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[Please excuse Sharpay for dropping a blue and fuzzy (but ordinarily sized) spider somewhere near your character's person (perhaps on their foot?). Now, as the spider scurries away, she's trying to scoop it up on the piece of paper it fell from. Come back, wee spider!]

Ugh, I wish I'd taken Indirect Magic!


Sep. 19th, 2011 11:30 pm
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[Greece's paycheck may have been replaced by his sponsor's allowance, but that doesn't mean he's gotten any better at managing his money -- just because he's now serious about not accepting loans doesn't mean that he's going to stop buying whatever he wants, whenever he wants.

Of course, this usually consists of knick-knacks, puzzles, and food. Not only for him but for all the cats he keeps attracting, no matter how unintentionally, and there are a lot of cats.

But seeing as Garden is currently docked at Fisherman's Horizon... well, that means Greece is saving quite a bit by catching some cat-food rather than buying it.

Follow the cats and you can find Greece perched around town in the morning and evenings, invariably next to the water's edge with a tackle-box and a cooler -- and, naturally, a fishing rod.

He's not paying too much attention to it, though: some of the cats that surround him keep trying to crawl into his lap, no matter how often Greece pushes them back out in case he gets a bite and knocks them into the sea when he tries to reel it in.]


Hey, shoo... how will you eat what I catch if you go swimming instead?

[Anyone want to hang onto a cat for him?]

[02] [BBS]

Sep. 14th, 2011 12:46 am
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I understand there's someone here who calls himself Greece. I'd like to speak with him.
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[A long-term patient within the Infirmary is waking up from a very, very long sleep. He stares up at the ceiling for a moment, one hand pressed to his forehead as he tries to figure out why he's here and not fighting in the training center.]

...Ngh. [He sits up slowly, green eyes hazy as he comes to his senses. How did he get here? Is there anyone around?] Hello...?

[Several hours later, a new message is posted on the BBS:]

To my instructors,

I'm sorry for my prolonged absence. Dr. Kadowaki let me leave the infirmary today.

Is catching up... still possible?

- Hassan, Gupta M.

(ooc: Say hi at the infirmary, or on the BBS, or even catch him walking around anywhere inbetween!)
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[ Having just arrived and found herself in a strange place, Colette's first course of business is to find her friends. She feels ill at ease without Lloyd at her side, and she's worried about Genis and the others. That is why she's standing in the lobby and approaching an occasional passer-by. ]

Excuse me. I'm sorry to bother you, but I'm looking for someone. Have you seen a boy with spiky brown hair and red clothes? Oh--maybe you don't speak the same language as me. Here, I have a picture.

ooc cut for size )
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[ To say that Luna is taking being thrown into an alternate dimension rather well is an understatement. At first it was a little alarming to find herself waking up to an enrollment of an entirely different education program after just leaving Hogwarts, to say the least. But after reading the letter sent by the Headmaster explaining the time compression - of course, it had to be time compression - Luna's thoughts were placed on the 'at ease' spectrum of panic.

Currently, she can be found wandering around in the quad area of the Gardens, Headmaster Cid's letter placed firmly in her hands and a quizzical if not vacant aspect to her stare. Anyone passing her will receive the following inquery: ]

Excuse me, but do you perhaps know where I might find some seeds?
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[Superboy | Dorm]

[Ever since Damian had returned to his room after running into Pennyworth, there has been a plate of ground rabbit meat on the floor for Dusan to eat at his leisure.  This undoubtedly is leading to the entire dorm smelling of raw meat.  The little white kitten is chomping away at his meal, while his owner is sitting at his desk trying to finish his stupid homework for the day.  It was a complete bore and totally beneath him, but it wasn't like there was an abundance of things to do instead.]

[Greece | Quad]

[If Damian was aware of the "no cats" policy at the Garden, he was blatantly disregarding it.  There weren't many places, short of the training center and the classrooms, he hadn't taken little Dusan the kitten since acquiring him from that random stranger.  Dusan could usually be found in Damian's hood or on his shoulder, but at the moment he was actually sitting in his lap, batting at the tassels of the boy's hoodie.  Damian had manipulated the little string around the hood to sit primarily on one side, and occasionally would slide the string back and forth for his cat's amusement.  There may even be the barest hints of a smile as he does it.]

03 | action

Jul. 3rd, 2011 06:39 pm
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[Those of you who know Japan or have seen him around Garden might have noticed how seriously he takes... everything. Class, training, cleaning, people running in the halls... So it's only natural to see him busy throughout the day!

A) You might spot him training with his katana. He seems quite skilled, even if he stops every so often to huff dramatically and mumble to himself about his 'old age.' How weird when he looks around 18...

B) Alternatively, he likes to spend whatever free time he has in the Quad. You can probably spot him with a notebook, watching some others occasionally and then writing-- no, sketching? Something. Wait, that looks inappropriate, doesn't it?! But if you walk close, he'll flip to the next page immediately and start drawing a rabbit. ...Yes, this happens no matter how many times you pass by. How suspicious.

C) Lastly, that same Japan from your classes that does all of his homework, answers questions correctly, stays quiet in class... Is on the disciplinary committee and will stop you in the hallway if you're running or anything... Well it sure sounds like his bag is meowing. Loudly. As he nervously looks around. INVESTIGATE?]
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[Cheese? Check.

Alcohol? Check.

Thick frying pan that isn't saganaki but seems up to the challenge? Check.

It's a bit of a godsend, really, that Greece has been able to find not only cheese suitable for saganaki, but alcohol that doesn't seem like it would taste half bad to sear it in. Of course, they're not ingredients from home, but they're close enough and they'll have to do.

Besides, he's been itching to try out that new Fire spell he's picked up from MAG 101. And what better way to do it than to try it out in his cooking? Sure, setting cheese on fire may not be the most logical of plans to some people, but that's... a little lost on Greece. The recipe does call for setting the cheese on fire.

...he may have overdone it, though. Maybe.]


[The fire alarm... wow, maybe it's a good thing he doesn't have one at home at all.]

...Iaponía, how do you shut that off?

(OOC: Greece's sort of scorched the living fuck out of that frying pan and some of the ceiling [don't... ask after the cheese, IT'S NOT CHEESE ANYMORE]. He's also set off the fire alarm in and around the Home Ec rooms. Feel free to notice the horrible wailing/smoke everywhere/burning smell/Greece and Japan's Total Lack Of Responsibility.

By the way, this is what should have happened, and this is what the end result could have been. Ah, possibilities...)
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[...well, this is lucky. Greece hadn't actually been expecting Time Compression to send him back home, even with all the strangeness of arriving back in both his old home at the Palace and two other lands that were distinctly unfamiliar.


He did have some hope.

So he's firmly decided not to mind that Time Compression has sent him back to the middle of 2009.

In the middle of Ifaisteia, too, and before he was forced into budgeting.

Now he sits in a cafe facing the Caldera, sipping some real coffee (finally!) and snacking on real food. It's the quieter side of town, and while he's glad to be back, he wants to think for a while. Feel free to interrupt him.]

(OOC: This is backdated to May. Event info goes here! Hit me up if you've questions.)
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[This has been a profitable afternoon.

If by profitable you mean 'full of cats and catching them'.

Greece and Nepeta are returning to the Garden from their raid on town, cats and kittens alike either stowed away in huge cloth shopping-bags or under their clothes -- Greece's pockets especially are full of them.

But now they have to deal with the problem of hiding them all. Neither Greece nor Nepeta want to put them back where they came from, nor do they have the living space necessary to keep all the kitties happy.

Help a cat-lover out, would you?]

(OOC: Exactly what it sounds like. You can run into either Greece or Nepeta around campus, looking for spare rooms, and they'll try to give you a cat or three! Instructor-types will be distracted by Nepeta foaming at the mouth or something while Greece gets the fuck out of there with the payload.

Instructors who are trustworthy and want cats will only get foamed at for a couple of minutes :Db)
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[For once, Alistair had it together. He'd dropped his bags off in his room, and had decided to people watch. Hands resting over his stomach--those hot dogs had been even better with cheese--one can find him waving as students pass, as if he were a king making a public appearance to his beloved subjects.

In some realities, it might even be true. But today, he's only a SeeD back from assignment.]

Hey! How have you been? Lovely day we're having, isn't it?
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If anyone is interested, I have prepared some snacks and tea. I will have them set up in the Quad, so please feel free to stop by.

- Japan

[And he will be in the Quad in his black military uniform, snacks set out on display. They are all as Japanese as he could possibly get with stuff from town. They definitely look nice! And if Japanese cuisine is something you enjoy, it should be a nice change from the selection in the cafeteria. You might spot him passing some out, or offering some with a bow, or enjoying a cup of tea himself.]
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[It's Time Compression fun again. Aang isn't really surprised to feel it happening this time, having already been through it twice. He is, however, surprised to find himself hiding behind a rock with Katara, Sokka, and Toph, staring at some Fire Nation family's drying laundry. He remembers this day; it was actually pretty good. So he grins and runs out from behind the rock to claim the clothes.]

I call the suit!

((ooc: Okay guys, you've all seen the episode, so this is pretty much a free-for-all. Aang knows everyone already, so if you want to thread something from later on, we'll assume he talked the Gaang into accepting them.))
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[The moment he stepped into the Lobby, a wave of relief washed over Apollo. Compared to being out in the field, there was significantly less chances of fighting at Garden - except for the occasional squabble and the Training Center - and honestly, he missed the hot dogs. Even if they weren't really dogs.

Standing on the edge of the Quad's stage, he pulls out his guitar and starts to strum the beginning of a rather familiar theme song (those who've seen said 90's American show would definitely recognize the tune). Instead of the typical lyrics one might expect, though? He's... singing along to something rather different.]

♪ ~ So no one told me life was gonna be this way
My job's a joke, I'm broke, my love life's D O A
It's like I'm always stuck in second gear
When it hasn't been my day, my week
My month or even my year but

I'll be there for me
(When the rain starts to pour)
I'll be there for me
(Like I've been there before)
I'll be there for me
('Cause I'm there for me too) ~ ♪

[Friends fans, he'll... never apologize for the blasphemy. Really.]
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[Rose is taking the whole situation in stride. Seriously, there are only so many times one can be trapped in another universe and join up with the local military before even that gets a little routine. Going back to school, though... that's new.

She doesn't bother to visit the dorm and change out of her UNIT uniform, deciding instead to jump right into this new life. Truth be told, she has never cared for academics, but she knows better than to give up a chance like this.

She sets herself up at an empty table in the Cafeteria, her new course catalogue open in front of her and a steaming cup of tea close at hand. Her beret and gloves are left in a careless pile nearby. Using her truncheon as an oversized bookmark, she studies the book and scribbles some notes onto the back of her welcome letter.

Rose finds herself stuck on what to specialise in. Firearms and Projectiles seems like a natural fit, but a couple of other areas catch her eye. Does she want to train in a subject that she's already comfortable with, or should she branch out? She stares at the pages, willing them to answer her.

Eventually she sighs and looks away, resting her chin on her hand. Help or a distraction would be welcome right about now.]
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[It had been a while since Nepeta had been brought to this world. In all honesty she was not sure she could say how long it had been, something bordering a month if she had to venture a guess. A month full of a lot of time spent in the hospital, recovering from the brutal beating that Gamzee had given her, a month spent trying and failing to come to terms with the death of her moirail, and a month full of questions and paperwork by humans urging her to come to this strange place.

It really was enough to send any troll's head reeling, especially one so young as her. She wanted to get back up on her feet, she wanted to try and move on and make the best of her situation, but it was so hard to do when she couldn't even get herself oriented. She had always been the cheerful one amongst her group, the one others came to when they needed to get something off their chest but that was because she had always had Equius by her side. It wasn't even so much as what he did, as was just his presence that helped her stay strong through all their troubles but now he was gone, she was mysteriously in some world inhabited by humans, and no other troll in sight.

She had just come from a meeting where she had been told the rules of this place, and where she would be staying, but after that she'd been left to her own devices. At first it had seemed like a refreshing idea, it seemed she had not been allowed much time for peace of mind since she arrived in this world but now as she stood awkwardly in the lobby, watching people walking to and fro from whatever destinations she had in mind it didn't seem quite so grand.]

((ooc; no one saw that...sob))
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[Returning to Garden after the Ottoman Empire had been a blessing. Damian'd been able to get his bearings, focus on getting his school life back into gear, and maybe being grateful that Garden was actually somewhat modern and... not as bad as he made it out to be.

So when he feels that time hiccup and that dizzy feeling again? Damian can't help feeling ill--especially moreso when he stares at his surroundings. A fancy party? Immediately, he rushes to the window - ignoring the fancy suit he's in - and presses his hands to the windows. Neo-Gotham. It'd be ridiculous to mistake it for anywhere else.

... And there's his family at a table near Mr. Wayne and McGinnis. All of these people are familiar and yet not--Hajie, his kid sister, seems older than when he last saw her. Did Time Compression lie about "bringing you back to the moment in which you came?" Sure seems like it.]

This wasn't the homecoming I expected.
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[Dawn had lost count of how many times she'd read the acceptance letter. Skimming through it once again, she made a neat crease and placed the letter in her bag, then sighed. Today was an odd day. Exciting, yes. It would have been nice if she was at least told she'd be transported to a different world and enrolled in a military academy, though.]

... Hm. Time compression. I have to wonder if this has anything to do with Dialga. But.. how could it? I thought I calmed it? I wouldn't think it would be angered again so soon.

[Dawn looks down at the lone pokeball in her hand. She hadn't opened it yet. She was scared of what might be in it... or what might not. She decided she'd do that later. Besides, if it was her drapion or another one of her large pokemon, it might destroy something. It'd be better to look later. For now, it'd be a good idea to find out what was going. That was always the best gambit when thrust into a new place.. right?]


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