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Is the moon special in any of your cultures? Or do you perhaps think of anything when viewing it?

[That's up all day. And then ACTION for tonight.

If you happen to wander outside tonight, you might spot Japan set up on his own NEAR ONE OF THESE THINGS. I have no idea what it is but that's okay, the point is he's sitting there with his lonely little bit of dango and watching the moon for tsukimi, and those things reflect it quite nicely...

He looks super thoughtful so maybe you want to stop and chat? Do you want some of that dango maybe?

Or maybe you just want to ask what the heck he's doing on that thing. That might be something.]
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[Anyone noticing Japan walking around the Garden today might take note of the concerned and thoughtful expression on his face. He wasn't sure what was going on, but it certainly wasn't constant. At the same time, it seemed obvious by now that he wasn't alone in his confusion or experiences.

If the look doesn't catch your eye (and that wouldn't be surprising, Japan keeps to himself quite well), those of you experiencing strange powers (or even your normal ones) might run into another sort of incident!

ooc / explanation: I'm giving Japan Empathic Mimicry for the event, which means that he has the ability to copy the powers of others and use them "at will"... Although, since it's such a difficult power, and Japan's kind of a clumsy guy, he likely won't be able to control it at all.

Just let me know what powers your character has, and what/how much Japan can copy! Then I'll make a scene. He'll be just about anywhere in the Garden, so don't be shy to choose a location.

If you'd rather Japan's powers didn't act up with your character, that's fine as well!]
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[A long-term patient within the Infirmary is waking up from a very, very long sleep. He stares up at the ceiling for a moment, one hand pressed to his forehead as he tries to figure out why he's here and not fighting in the training center.]

...Ngh. [He sits up slowly, green eyes hazy as he comes to his senses. How did he get here? Is there anyone around?] Hello...?

[Several hours later, a new message is posted on the BBS:]

To my instructors,

I'm sorry for my prolonged absence. Dr. Kadowaki let me leave the infirmary today.

Is catching up... still possible?

- Hassan, Gupta M.

(ooc: Say hi at the infirmary, or on the BBS, or even catch him walking around anywhere inbetween!)
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[School? Dragged off to another world and he was attending school? You had to be kidding him. The only reason Seifer hadn't split yet was because he didn't know a thing about this world. Good to keep your options open right? ...Well that and if Fuu, Rai and Vivi showed up he wanted to grab them before some loser started filling their heads with mush. ...And Fuu gave someone a black eye. That wouldn't be pretty.

For now though he was just wandering around Garden, if you could call this a garden seriously what were these people on when they named this thing, checking things out. Maybe you find him in the cafeteria, maybe the training center, skulking around the classrooms. He's got a list of courses he's supposed to be taking, but he's not exactly keen on showing up for anything just yet. Not until he gets the rundown on this place.

After all who knows maybe this is a kidnapping he's not going to believe something just because it was on a piece of paper.]
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[Ariel had peeked in on the dance. It looked like a lot of fun! But somehow it just made her a bit homesick. So many people... She'd never been to a dance where her father wasn't presiding before. Where her sisters and her didn't sing and Sebastian didn't get knocked into the salad and Flounder showed her all the latest moves-

And. There was only one person she wanted to dance with anyways. It was sort of silly searching for his face when she knew it wasn't there. So instead she decided to do something she'd been wanting to do for a while. With everyone at the dance surely she couldn't get in trouble! Right?

Standing on the railing in the main lobby, Ariel took a breath before diving into the water below. Such a big fountain, who couldn't resist swimming in it! Of course she had her dress on, it seemed silly changing her clothes just to have fun in the water and apparently according to little mermaid laws of physics full length dresses can't drag you down so who knows. Coming back up after she hit water she laughed and spread her arms out.

She'd really missed this.]
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[There seems to be a festive atmosphere all throughout Garden. Why? Because it's the Homecoming Carnival! The Garden Festival Committee has been hard at work all morning and when 1300 hours strikes, it's finally open for everyone to enjoy.

There's a map on the Directory which shows where everything is located:


Have fun, Garden!]

[OOC: As noted, this has been backdated to last Friday. So as not to exclude new characters who came in after, though, it can be assumed that their arrivals were backdated so they can participate.

PLEASE DO NOT POST UNTIL WE HAVE FINISHED PUTTING UP THE SUBCOMMENTS. Thank you! We're done posting the subcomments, you can go ahead and jump in!

EDIT: Also, we forgot to mention: Players can assume that characters take different shifts which allow for everyone to enjoy other parts of the carnival as well instead of being stuck manning a booth the whole night. For Dunk Tank and Kissing Booth, it's best to leave your character's name in the subject of their comment to start off their thread to indicate their shift. Thank you!

EDIT 2: FORGIVE US! We forgot to mention that there is a price for some of the attractions at the carnival. This is a fundraiser where the money can to go whatever the Garden Festival Committee sees fit; we'll let the players and their characters decide on that front. Here's how the pricing goes:

KISS: 2 gil each
CARNIVAL GAME: 1 gil per game
FACE PAINTING: 2 gil per person
FOOD STALLS: We'll leave this up to characters to decide.
DUNK TANK: 5 gil for 3 balls, 10 gil for 10 balls
FORTUNE TELLING: 3 gil per reading

We hope this clarifies things!
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[Tucked away in the back of the library is a table loaded up with books. On top of the books are boxes of multi-colored pencils, a good fraction of them snapped into unusable pieces. And seated at the table, obscured by all the books and boxes, is a troll, bent over a notebook, maroon colored pencil in hand, coloring away. He has homework he should be doing, but he doesn't really care. In that moment, all that mattered to him was the drawing of a robotic girl with large red eyes and graceful curves.]

Ah... Aradia... How I long to gaze once more into your soulless eyes... to read your words of patience and obedience... to hold your cold metal chasis in my arms...

[He sighs longingly, putting aside his pencil to trace blue bow lips, then glances around conspiratorially. There was no one around, was there? No one was watching? No, the coast was clear.]

[Biting his lip, he picked up the notebook, holding it aloft in front of him. With one last glance, he leaned forward, and pressed his lips to the drawing.]

[Moments later, he leaned to the side, cradling the notebook in his arms as if he was sweeping it off its feet, passionately kissing the drawing.]
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◂ ☁ een | bbs

Looks like this place is full of things to do, but haven’t heard much about a night-life, yet.

You know what I mean. The drinks, the po, the excitement.

Don’t tell me everyone here just goes to school like they’re told.

◂ ☁ twee | action

( Nederland can be found skulking around in various places. You may find him staring blandly at you in the hallway, or lying on his back outside, staring at the sky. He’s walking around, making his rounds, getting a feel of the place. He doesn’t approach anyone first, though. )
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The following people will be auctioned off this weekend at the GFC sponsored Date Auction!

David LalondeDick GraysonSoraSokkaNepeta
Jade StriderGooseDamian WayneCocona Maria C.
Rose LalondeVanille DiaSeifer AlmasyShadow 
Matthew WilliamsSquallTim DrakeGrell Sutcliff 
RikkuSerahRose TylerEquius Zaahak 

Decisions are final. Should you decide to withdraw, you will need to apologize to those poor orphans you couldn't help raise money for to make their lives a little more brighter! I'm sure a trip to Centra could be arranged for one to do so in person! Letter writing is a coward's way out! Maybe even volunteering your time there is possible too...

The dates must take place before the month is out! [Because there are plots next month...] So don't leave it til the last minute!

I am still looking for an apprentice to take on the GFC position! For those interested, please contact me.

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Since we all come from various different backgrounds, I'm curious as to what everyone of age deems a good date?

Are there any cliches where you're from that you want to avoid? Or perhaps customs that are absolutely required? When you want to go formal, do you prefer big and splashy or something quiet and intimate? Of course generally it's best to tailor such a thing to the person you're dating, but what if they're not sure? Do you bring a gift, and what kind, or is that too over the top? Perhaps something from the heart is better.

Anyone got particular favorite date ideas they've been on or wish-dates to fulfill?

- Marco
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(ooc: backdating the BBS part to Friday! Action for today [Saturday])


Flyer embedded into the post + PM )

[Grell can be found in her room, humming softly. The door is wide open as she prepares for guests! Yes, she is wearing that outfit in the picture to Girls Night. Ears and tails. Because she can. There are healthy snacks: veggies, fruits, dipping sauces, cheese, sparkling water, regular water. And for once, her room didn't look like her closet vomited. There are also a whole bunch of blue paper roses pinned to the ceiling by strings. Not a red one in sight.]
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[Whether on Monday or Tuesday, the Home Ec classrooms are shut and locked. A note instructs students to go to the new basement classrooms.]

[Of course, students aren't normally allowed in the basement, but hey, the note's pretty clear.]

[Taking the elevator down and following the signs leads to an ominous sense of heat before it leads to the door. Opening that door makes it worse, as waves of heat and an absolutely delicious scent of thick stew pour out of a two-story tall pot dominating a kitchen that appears to have come from hell itself.]

[Rows of desks line up before a chalkboard. As the bell rings, the classroom... still has no teacher. The students are welcome to look around, talk amongst themselves, and wonder what's going on for all of a minute -- WHEN SUDDENLY--]


[A sun shines brilliantly in the heavens (even though they're indoors), silhouetting the figure of the Home Ec. teacher as he descends from above! With a crash, Mr. Champloo lands in the middle of the floor, then rises and points at the class.]

Kitchen Fist Fire Chaos Style! I, your Home Economics teacher, appear by the name of... Champloo!

[At once, every stove burner in the room bursts into flame.]

You all have embraced the path of cooking! And some other things covered in this class that are much less important. I warn you, the path of cooking is not for the faint of heart! You must have strength! You must have passion! You must be prepared to risk your life in the pursuit of the perfect dish! From this day forward you are students of the High Heat style of cooking!
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[at least the letter was fairly self-explanatory. If you could call that self-explanatory. whatever. At this present moment, you can find Germany wandering around. Well, not like he's lost but let's say like he's just trying to get the lay of the land. Learn his way around.

Okay, and yeah, he's lost.

Anyway feel free to run into him wherever is convenient! If your character is doing anything really unapt of a cadet feel free to assume you're being judged. A little. Maybe a lot. Your discretion.]

[BBS Post]

So this is some kind of mass forum system?


Jul. 8th, 2011 05:36 pm
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ATTN: Students and Faculty
For any holidays you wish to see promoted leave a name and small description here. This is not for off-worlders only, regional holidays not currently observed by Garden may be listed.

- Commander Squall Leonhart

[If anyone wants action they are either going to have to track Squall down to where he is hiding in his room or catch him wandering around the first floor lobby at an obscenely late hour of the night wondering why he was too dumb to ask the cafeteria to set a meal aside for him.]

((ooc: if your canon doesn't cover any in-canon holidays or your character's from VIII-world, feel free to make up some logical holidays o/))

04 | bbs

Jul. 7th, 2011 10:33 pm
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At this time in my home, many would be celebrating a star festival... Tanabata.

One would write their wish on a small piece of paper and hang it on bamboo. The specifics aside from that vary, but I suppose I am wondering... What sort of wish would everyone make?

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I've tried asking the teachers this already, but it looks like I'll need tutors this Quarter. Again. Not for languages this time - unless any of you know Japanese - but for actual classes I'm taking this Quarter, like Boxing, Survival Skills, and the "age appropriate" math classes I've been forced to take.

If anyone's interested, let me know. I'll pay you well in something, even if it isn't in cash.

- Damian

[Sometime later today, after he's made his BBS post, Damian's chilling in the Quad underneath a shady tree. (There's even a banner for "VOTE AANG FOR HOMECOMING PRINCE" over his head.) He's got a math textbook on his lap and a pencil in his hand as he's attempting to do math homework. Judging by the amount of eraser shavings, it looks like he's struggling a little bit... with basic 7th grade math.

There's also an old-fashioned (by Damian's standards) phone lying a little to his side, but it's not immediately obvious until someone's sitting next to him. As it is, he's not really aware it's there. After a moment, he hits the back of the tree in frustration... and immediately sticks his hand in his mouth. Right. Some things just can't be solved with violence.]


Jul. 4th, 2011 03:50 am
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[Squall still hadn't quite grown accustomed to this Garden of the future. It was strange, all the different faces in a place that was... ... ...well home, for lack of anything else. He'd missed a lot. Still he was part of Garden and he just had to get used to it. ...If he could get over his natural anti-social tendencies. He didn't really talk to people much of his own volition, but he'd been walking around more than he might have if this were the right time period, noticing things, matching faces with ranks and just getting a general idea of who all these people were.

Today you can find him in one of three places as I shamelessly rip off Japan's log format yep:

A You see Squall in the Quad, examining the Home Ec class's garden. At least until he gets too close to a certain tree and a flock of birds take flight, diving straight for him. Yes that is your Commander covering his head and trying to get away from a swarm of angered animals. No there's no dignity today.

B You see Squall in the Garage. He's looking over the latest cars Garden's acquired, hey he likes cool things what can he say. Goes with the belts. Too bad it'd be a total abuse of authority to take these out for a joyride...

C You see Squall in the Training Center, taking out some grats with a frown on his face. Hey the Commander's got to stay in shape too! It's really convenient Time Compression brought his gunblade along, he'd hate to have to ask where present Squall's is. Or present Squall is in general. ...He seriously hopes present Squall isn't dead or something, wow maybe he should stop thinking about this. Back to taking out those grats.]


Jul. 4th, 2011 01:25 am
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[Espio is... everywhere today.

No, really. Everywhere. The chameleon is running around the Garden, doing repeat circuits of all the classrooms, all the main facilities, outside, and even the dorms, growing increasingly agitated as whatever-it-is he's trying to look for fails to turn up.

Oh man. Still, after seeing Espio dashing past fifteen times, anyone could start wondering what's up with him.


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