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[Attention Garden! Get this: You now have a gleaming bronze man-god amongst you.]

[Specifically, Jecht has taken up a pose in the lobby near the directory, where he has inexplicably stuck his massive sword into the floor to lean against. That T-shaped pommel is good support. He's acting like he owns the place, of course, reading the newsletter as he idly bounces a lumpy sort of ball off the ground with perfect accuracy despite not really paying attention.]

[One line for autographs, please.]
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[There is a girl sulking on the steps leading up to the lift. It would be easy to trip over her if she wasn't so noticeable - it's hard to miss all that bright green hair, after all. She's quiet for the moment, letter in one hand and a doll in the other... however, she's not happy with this situation. She'll be glad to tell you all about it. Loudly.]
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[Seeing Mia in the library isn't unusual. After all, she adores reading and catching up on information - especially through the newsletter (which she also finds hilarious in some aspects) - but that isn't the unusual part. What's unusual, then?

Well. Said law professor is currently buried to her neck - literally! - in books as she carefully maneuvers her way from the library back to her classroom and everywhere in-between. The newsletter, of course, is placed on top of this mountain-high stack.

She also currently can't see in front of her, so that walking stack of books? Is a little wobblier than normal. God help the poor soul who walks into her (or the books) anytime soon.]
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[ If you'd chanced upon the corridor heading to the dormitories today, you'd spot a seemingly lost looking... kid. Gender will be questionable. It's either a girl... or a pretty looking boy.

Either way, it has an ermine curled around her shoulders and at times, they seem to be talking... more of arguing.

Finally, the kid huffs and leans against the railing and turns her attention back to the paper she held. ]

Time compression, huh?

Doesn't really make a lick of sense to me, Ras but... whatever.

[ She folds her arms across her chest, pausing to pat the ermine's head as a sudden grin comes to her face. ]

We'll be fine!

[ Which fades as she sighs. ]

...I hope. Maybe.

[ action ]

Mar. 7th, 2011 08:26 pm
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[For anyone perceptive enough to notice--or just anyone who happened to be out and about really, the sight a new arrival decked out in some high-tech toaster on his face visor-like mask is probably something that would have caught their attention.

After leaving the Headmaster's office, the mysterious man could be seen slipping into the clinic for a short time, before swinging by the cafeteria for a nice cup of coffee and finally settling down with a second (or fifth) cup somewhere in the quad. He didn't seem bothered by any of the subtle glances and not-so-subtle stares from the students that he passed, nor did he really pay them any mind.

He'd settle in soon enough, and become more of a fixture around here than someone that stood out for obvious reasons. Until then, he was only really concerned with seeing one person in particular...]
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Citizens of the Garden!

This is the first fashion column for us, isn't it? It certainly won't be the last by the looks of everyone's dress. Really, who said that all these colors would make a perfect combination with navy? But, that's neither here, nor there. Thank goodness for the option to wear what we choose. It's quite a luxury for a military school.

Speaking of choosing what to wear, here's some advice. I'll try to make it as friendly as possible.

1. Be true to your skin tone. Not every color will suit you! How will you know? You'll just have to try out every shade that suits you until you get it right. Or just have a female eye help you out. Also, proper skin care will go a long way. Cleanse, exfoliate, tone. You're welcome.

2. Patterns are your friends, don't abuse them. Depending on the style, you can work with two different patterns. Throwing on three or more, and people will be throwing up on you!

3. This is more for us ladies, but men may use this if it suits them. Makeup is meant to enhance your own natural beauty, not make you into an unrecognizable being. Does anyone here eat over ten of those 'hot dogs' in one sitting? Of course not! (Or I hope not!) It would go straight to your thighs! It's also unsightly, so please don't do it. The keyword here is MODERATION, ladies (and gents?).

4. Hair! My favorite topic. A good majority of students (and dare I say, faculty too? You bet!) suffer from the harsh winter season. Or...perhaps you are just suffering all the time, I'm unable to tell. BUT the first step in getting your hair into better shape is by treating your body right! Water, exercise, a proper diet, SUNLIGHT (I see you, my fellow computer scientists!) will set your hair on the path to recovery! Oh, and washing wouldn't hurt, too. Get a good lather going!

And we are are coming to the grand finale of this column. How to spice up your wardrobe. Why not add a splash of color to a hat by adding a pin? Or how about wearing a shirt that isn't grey, black, tan, or white, gentlemen (pending you follow the advice in #1 above)? Just incorporating even a bit of color can perk up your entire look, and maybe even your life, for the better! What color would I suggest, you ask? Why, red of course~.

I'll be back again, hopefully covering fashion Dos and Don'ts for field work. Covering everything from espionage to blending in while undercover to what to wear for ballroom dancing.

- Grell
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[ The clack of shoes on the floor can almost be heard from around the entire lobby, uneven footsteps laying down an erratic beat of heel against ground. At first, it might sound like running, or maybe even a hurried pace, but the sounds are a little too spaced out. Of course, anyone who can see the sound's originator as she turns the corner can tell that what's causing the noise is, in fact, skipping. And cheerful skipping, at that, accompanied with a whimsical hum. Oerba Dia Vanille is out and about and exploring the Garden, having found herself here suddenly and unexpectedly. ]

Slight Flashback Cut-- because I'm TL;DR! )

[ Despite everything, through, it had only taken Vanille a few moments to realize that the people here, much like the people she'd encountered during her and Fang's time on Cocoon, didn't seem to view her as a threat; she'd gotten a few odd look so far, but she didn't mind; she probably did look strange, just like everything here looked pretty new to her, too. They had to be used to people appearing from other worlds, by now, didn't they? ]

[ She was pretty much done with her exploration when she reached the quad, slowing to a stop at the top of the stairs, leaning back to look up at the sky, shielding her eyes with her arm. She sighs loudly, stretching up in the comfort of the sunlight. It felt good to be outside, like the entirety of her exploration was just meant for her to end up right here, inexplicably drawn to the sunshine. ]

Feels nice..! [ She decides with a nod, letting her arm drop down, swinging at her sides. She hadn't been able to find anyone else so far, but... Even with as scared as she was, it was hard not to enjoy a beautiful day like this. ]

( ooc: Vanille will have stopped in just about everywhere on the first floor, so, feel free to pick and choose a place to bump into her! If you don't specify, we'll just assume it's in the quad. Sorry for the TL;DR, by the way..! )
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Are there any green thumbs among us? I had some leftover plant seeds and was wondering if anyone'd be interested in starting a small herb garden around here. Alternatively, does such a club already exist? If so, I'd like to help out in any way.

I especially want Charley as our mascot. He got new food the other day and is healthier than before! It reminds me of the time he got rambunctious after we - meaning Wright, my law partner back home, and I - tried to put him on a new diet. It didn't exactly work, so I'm glad to see that he's still fine even in a new world.

On a final note, did everyone have a good Valentine's Day? I know I did. Thanks to those that gave me chocolate; it certainly made my day. ♥ It looks like everyone had fun at the dance too, so I'm glad to see that was successful.
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[There seems to be a new face in Garden today, and it's a teenager. Well, he looks like a teenager anyway.

He's got an issue of the latest newsletter in one hand, and a SeeD jacket in the other. Ooh, must be important.]

Hah, some things never change.

[Short pause.] I don't think I was here for the last Valentine's day though... [He's putting on a thoughtful look now, totally unaware that he's been talking to himself.

But he shakes his head and smiles to himself, stretching as much as he can with his load.]

It's great to be back!
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[Standing in the lobby, casually leaning against a directory, is the masked and cloaked figure of this Mysterious Ninja SeeD.]

[His purpose is twofold. First, to observe. The Garden had changed a lot, after all -- not in appearance or anything so superficial, but in composition. With new cadets and new Instructors, he had to get a handle on the pulse of this microcommunity quickly -- and what better way to do that than simply to watch the people?]

[Second... well, he's here to look cool. That's -- that's always important, right?]

[bbs] hi!

Jan. 24th, 2011 04:32 pm
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Maybe this helps. Sorry my bad English. The Teacher say it help reading better and writing too. How is everyone?

((Terrible grammar, weird syntax, and periodic typoes all totally IC. Luke's vocab and listening comprehension is actually pretty good, but his reading is bad and is writing is terribad))
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[Serah never would have expected waking up to feel so weird, but this just didn't feel natural somehow. Having trailed one hand down her arm experimentally, she gave an absent little half nod at the feeling of flesh and not crystal under her fingers. None of this felt real, so maybe it had all been a dream? It couldn't have been though, the reassurance that was her engagement necklace stood as solid proof to that. Still she couldn't help but check her arm just to be sure, and to put any last doubts to rest.]

My brand! [She gasped out loud, hand flying to cover her mouth in shock.] What happened to it? [She traced her fingers down the strangely white marking on her arm thoughtfully. Just what did it mean? She didn't remember reading about anything like this in the history books.

Looking around her at the rather unfamiliar walls and corridors she couldn't help but shake her head in dismay. Even in her wildest dreams where she actually came out of crystal stasis, she'd always figured that Lightning and Snow would have been there waiting for her. She'd certainly never imagined waking up in a strange new world without them that's for sure! With letter and course catalog in tow, both read (or partially skimmed over in the case of the catalog), she then headed out to see just what all this supposed school had to offer. Though for all she knew, this could just be some really weird stasis fueled dream.]

[ooc: Feel free to bump into her in the halls or well anywhere on garden really, just put where you want the meeting to take place in the comment title.]
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[Ah, Friday. The Quad isn't somewhere Espio's found too often, unless he's looking for a certain someone, but he's gonna take fifteen minutes after classes to just relax and sit under a tree. Not that he's very good at relaxing, but he can try!

...with a turnip. Yes, he has a turnip next to him. No apparent reason, he just does.

And, though he hasn't realised he's doing it, he's actually talking to it. Not very loud, but sort of mumbling his thoughts on today's classes, why in the world he put all his electives on M/W/F this quarter, and how he's going to hurl that communication device on his hovercar at a wall if it continues to just plain not work.

You know. Exactly the kind of thing a turnip needs to hear about, right?
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Hello, Garden! It's so good to be back from my sabbatical; I feel I've learned a lot to pass on to my drama class.

For those of you I haven't met before, I'm Instructor Sharpay Evans, and I'll be teaching Drama on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and Art and Music on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I look forward to meeting my students in class this week and reconnecting with my colleagues, and perhaps I'll meet the rest of you all around Garden. ♥

Instructor Sharpay Evans


I've been checking the records and I understand you're Garden's only Sapphire sponsored off-worlder cadet right now. I was sponsored by Sapphire while I was a student here, so I'd love to meet you.

I teach in the afternoons; apart from that my schedule's open. Let me know when you're available for a meeting.

Instructor Sharpay Evans
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[No no no. Absolutely not! Mia has absolutely no idea how she ended up this young - for crying out loud, she looks 15! - and she kinda. Wants her body back, if only because she's too used to be taken seriously. To make matters even worse, she even found herself in her old Fey clothes too. (What was this, a weird blast from the past?)

As she stares at her reflection, Mia can't help pressing her lips and moving her arms in circles. If she's really a child again... then this is Time Compression's fault, isn't it? And she thought she'd been so good at avoiding weird events until now too.]

... You've got to be kidding me. How long's this going to last this time?


Dec. 12th, 2010 02:22 am
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[You can tell Espio doesn't know what to do with himself when the lizard is found in, of all places, the library, grumbling to himself as he browses the fiction shelves. Occasionally he pulls a book out, flips through a few pages, pulls a face and puts it back.

Man, he needs a hobby. Or a distraction. Something that takes his mind off the fact he's stuck indoors until they leave Trabia, at least.

He's up for talking with/arguing with/hurling books at just about anyone else in the library. They don't even need to talk to him directly - he really is just that bored.
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[Nina's sitting rather peacefully in her dorm from the looks of things. She smiles and waves to the camera cheerily]

Hey, does anyone know how to ski? I really want to try it. Or snowboard. It looks like so much fun!

Also, Katt? Two words for you. Bunny Marshmallows [She holds up a bag of sugary goodness shaped like rabbits.]

And while I'm on more relaxing topics, do we do White ...uhm... you guys don't have Great Birds... uhm... well a anonymous gift exchange?

(ooc: Nina likes giving presents, she's secretly trying to figure out nice things to do for people. And she's trying to say White Elephant exchange. )
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[Mikuru, unlike most newcomers, has absolutely no problem with the hows and whys of being in another world and being enrolled as a student in some random school. If anything, she's worried about how her charge back home is going to fare without her.

[But really, her most pressing issue right now is the cold. Mikuru had been on her way home from a battle, and thus is wearing a short, thin battle waitress costume. Trabia is not only cold but also too sparsely populated for her to go and buy new clothes on her new sponsor's dime.

[And so we find Mikuru in the cafeteria, course catalog and acceptance letter tucked into her corset, holding her twin pistols hidden beneath her apron. When she gets her tray of soup and a sammich, she shifts her pistols into one hand and attempts to carry the tray one-handedly.

[This being Mikuru, this cannot ever and does not end well. Behold: Flying soup. She lunges forth to catch the bowl, one hand still trying to hide her pistols even as her apron flies up.]

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[Back -- and hey, allowed to mingle this time, we're making progress!

Snow felt like crashing through a couple of huge doors dramatically, but, well, there were none. So instead he strode through the front gate and into the lobby, coat trailing behind him with a hint of melodrama. One hand lifted, he waved to pretty much everyone he saw. He wasn't going to be a distant instructor.

Really, there wasn't much about him that said 'Instructor' at all -- though he wasn't bothering to hide the burned-white l'cie brand on his forearm, either]
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My, it's been a while since I last posted here! Hello, everyone. I'm Ms. Fey, your new Criminal Justice and International Law instructor! I don't think I'll be posting here too often, but it's certainly nice to see some new faces here at Garden.

Has anything interesting happened since I left? It's been... at least half a year, I should think, so any news'll be new to me.

Also, if you don't take either of my classes, that doesn't mean that you're not welcome to drop by my office for some candy. I won't mind.

~ Ms. Mia Fey
SeeD Instructor


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