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[The video comes on to show...well...to call it a mess would be putting it lightly; the room looks like what would happen if a small child had just been bouncing off the walls for the past two hours or so, except if you replace "small child" with "teenage catgirl" then you may have a better idea of what sort of horrors took place here.

Between the clutter and the camera stands Katt, looking one part tired as all get-out, and two parts apologetic.]

Yeah, uh, wha's-your-name? I kinda forgot your name. But. Um. Sorry 'bout the mess.

[It's a public message like all of the others, but she's intending for it to eventually reach her roommate, if said roommate doesn't return to the room before finding the message elsewhere. So hey Colette, the dorm room—Katt's side at the very least—is a certifiable disaster zone. What do?]
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[Nina's sitting rather peacefully in her dorm from the looks of things. She smiles and waves to the camera cheerily]

Hey, does anyone know how to ski? I really want to try it. Or snowboard. It looks like so much fun!

Also, Katt? Two words for you. Bunny Marshmallows [She holds up a bag of sugary goodness shaped like rabbits.]

And while I'm on more relaxing topics, do we do White ...uhm... you guys don't have Great Birds... uhm... well a anonymous gift exchange?

(ooc: Nina likes giving presents, she's secretly trying to figure out nice things to do for people. And she's trying to say White Elephant exchange. )
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[Nina's mission had been a success, but that was to be expected. She was nothing if not studious. She was honestly enjoying the winter break and downtime because it gave her time to work on her own studies a bit. That and make a syllabus for her courses. You'll find the little birdy sitting in the cafeteria, happily reading and sipping on some coffee. Feel free to bug her!]
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[It's been more than a week since Katt arrived, and she's still generally lost and confused by half of this. She's been told that she's here because time broke, however that works, she's been shown around a little, she's found that Ryu was here too, and she ran into some guy who was...also Ryu except not? There was no sign of any of the others so far, though.

Which, at this moment, she's still wandering around a bit, looking to see if she could find Nina around here. Or Rand. Or heck, she'd be happy if she could at least find Sten. Ryu might or might not still be following her, too, to make sure she doesn't somehow break anything in the process.]

Aw, c'mon, where in the heck are they...
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[Once glance at the latest arrival, and someone might strongly suspect that he was drunk. Trudging slowly through the halls, he sways and staggers, rubbing at bleary eyes and tripping over his own heavy feet. He doesn't look ill, not at all, simply exhausted.

Which, actually, is the truth. He's been wandering everywhere in search of the land he left, baffled by the technology surrounding him and quite lost in the layout. The letter explaining the situation had been ignored.

Feel free to run into him anywhere. It's going to be a long journey.]
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[ It's been so long since she first arrived here. Colette, once again, wonders how everyone reacted to her disappearance, the very night before her Journey of Regeneration was due to end. Would everyone be mad? Would they think she had run away?

If Colette were to be honest, she was glad to have just a little while longer, but it was looking more and more as though she would never return. Sylvarant would continue to suffer while she was here - and then what? Would it continue to decline? Would Chosen after Chosen fail? She came so close - closer than any other had for a long, long time... what if it took that long again? Would Sylvarant turn to dust?

All she could do was pray to the Goddess Martel for everyone's safety and wellbeing.

In a part of the Quad, Colette kneels close to a wall, hands clasped before her and head bowed as she thought of everyone she cared about - of the long-familiar faces of her companions, of the people she met along her journey, of the faces in the crowd.

What would happen to them now?

I'm sorry. I'll come back. I'll complete the Journey. Everyone will be safe and happy. I'm so sorry.

Every so often, she lifts her head up and looks around her, before returning to that position again. It's almost as if she's forcing herself to. ]


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