her with its feelers and paid the price when she dodged by jumping into the air before, ultimately, coming back down on top of it's head. Never let it be said that a Dragoon can't cause a headache. Stepping out of the mess and ignoring the gunk on her boots, she calmly unhooks her spear and twirls it once in hand before approaching a blue dragon.

A suicidal move? Perhaps.

Or perhaps not. The dragon seems, oddly enough, intimidated by her presence. Maybe you'll use the opening to give her a hand?]

Move, you overgrown Puk. I've no time to waste on monsters who barely rate a decent challenge. [She has an appointment to keep, after all.]
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Bring it on!

[So echoes the challenge issued by the cocky Instructor standing outside the dormitory, fists balled and a grin on his face as he stands guard over the door. Come close enough or catch his attention and he has this to say:]

I'll hold down the fort here. Anyone who needs shelter or safety can camp out in the rooms. Anyone who's hurt, get them back here till we can make sure the infirmary's clear.

And if you need help out there, yell. [Because heroes never back down -- and Instructors don't do their students work for them out there!]

Let's do this!
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[Nina's mission had been a success, but that was to be expected. She was nothing if not studious. She was honestly enjoying the winter break and downtime because it gave her time to work on her own studies a bit. That and make a syllabus for her courses. You'll find the little birdy sitting in the cafeteria, happily reading and sipping on some coffee. Feel free to bug her!]
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[If you happen to be hanging around the quad today, you might spot a teenage boy sitting under the shade of a tree. Upon closer observation, you might notice that he's meditating. He looks quite comfortable doing this, though occasionally his brow will furrow in annoyance when someone in the area makes a particularly loud noise. He's trying to concentrate, you guys, have some courtesy. Or not.]

((ooc notes!: okay I know this is timed awkwardly for americans, so feel free to send horribly slow replies. and don't hesitate to comment to this in a week or so if it comes to it! this is for the tons of people I promised CR to on the meme (and others!) so hit this up and aang will stop meditating in the next comment or so (but if you want to annoy him while he's meditating, let me know somewhere and he'll try to keep concentrating).))
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[Back -- and hey, allowed to mingle this time, we're making progress!

Snow felt like crashing through a couple of huge doors dramatically, but, well, there were none. So instead he strode through the front gate and into the lobby, coat trailing behind him with a hint of melodrama. One hand lifted, he waved to pretty much everyone he saw. He wasn't going to be a distant instructor.

Really, there wasn't much about him that said 'Instructor' at all -- though he wasn't bothering to hide the burned-white l'cie brand on his forearm, either]
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["Time Compression." Feh.

Knuckles hadn't been very happy about the letter at all, or the fact that he was here. Forget how he got here -- they didn't even know how to get him back, or where the Master Emerald was, and that had -- well, let's just say a few people were going to need replacement chairs or desks, and one unlucky person was going to need to have their wall repaired.

Thankfully, it hadn't taken him long to actually find the Master Emerald -- completely intact and, well, on his person. THAT had been fun.

He had retired to the Quad, placing the gem on the ground and allowing it to return to its natural size, closing his eyes as he put his hands against the side.

He was relieved -- oh so relieved -- that it seemed completely untouched by the ride here, and sighed softly.]

Mission 2

Nov. 10th, 2010 08:27 pm
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[Courtney had been busying herself in the Training Center, having settled herself in the moment she'd had the chance. She had forgotten that, despite the fact that her body had changed again, it hadn't reversed -- while she looked human enough, there were still plenty of things left over from her Pikachu form.

One of these, she had discovered, was the fact that her body had altered itself so that it generated electricity constantly. She had been used to it in her Pokemon form -- the act of discharging a small amount every little while had been automatic during calm times, and during other times, well, the issue was more along the lines of discharging too much.

However, as natural as the electricity felt in her body, she had completely forgot the need to handle it, which had ended up in... something smoking and completely fried. Which was why she was here, of course.

Quite a few monsters had been fried by this point, which was why she had taken a small break, breathing slowly as the lingers of her last attack sparked across her body.]
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[The entire incident at Vienne mountains had forced Ryu's hand on his originally best kept secret.  He wasn't sure how the Garden staff would react to him, but seeing as they hadn't busted down the door to his dorm looking for him, he thought he was in the clear.  Still, he made it a point to avoid most of the staff as much as he could.  He was also wary of other students as he made his way back to the dorms from the Training Center.  Tomorrow morning would bring a trip to the library, and any relevant information on dragons in this world.

He had a lot of questions that needed answering, as well as a gift to give someone.]

Now to just get back...

[Of course, with hair like his, sneaking away is something of a futile effort.]

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[Once glance at the latest arrival, and someone might strongly suspect that he was drunk. Trudging slowly through the halls, he sways and staggers, rubbing at bleary eyes and tripping over his own heavy feet. He doesn't look ill, not at all, simply exhausted.

Which, actually, is the truth. He's been wandering everywhere in search of the land he left, baffled by the technology surrounding him and quite lost in the layout. The letter explaining the situation had been ignored.

Feel free to run into him anywhere. It's going to be a long journey.]
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[ It's been so long since she first arrived here. Colette, once again, wonders how everyone reacted to her disappearance, the very night before her Journey of Regeneration was due to end. Would everyone be mad? Would they think she had run away?

If Colette were to be honest, she was glad to have just a little while longer, but it was looking more and more as though she would never return. Sylvarant would continue to suffer while she was here - and then what? Would it continue to decline? Would Chosen after Chosen fail? She came so close - closer than any other had for a long, long time... what if it took that long again? Would Sylvarant turn to dust?

All she could do was pray to the Goddess Martel for everyone's safety and wellbeing.

In a part of the Quad, Colette kneels close to a wall, hands clasped before her and head bowed as she thought of everyone she cared about - of the long-familiar faces of her companions, of the people she met along her journey, of the faces in the crowd.

What would happen to them now?

I'm sorry. I'll come back. I'll complete the Journey. Everyone will be safe and happy. I'm so sorry.

Every so often, she lifts her head up and looks around her, before returning to that position again. It's almost as if she's forcing herself to. ]


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