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[ And in the library today, there is a boy in red, his head in a very large textbook, eyes shut, mouth partially open a bit of drool, yes drool, cheek against his communicator as he begins to snore. there are papers sprawled everywhere on the table, various notes in class, that break off in to strange little drawings. Drawlings like..]
[this. Yes this.

Do you even..? ]

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[Dionysus hadn't been sure what to make of all this at first, but after spending some time getting acquainted with his surroundings, Yep. This is something else. One would think that being pulled away from his usual habitat would cause distress, but Di was completely at ease, wandering without care. Perhaps the drink he sipped from a dark purple travel mug had something to do with it. Or perhaps he was pleased by a change in scenery. The god does like to travel.]

[One of the first things he noticed was a certain name on the list of instructors. Asking Dionysus to attend classes was already amusing. This was on a whole other level. He would be no teacher's pet. In fact, he hopes the radient blond gets the message he left for him soon. Not easy to track someone down when they're never in the office.]

[In the meantime, have a curly-haired young man wandering about. He's not seeking people out to talk, but he looks approachable~]
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[Since there was still about a week before the new term began, M'gann figured to take advantage of the down time to try some new baking recipes she had acquired after nearly turning the cook book section of the library upside down. Luckily Wally had agreed to help test some of her baking, and even help with the process; after all, he had said that baking was practically a science.

She's in the Home Economics room now, an apron tied neatly over her civilian attire and all the proper tools and ingredients laid out on one of the many islands in the classroom, and she's practically humming with anticipation.]

Alright! Which recipe should we start with?

[OOC: Since it's an open post, if anyone wants to throw their characters in then feel free!]

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Sep. 27th, 2011 11:29 pm
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so recently i recievved a uh
wwhats the earth name for it
oh right
i recievved a kitten
youvve probably seen him runnin around a little bit or somethin but uh yeah
hes fitted wwith a collar a bell an a tag
youd knoww him if youd seen him an i mean hes not that fuckin hard to spot believve me
i might be wwantin a little bit a advvice since ivve nevver really taken care a somethin like this before an evven if i do knoww i havve a great handle on keepin him all happy an content
wwell i wwouldnt mind someone givvin me a small tip or somethin
just wwanted to say it wwhile i remembered

[Also attached is an image of said kitten.]


Sep. 21st, 2011 10:31 pm
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[All things considered, it's been a fairly uneventful day, though Rolo has had nothing but pacing thoughts since recently. Now that things are seemingly back to normal, he can be found seated at the edge of the harbor of Fishermans Horizon. Knees drawn toward his chest, one arm rests wrapped around his legs while his free hand holds a cellphone with a heart-shaped locket. Rolo isn't enjoying the scenery; rather, his gaze is glued to that locket, and he appears all too sullen and even a little depressed.

Then again, it's not uncommon to see him around Garden with a slight furrow of his brows and an expression that's neither happy nor sad. A flat look.

Two months. Almost.

Fingering the locket, he opens it. A melancholic tune plays for a second or two before he abruptly shuts the cover. It won't do to play the song here in this wretched place. Right now, he's deaf and blind to this world -- and potentially jumpy, as a result.
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[ Heading down the hall is a very confused and displeased looking teenage boy. He's dressed in normal street wear, has a cat hanging lazily on his head, and sword bag slung over his shoulder. Don't mind the fact that he seems to be talking to no one. ]

What the hell-I'm supposed to be going out to battle, not school!

[ Rin's got his letter of welcome out, and for the last few minutes he's been wandering around the grounds giving it the dead eye. Not even ten minutes before he'd found himself here he was on his way out to fight an incredibly strong demon with his classmates. He couldn't have taken a wrong turn... Did someone hit him upside the head when he wasn't looking and knock him in this dream world? That would be beyond ridiculous. He's had enough of space compression magic to fill a life time. ]

If I'm going to be stuck here [Dream world or not. ] The least they could have done was given me a map so I knew where this Fisherman place is...
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[You may be passing by the quad on your way to wherever. You may be busy or you may be relaxed, it doesn't matter, because lying on one of the benches is a young Desi girl wrapped in salwar kameez and a colorful shawl. Her fingers and arms are decorated in jewelry of colorful rings and bangles, with a two special gold rings on either hand. A ring with a pressed in 'L' on the top on her left hand's middle finger, and a turquoise engagement ring on her right hand's ring finger. Her white hair is up in a bun, and a few leaves are sticking out of her locks.

Messy henna is showing on her legs, which she's stretched out across the bench seating. Flowers and dozens of symbols of some strange culture. They're meant for a special occasion which this girl had been before Time Compression brought her to Balamb Gardens.

Her books sit on the floor beneath the bench. She'd slid them beneath the furniture before she'd stumbled into an unexpected nap of sorts.

Anyone is welcome to approach her...because she's going to wake sometime soon.]


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