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You know, if Geri were here, she'd make sure we signed up for all the classes.

If she's here, I'm in trouble.

Guys, it's Mel B. Anyone here know me?
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[Oh hello, perhaps after awhile or two, you might occasionally see this girl nervously shuffling around to her classes. Basically, y'know, that girl who always seem to try and make herself invisible from others. However, on this afternoon, that girl might be found just outside the garden, playing happily with a stuff doll all by her self.

Go and bother her?
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[ Heading down the hall is a very confused and displeased looking teenage boy. He's dressed in normal street wear, has a cat hanging lazily on his head, and sword bag slung over his shoulder. Don't mind the fact that he seems to be talking to no one. ]

What the hell-I'm supposed to be going out to battle, not school!

[ Rin's got his letter of welcome out, and for the last few minutes he's been wandering around the grounds giving it the dead eye. Not even ten minutes before he'd found himself here he was on his way out to fight an incredibly strong demon with his classmates. He couldn't have taken a wrong turn... Did someone hit him upside the head when he wasn't looking and knock him in this dream world? That would be beyond ridiculous. He's had enough of space compression magic to fill a life time. ]

If I'm going to be stuck here [Dream world or not. ] The least they could have done was given me a map so I knew where this Fisherman place is...


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