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[If anyone had visited the infirmary these past few weeks, they might've seen a little lifeless kid lying there in one of the beds. Supposedly, right after finals, he'd fallen into a deep sleep and refused to wake up.

Until now. Suddenly gasping for air, Damian immediately sits upright. He's... he's... in the infirmary? He furrows his brows and glances around the room for any clues. The last thing he remembered, he'd been taking finals... and then...

Then he'd been whisked back home. How long had it been? Six months? Twelve?

Slag, Time Compression really hated him. Why else would it drag him back into Garden after experiencing all that? After meeting Green Arrow and Zachary Zatara and that weird Jewish kid who claimed he was Kryptonian... in the context of Garden, it really didn't make much sense. He leans forward, arching his back and trying his best to suppress a sigh as he stares down at his clothes. Dammit, TC! If it's going to whisk him back, at least whisk him back with clothes that actually fit.]

... Here again? Guess I haven't had enough yet.

[A few hours later, there's a brief post on the BBS system:]

Does anyone have the latest issue of that sky pirate comic?? I wanted to buy one over the break, but it sold out before I could. :| That and the one about steampunk mechanics. They're both pretty schway.

Also I think I might need to go shopping. I don't really want to, but nothing really fits. Not even my uniform. 8( So what the slag'm I supposed to buy?

- Damian

[ooc | Damian just went through an canon-updating coma! This basically means that he's a whole year older... and in dire need of a new wardrobe, welp, since he's about 2 inches taller than when everyone last saw him. :c]
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[Dana is walking through Garden in high-heels, black skirt, white blouse, your new Economics' teacher, and why yes, she's taken. Well...technically. She has her set of text books in her arms and is thinking of the lunch she will want to get at the cafeteria. It'd been a while since she'd stepped back into Garden, but it's good to be back!

Especially since she heard that Damian was in attendance. So Dana is in a particularly good mood. Perhaps that is why she's radiating such a gloriously happy mood...as she puts a few holes in the flooring of the quad with her stiletto heels.

Oh the janitor is NOT going to be happy.]


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