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[ Here's Reno. He's loitering in the parking lot because it's nice and out of the way, and man. He just can't seem to get comfortable around here. The uniform doesn't fit right. It's stiff and scratchy and just isn't right for him to be wearing. He's only sworn by one uniform his whole life, and this one isn't it. More than that, his fellow Turks are nowhere to be found. He thought he spotted Cissnei at the assembly, but he lost sight of her after and hasn't been able to find her since. ]

Man, what a fuckin' pain.

[ Sighs, kicking at the wall as he shoves his hands in his pockets. He's changing the hell out of this just as soon as he gets a shower on the way back to the dorms. And then he'll go have some food. Or make a plan to spy on some girls in the shower room. Or something. Dammit. He's already feeling caged in, and he's barely been here more than a day.

And classes. He hasn't been to a proper school a day in his life. Had to learn stuff, sure. Studied stuff, sure. Day full of classes and answering to instructors and shit? God dammit. ]
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Good morning, everyone.

My name is Minato Arisato. I have met some of you already around the campus and I will probably meet the rest during classes. I hope we get along, at least until we get sent back to our original worlds.

Something I have noticed while talking to people, BTW - there is a good chance this Time Compression thing will bring people from your world, but at different point in time. After all, the SeeD Commander was thrown here from this same world of 20 years ago.

BTW, since it looks like most everyone here is in one scholarship or another, if there are any other Ambers reading this, please drop me a line.

PS - the rest of this entry is in Japanese, for the people who are not very good at English, and because I am translating it from there to English. Please let me know how I can improve my writing.

[Sure enough, the rest of the text is the same as the above, only in Japanese and using romaji. It's also written more fluidly.]
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[ After the assembly, Haku went back to his dorm room to change first thing. Apparently there was some kind of miscommunication with the office because they issued him a girl's school uniform. He doesn't feel like explaining himself to anyone just yet, nor does he know exactly how, and since it's not a big problem he figures he'll go with it for now. It's not like he hasn't had to pass as a girl before.

So right now finds him back in the pink yukata he arrived in, wandering down the steps to the Quad. He stops at the bridge that crosses over the small waterfall, studying the running water below. It's calming here, as quiet as he can expect of a school. It's been a long time since he's been among this many people, and he feels strangely exposed here. Perhaps that's why he's hiding behind the misconception of his gender. To hide as much of himself as he can until he can escape this place. ]

Zabuza-san, forgive me for not being by your side.

[ He shuts his eyes briefly, letting out his breath in a sigh. ]

[ ooc: Haku's speaking Japanese, and since he's from ninjaverse where we have no evidence of Roman letters anywhere, he won't be able to communicate in English until remedial English courses begin. ]
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*...he's not exactly comfortable in the uniform. Oh, it fits fine, he can move perfectly well in it, it's even a little bit stylish. But the fact remains that this is a uniform for a SeeD, or at least somebody who wants to be a SeeD... along with everything that implies, although he doesn't much know what it implies yet, considering how little he's familiar with the workings of this crazy place.

But it's for a SeeD. And Murasame Tsukumo isn't really a SeeD, or anyone who wants to be. He is a Zweilt. And it's more than a little disorienting that that means nothing here.

He's wandering around the Quad right now after dinner, listening to the murmur of mental voices around the Garden and continuing to try and get his bearings. It might be hard to believe he's really in a different world from where he was before, except... not only is nobody around him speaking Japanese, he can't sense his sister's voice anywhere. He's never been so far away from Touko that he couldn't still hear her before, and it's a little scary. Not knowing anyone, not hearing anyone familiar.

.....clearly the solution is candy. So don't mind him as he stops right in the middle of the courtyard to dig around his pockets before producing a package of gummies.*


*staring at it mournfully, mumbling to himself in Japanese*

Wonder if they have gummies here... I hope this isn't my last package.

((Hello :D If you care to tag with Tsukumo, he's a psychic, so I'd appreciate your filling out this permissions form so I don't overstep my bounds with your chara. Also, his spoken English is not that great, but if he can hear your thoughts then he can understand you regardless of language.))


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