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[If there's one thing about Rorona that she's good at, it's alchemy.



Despite being a supposedly successful (and famous) alchemist back in Arland, she still managed to blow things up on a frequent basis. Most of the time, it had to do with her bombs backfiring on her in the training center, but on occasion, smoke could be observed coming from her dorm, where Rorona had set up a small workshop.

Today was no exception. Having been working on combining the two things she was good at making, pies and bombs, into one 'pie bomb', it's yielded... explosive results so far. Well, at the very least, it's been contained to a small area.

If you're looking for Rorona, this is the place to be, as she stumbles out of her dorm, covered in soot.]

Wahh... I almost had it that time! What went wrong?
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[Cissie's been gone long enough for Rorona to realize her only apprentice has gone home, but she's been busy pouting in private and making pies to say anything about it. Now, though, it's time to see if she can't find anyone else to teach alchemy to.]

Is there anyone who wants to learn alchemy?? I'm looking for possible new apprentices! OR just an apprentice.

Anyway, if you're interested, lemme know! And... I'll interview you!

-- Rorona
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I've been kiiiiind of thinking lately- I wanna take on another apprentice! Totori isn't here, so it hasn't been as much fun without her.

Soooo... I'm looking for another apprentice! To teach alchemy to! But I won't just teach anyone- you have to be cute... and you have to be interested in alchemy, too, but more importantly, you have to be cute!

If you're interested, just come see me in the Quad, okay ☆?

- ☆ Instructor Rorona
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Huuuh? Did you guys really move while I was gone? Awww, I really wanted to see Garden fly, too!

Wow, though! There's a looot of people here now- this is really neat! Hi, everyone! I'm Rorona. I teach Chemistry and Tailoring, but I can also teach alchemy, too! It doesn't count for credit, though.

Did anyone miss me?

-- Rorona ☆


[Who is that weirdo loitering outside the shops in Fisherman's Horizon looking like she's starving?

... It's totally not Rorona why do you ask.]

Wahhh... I don't think I have enough...


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