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Scenario A: LATE AT NIGHT, anywhere

[Anywhere people go this evening - whether it's the Training Center, the Library, or even the Quad - there's the distinct sound of heavy, clunky footsteps. It even seems to sound like said footsteps're stalking whoever happens to be out at this hour...

And oddly enough, those footsteps leave marks in the grass (and annoyingly enough, everywhere else).

Of course, Robin's also patrolling the grounds as the new head of the Disciplinary Committee---and he doesn't take kindly to people being out at this hour. No matter where you might go on campus, he - or those pesky footsteps (or both?!) - will follow.]

Scenario B: Cafeteria, the following morning

[Damian looks half-dead. As to be expected from a vigilante with an active nightlife, he rarely gets sleep (especially if he wants to finish his homework), but... something seems different about this. After all, even he should normally recognize that he's pouring orange juice into his bowl of cereal... which actually isn't even cereal, but pretzel goldfish.

Yet he's so out of it that he doesn't even realize his bowl's overflowing. Nor does he realize that he should probably want to snap out of it soon, or else he'll start creating giant orange-juice puddles all over the Cafeteria.]

Scenario C: Outside the Anatomy Classroom

[If one passes by the Anatomy classroom later in the day, one'd also notice a particularly large crowd buzzing around it. Damian's no exception to this, so even he has to wander over - and jump above the crowd! - just to see what all the fuss's about.

Judging by their impatient and shocked reactions... and that giant pumpkin on a stick in place of their usual skeletons... it's not hard to guess what happened. Someone, in the middle of the night, had replaced their beloved props with less-than-stellar duds. Day sighs, turns on his heels, and nearly brushes past someone on his way out.]

Tch,, you'd think someone died from the way they were acting.

[ooc | And this kicks off the player plot!! Feel free to have other posts assume that the Garden's Halloween decorations are still in place/in the process of being made/etc. ♥ Have fun, y'all.]
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[Toph is, again, in the Quad. This time, however, she's sitting off by herself, hugging her knees and ignoring everyone and everything.

Katara, Zuko, and Sokka are gone. She had waited a few days to be sure, but they're gone.]
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[It's noon on a Saturday, and the weather's nice... which means it's just wrong to be sitting in the library.

Besides, the librarian kicked him out for spinning one of his Frisbees around his finger while he read, which is why Lea's occupying a bench and half of the edge of a raised flowerbed in the Quad, a book open in his lap. This place is gonna kill him by making his brain explode. It's an evil plot. Or something like that. He keeps spinning the Frisbee in alternate directions around the fingers of his left hand, stopping occasionally to turn pages and take notes.

Finally, frustrated, he tosses the book back on his flowerbox edge pile and flops out backward along the bench, feet up on the opposite arm. The metal disc goes over his face to shade it from the sun. His voice echoes weirdly in the sheet metal.]

This totally sucks!
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[So. Damian's awake and Toph's chewed his ass out for lying. Next step?

Kicking his butt.

Toph's in the TC already, warming up while she waits]
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[One moment he and Isa'd just been thrown out of King Ansem's castle; the next, he was here, and Lea had barely had time to look around before he'd been caught up in a whirlwind of explanations and ended up -- well, here.

Garden something? Seed something? His head had been spinning by the second sentence, but he definitely caught the bit where they told him there was no way to get home.

After that it had mostly been nodding and smiling and waiting until they let him out to explore the 'garden' he'd be stuck in. He doesn't know what to think about any of this: being here, being stuck, and worst of all, having left Isa behind.

Isa is going to kill him. When he gets back, which he is definitely going to figure out how to do. They've got plans, after all.

He's just got to figure this place out first. And find someone to explain it in smaller paragraphs that make more freaking sense.

So this afternoon there's a skinny teenager with spiky red hair sticking his nose in absolutely everywhere that isn't locked: the lobby, library, cafeteria, dorms, quad.... If you happen to be there, he may pounce!]
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[If anyone had visited the infirmary these past few weeks, they might've seen a little lifeless kid lying there in one of the beds. Supposedly, right after finals, he'd fallen into a deep sleep and refused to wake up.

Until now. Suddenly gasping for air, Damian immediately sits upright. He's... he's... in the infirmary? He furrows his brows and glances around the room for any clues. The last thing he remembered, he'd been taking finals... and then...

Then he'd been whisked back home. How long had it been? Six months? Twelve?

Slag, Time Compression really hated him. Why else would it drag him back into Garden after experiencing all that? After meeting Green Arrow and Zachary Zatara and that weird Jewish kid who claimed he was Kryptonian... in the context of Garden, it really didn't make much sense. He leans forward, arching his back and trying his best to suppress a sigh as he stares down at his clothes. Dammit, TC! If it's going to whisk him back, at least whisk him back with clothes that actually fit.]

... Here again? Guess I haven't had enough yet.

[A few hours later, there's a brief post on the BBS system:]

Does anyone have the latest issue of that sky pirate comic?? I wanted to buy one over the break, but it sold out before I could. :| That and the one about steampunk mechanics. They're both pretty schway.

Also I think I might need to go shopping. I don't really want to, but nothing really fits. Not even my uniform. 8( So what the slag'm I supposed to buy?

- Damian

[ooc | Damian just went through an canon-updating coma! This basically means that he's a whole year older... and in dire need of a new wardrobe, welp, since he's about 2 inches taller than when everyone last saw him. :c]
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[Yeah, there might be other open areas in Fisherman's Horizon, but Toph likes the quad.

Right now, it's pretty early, and she's going through her bending forms. They look an awful lot like this (also known as Southern Praying Mantis Style, for those Earthly kung fu junkies), but without all the rocks flying everywhere.

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Survival Skills Field trip: CACTUAR ISLAND

Location specific information + Items provided by Garden )

[The Ragnarok makes it's stop in the middle of Cactuar Island. The group is deposited into the designated site with nothing more than the pack provided by Garden and a "Good Luck!" by the pilot and the accompanying SeeDs. They're back in the air in no time, off to the second destination.]

[Mod note: Be sure to be on the lookout as surprises may pop up in the thread. Each group is given one signal flare that should only be used if they require the immediate retrieval by a nearby SeeD squad sent to discreetly watch over them. Good luck! ALSO: This event doubles as a GF obtaining event. Any character who has taken Introduction to Para-Magic and Guardian Forces or is taking is will be able to obtain the Jumbo Cactuar, but only one person will be able to "claim" it in the event. Once the group has returned to Garden, the Jumbo Cactuar will be placed in the GF duplication system so that all cadets may download it.]

001 Action

Aug. 14th, 2011 01:21 pm
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[There is a reason besides her ability to turn invisible that Shelke is refereed to as the "Transparent". No one notices the slight girl sitting on a bench as the busy, laughing students buzz around the Quad. They are too caught up in whatever they are doing to notice the letter that Shelke clutches tightly on her lap. Their eyes travel right over the blank look on her face, almost as if she was deep in thought but really not. As the crowd thins , she almost acts as if she wants to speak to a few of the passerby. However, Shelke quickly goes back to her thoughtful blank expression, her grip tightening on the piece of paper.]
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I told you, I don't need a chaperone, Twinkle Toes.

[Toph and Aang are standing around the quad, waiting for someone. Toph is going to have Words with her student-slash-best friend's best friend.]
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 [ Rocking forward onto his toes, nimble fingers snag a book from one of the shelves and draw it down to tuck under his arm. It was easiest, most days, to find Professor Xavier in the library or in his office. As of late, more so the library, picking up new bits of information for the students and welcoming any questions that might need answering. If nothing else he was a friendly man, albeit a tad arrogant at times. A few steps to the side and down another aisle he pauses as he slides a chess stratagem book he plucked secondly from the shelf over the much heavier mathematical biology book. Wrapping his arms securely about the set he makes his way down toward the public computers. He had a simple little note to put up before he decided to slink back to his office and spend the evening reading; ]

Dear TAC 101 & BIO 101 Students;

While I have always been one to appriciate creativity in most forms, I find that writing a section into your essay of 'why it should get an A' is more detrimental than anything otherwise to your grade. I'm not going to point anyone out specifically, but those few know who you are. I simply didn't count the section toward your overall word count and have sent the essays back to your inbox. 

Other than that everyone seems to be doing rather well, I'll see you in class.

Professor Charles Xavier

[ OOC: You can bugger him on BBS or anywhere from the library to his office. Also, hi! ]
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[There seems to be a festive atmosphere all throughout Garden. Why? Because it's the Homecoming Carnival! The Garden Festival Committee has been hard at work all morning and when 1300 hours strikes, it's finally open for everyone to enjoy.

There's a map on the Directory which shows where everything is located:


Have fun, Garden!]

[OOC: As noted, this has been backdated to last Friday. So as not to exclude new characters who came in after, though, it can be assumed that their arrivals were backdated so they can participate.

PLEASE DO NOT POST UNTIL WE HAVE FINISHED PUTTING UP THE SUBCOMMENTS. Thank you! We're done posting the subcomments, you can go ahead and jump in!

EDIT: Also, we forgot to mention: Players can assume that characters take different shifts which allow for everyone to enjoy other parts of the carnival as well instead of being stuck manning a booth the whole night. For Dunk Tank and Kissing Booth, it's best to leave your character's name in the subject of their comment to start off their thread to indicate their shift. Thank you!

EDIT 2: FORGIVE US! We forgot to mention that there is a price for some of the attractions at the carnival. This is a fundraiser where the money can to go whatever the Garden Festival Committee sees fit; we'll let the players and their characters decide on that front. Here's how the pricing goes:

KISS: 2 gil each
CARNIVAL GAME: 1 gil per game
FACE PAINTING: 2 gil per person
FOOD STALLS: We'll leave this up to characters to decide.
DUNK TANK: 5 gil for 3 balls, 10 gil for 10 balls
FORTUNE TELLING: 3 gil per reading

We hope this clarifies things!
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[1: the training center; last night]
[In the middle of the training center there is a ghost. Only not really. Ghosts generally don't fight T-rexaurs or wield really huge swords.

After almost two weeks, on and off, of watching the adventures of others in the training center and occasionally taking on a few Grats, Fenris has decided to see just what its more monstrous inhabitants can really do. Curiosity may be his stated intent, but of course his motivation is as always as much to release some of his fury at the world he's been thrown into at a controlled burn as anything else. Unfortunately, he wasn't exactly counting on this...rather remarkable dragon-like thing. He's not completely outmatched, but it's a giant dinosaur, and all he has is his natural strength and his armor. He could probably use a little help.

He's trying not to look like he needs it, though. He fights ruthlessly and intensely, with perfectly controlled, powerful swings of the sword and low, flat-voiced oaths muttered in some foreign tongue. And then there's the matter of his ghostliness. He seems insubstantial despite the obvious power of his blows, shimmering nearly white and moving fleetly, ethereally through the undergrowth.]

[1: the library; this morning]
[The work given to him over his time here has been easy enough, and the compensation fair. Collect and sort trays and utensils in the cafeteria. Wash Garden's official vehicles (all right, so he's not entirely convinced those filthy metal things aren't some kind of armored monsters, but aside from that). Spend a night making sure monsters don't escape the training center. That sort of thing. Today's job: "More librarians than usual have the day off. Pick up the slack for them and put the books back into place."

Fenris was supposed to get this done early in the morning, before the library officially opened. It's now 0915 and he's still standing in front of one shelf, holding a stack of books and debating internally whether he could get away with sorting them by color and calling it a day. It's one thing to tell Hawke that he can't read, you see; it's quite another to admit it to the people in charge of Garden.

On the plus side, he's feeling too awkward to be properly filled with rage right now.]
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[It's a beautiful day, and everything is all setup for the date auction! Held in the courtyard, there is a mini stage set up with a microphone and speakers, and none other than Pinkie Pie is standing on the stage.


Because the actual GFC leader is too busy to be the MC for the evening. And lets face it, Pinkie will do a better job. Combined with the fact that faculty need to supervise. But who will supervise Pinkie?]

HELLLLLOOOOOOOOO ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls of all ages! Cats and dogs! Chocobos and Gummys! Lions and tigers and bears! [GASP] Oh my! Welcome to the first ever, SUPER SPECTACULAR, EXTRA AWESOME, FUNTASTIC DATE AUCTION! WOOOOOOOO! [FIST PUMP!] We have a wonderful rainbow of super special awesome people here today to make our auction a BLAST!

Lets not wait any further, guys! And gals! And animals! Oh, do we have any manticores around? [Scans the crowd, who pretty much stare at her in silence.] OH WELL!

All bids start at 1 gil and go up and UP and UP! Sorry, no rain checks or IOUs!


ALSO! Please put your bids in subject lines, so people can see! Threads tend to collapse after about 50 comments, so it may be a bit easier to see bids that way!

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Option A: Lobby

[Toph is leaning against the directory with her arms crossed, unamused. The letter and course catalog are by her feet, untouched.

She's blind, Cid. Why the hell did you give her stuff to read? She's just going to stand here and people 'watch' for a while. Passerbys are free to notice her bare feet or blank stare. If you talk to her, she won't look at you.]

Option B: Quad

[Later, after lunch, Toph is sitting against a convenient wall, apparently doing nothing. People walking by her, however, have a tendency to trip and glance back at the ground behind them, swearing there was a dip there only to find that the ground is just as flat as it's always been.

She's bored and making people look like idiots is entertaining.]
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[Bang bang bang! Open up, Zuko! Toph's gonna keep banging on your door until you answer!]
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[Her first day in a new school. Funny how things work out. Every other year, it feels like she's moving around and re-adjusting and getting the hang of a new life. Gabs is no stranger to new schools - that much is apparent from her already dog-eared class catalog - but what she is a stranger to? Is a school that lets her learn magic and martial arts and other things straight from a video game.

So after a moment or two of moping and "woe is me," Gabriella got over herself and promptly headed to the Cafeteria for some well-deserved lunch. Except, um. There's one little hitch when she comes and gets her food.]

... What do you mean, you're all out of hot dogs? Isn't that your guys' specialty?
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[Course catalog in hand, Toph's stomping her way around the school. She is NOT thrilled to be back, not one bit. She thought she was safe when she went back home, and they did the good hero thing and defeated Ozai and Sparky was the new derp Firelord and Aang was all cool and stuff.

So why in the world was she back in this place?!

She stopped, stomping her foot. Little bits of metal shot out from places, and some of the dirt in the potted plants went everywhere. She lifts her arm up, waving the letter she got back and forth.]

Will someone who has eyes that work read this for me?!
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[Last she checked, she stalked on the roof with her best friend. Next thing she knew it, there she is sitting at one of the tables with a gigantic catalog open and some welcoming letter to the side. Don't mind the teen still dressed in gym clothes; shirt with her last name on it and gym underwear. If she stares at this catalog too long she might burn through it. Just what is she looking in here for, she doesn't even know.

Anyone care to tap the shoulder?]
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[Those present in the quad today will be treated to an odd sight -- an enraged monk. Aang is pacing angrily in circles around the space, looking downright frustrated. After a while of this, he stops, and makes to pull at his nonexistent hair, directing the coming outburst at no one in particular.]

Why the heck am I so angry?!


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