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To Whom it May Concern,

Today is my birthday, and Halloween. Gifts are not necessary, but birthday wishes are. At least from friends, and Marco. No candy.

Please and thank you.


[Grell is roaming around Garden in this blood covered dress. Her hair is more wild than ever thanks to teasing, the blood and wounds look pretty real on her legs and arms, and she is definitely wearing her Homecoming Princess crown. The look is complete with these boots.

Her head is buried in a wedding dress magazine, covered in day old spider guts.]
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[ Shiro could only guess when he would arrive... and with limitations put on communication, he couldn't really phone ahead to announce his return. The weather was fair enough for a stroll outside, which worked in his favor since he was carrying something which looked like a brown shopping bag cradled in one arm, and a shotgun case slung over the opposite shoulder. 

There was no hiding his age at this point: far too old to be a student, so he must be either a SeeD or instructor. But he seems to be approachable enough: his expression isn't fixed to a scowl, and his pace is calm. Wherever he's headed, he's not in any rush. ]


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