May. 12th, 2010 09:32 pm
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How fascinating...

[This place, this place was not home, Leonardo was certain of that. Nothing here was like Venezia, where he was quite sure he had fallen asleep, everything here advanced? The walls seemed not to be made out of plaster or stone but of some sort of smooth...something that shone. He wanted to know what it was, but it could wait. He was sure there would be more interesting things for him to find if he just explored. So he did, all around the school. Somehow, of all places, he ended up in the cafeteria.]

The food here is...fascinating.

[He felt as if he was using that word for the thousandth time today, simply glancing down at the plate of food that some poor student had been trying to eat, and he had just bent down and started inspecting it. It was some sort of meat, he supposed, with bread wrapped around it.]

It is meat of some sort, si?

[Many of the other people in this place (he supposed it was so some school, everyone here was quite young) also had the same thing. So, it must be some sort of local delicacy! He should try some for himself, yes? Leaving the terrified boy alone, he walked over to the lineup and stood at the end, waiting his turn with a smile on his lips, barely able to contain himself over the discovery of so many new things in such a short time.]


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