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[The sun is brightly shining behind Selphie as she beams at everyone and anyone who comes across this message on the BBS. There's a very particular reason that anyone can easily figure out if they heard her delighted squeals when she learned they were going to Trabia.

Selphie was finally going home to see her beloved Trabia finally rebuilt and restored to its former glory. The destruction of her first real home had impacted her deeply and now that it was rebuilt and facing further hardship, she decided that she would do everything in her power to help her alma mater.]

Good morning Balamb Garden!

First things first, if anybody gives anybody from Trabia a hard time, expect yourself in for a good loooooooooooong talkin' to!

And that goes double for you, Greed!

Although, if people are willing to build a corral, I say we go get us some Chocobo's for while we're all up here. I know a bunch of you guys are complaining about how cold it is outside so getting some Chocobo's will not only cut down on travel time and save gas but it'll keep everybody warmer as well!

So! Who's game? Come on guys, don't you wanna make your life a little bit easier so you don't totally freeze because you're a bit of a wuss when it comes to a little bit of snow?

No? Okay, then! Your loss. [Selphie just shrugs at the camera.] Anybody wants me, I'll headin' for the Chocobo Forest! Be there, or be square!

[Or be the Adult and keep the troublemaker out of trouble?]

[Private Message to Seifer Almasy/Text]


So yeah... we're all at Trabia right now and there's still a lot that I don't know but, don't get hurt, okay? I know we didn't get along when we were kids but I wanna try to get along with you now, okay?

And you better not be making any weird faces or sarcastic remarks because of this!
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PM to Twilight and Pinkie )


[Today Edward is sitting in the library with an enormous paper bag full of baked goods on his lap and no idea what to do with it.

He doesn't object to free food. That's the last thing he'd ever object to. What he objects to is it coming in a bag too large to fit in his pocket, and too blatantly overflowing for him to sneak out under his arm with any pretense of discretion. It's not so large that he wouldn't be able to empty it in ten minutes under the best of circumstances, but the best of circumstances wouldn't involve sitting just yards away from a stern-looking librarian who almost caught him industriously chewing on one of the bread rolls earlier and didn't sound at all convinced when he protested his innocence.

That would have been a decent cue to up and take his research elsewhere, except... he's so close. He's sure he's close, surer than he has been for a long time. He's got a good feeling about this particular enormous textbook on the theory of paramagic, and he's barely scratched the surface. If he shuts his eyes, he can imagine he already has one hand on the front of the Gate.

...Dammit, who in their right mind just drops something like this onto a table in the library and rushes off without even a transparent excuse?! Okay, Rainbow doesn't quite fit that criterion, but still!

It's a dilemma. When all of this is finally over, he thinks, he'll have to hand his brother an invoice for the trouble.

But for now, if he sees anybody passing by who doesn't appear to have too big a stick up their ass, of course he's going to wave them over, shoot a furtive glance to either side and then quickly proffer the open bag.]
Hey. Happy birthday.
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[Espio's not bothered about having affected anyone other than a small handful of people. Time compression, after all. But that small handful of people? UH. Apology... might be needed, here.

Unfortunately, it's difficult to find words for "sorry, I was someone else." Thus, one short PM.

This is definitely me.

No, I haven't figured out what happened yet.

Are we still on for Christmas dinner?

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[PM to everyone who so much as spoke to his AU, if he knows their name] [ooc: this can be handwaved or backtagged!]

If you remember the guy asking after me a couple of weeks back: I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.

- Edward Elric


[After those slightly cryptic PMs go out, Ed is absent from his usual hangouts for the rest of the morning. It's pretty difficult to miss him if you venture into the training centre, though - he's standing around a small clearing fairly close to the entrance, although after a little while a more accurate description would be miniature wasteland. Fallen grats lie here and there in the torn-up earth surrounding him; a couple are wounded in a way that suggests he impaled them somehow, but most just look like they've been rather viscerally beaten.

Presently, he settles down at the base of a nearby tree, on top of his untidily folded coat. He pulls at the hem so he can start polishing his right arm, but then stops and hangs his head. There's clearly something on his mind.

Not too far in the distance, a large animal roars.]
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[PM to Instructor Cranston]

Please come to my office at your convenience. I have a matter I wish to discuss with you.

~Commander Zabala
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Hello, students. I am here to advertise both that I am here to aid students with computers and anything involved therein and my own class. I would quite like to see you in advanced programming! It's a good skill to have!

Private Message to Rin

How are you faring?
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Has anyone seen a monkey in the forest?

[Unsigned, unusually for Touma, because this feels insane.]

Hello Danny,

The results from your allergy test have finally arrived. Please come to my office at your earliest convenience so we can discuss them in person.

Touma H. Norstein

[ACTION for Tom and Chase, hideously backdated to August 29th]
[Three boys plus Wednesday night in Balamb plus booze. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?]

I'm flattered, and thankful, but one's twenty-first birthday isn't a big deal in either of my cultures. [He has said this many times.] Or even here, considering the legal age for most things is eighteen.

[He whines, but Touma is actually having a pretty good time! Despite being a wine guy (#euro life) and thus making faces at every beer they make him try.]
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[ Sigyn cannot believe she's doing this. Well, actually, she can. She has Gakupo right there with her for support (well actually, maybe it's to keep Sigyn from cause a row). But here it goes, she punches in the numbers, and words, and waits.

Maybe the Commander hasn't set up her inbox...


Damn. ]

Good morrow...Commander. This is Sigyn Freyasdotter. If you are possibly available...I would like to take time to formally person.
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Ms. Sparkle, may I request a moment of your time when it is convenient to you? I wish to speak to you about a mutual friend of ours!

~Champloo, Home Ec teacher
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:33 < heeey
:33 < hi hi grell!
:33 < long time no chat! :33
:33 < i was wondering if purrhaps you have a mewment?
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Dear Mr. Raisin.
My name is Sigyn Freyasdotter.
Mr. Emric and I caused the damage by the bulletin board.
Where do I find the detention center.
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I need your help with a project. YOUR help. DO NOT tell your husband.

Interested? Or busy?
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I'll be busy during break, so I won't be around as the head of the Disciplinary Committee. If you slagging zifts get into trouble, there's still others who're making sure you don't land yourselves in hot water 8/

If my twin, Damian Wayne, isn't around, then go ahead and contact
[the names of various NPC members who've been skulking around campus].

Also as a reminder: if you type weird, and someone ASKS you to type normally, be smart and do so. Else it's grounds for detention.

- Damian R.

EDIT: Actually, just contact Artemis Crock instead. She'll be acting as leader while I'm away.

[PM to Rapunzel]

So we're in Dollet now! I know I said I'd lead a field trip, but I'm gonna be away on some business pretty soon - so can I show you around by myself later?

I promise it'll be quick.

- Damian R.
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[Private message to Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and Applejack]

[First things first, Luna's very careful to make sure that things won't be too hectic for her with this little affair, she knows better than to get the ponies involved if it can be helped. Thus she's going to be sending them a private message.]

Dearest subjects,

I need for you to do me a large favor, despite how odd this may seem. I'm doing a bit of an experiment for recruiting more people into drama and it rests with my appearing and acting as I had previously as Nightmare Moon. Thus I need for the both of you to act the parts, give information, whatever needs to be done. But do not, I repeat, do not engage me in a fight.

Please do remember,


[Action: Open to all]

[Standing on a walled off perched Luna can't help her amusement, this is going to be absolutely grand if she can remain in-character for this whole thing. Her appearance is probably familiar to some, though a pair of elongated sharp teeth are placed in her mouth, keeping up the look of some terrifying man-eating creature.

Clearing her throat she moves to the front of the railing, posture standing tall and wings spread out at her sides to make her as imposing as possible. Voice would return to the Royal Canterlot tone, knowing it to be the best way to get her message across.]

Attention, students and faculty! I have come to you today to convey an important message to all of you, one that is of your utmost concern. You may be wondering what that is, what it deals with you, how it will work into your life in these walls. Well, the answer is quite clear. This place is now under my control, the control of what I now dub as a founding member of this planet's Lunar Empire, controlled by the princess of night. You see, here I have nothing stopping me, no pesky Elements of Harmony, no sister of which to compete with. A perfect plan considering that no human on this planet could possibly out do me in any shape or form.

It's quite pathetic, you know, you humans. You think you rule over all simply because you have fingers. You have fingers because you have no clue how to use magic, how to fly, how to communicate with the world at large. It's a pain and a pity at the same time to see how ridiculously inferior you are with your tiny lifespans.

I give you a choice. Either you can be on my side or suffer my wrath.

[A tiny smirk crosses her lips, raising up on her hind legs to smash down on the ground, horn glowing with a nice blue aura. Like that the light bulbs burst, casting darkness and shadow over the area.]

My darlings, you will become used to the darkness. And it's going to do you no good to try to escape, the exists are blocked with magic none of you could know.

You can be on Nightmare Moon's side or you can be a stepping stone to my throne of power.

[She pauses for a brief moment, that smirk ever growing before she performs this little speech, clouding herself in shadow to move to a taller secured perch to watch the mayhem begin beneath.]

((Feel free to try to get at her or whatever you wish, though she's as high up as she can get.))
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So...looks like Mother is here. She didn't seem the happiest to find out how much I knew. But I don't...want either of you two getting hurt or anything because of me. I'm still sort of deciding what to do, but I don't want her to die either. It's....complicated. But, I'm not letting her shut me away anywhere here, and I am not leaving you, Eugene. I'm staying in the dorm with you. Merlin, I know I've talked to you about her before as well. I just don't want her to hurt you either, even if she doesn't remember stabbing Eugene, she is still capable of it. Just be careful around her. Both of you. I'll be in my room if you want to see me, now that she left.
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[BBS PM to: Damian Razem]

I'd like to speak to you; please come to the cafeteria during lunch hour.

-Instructor Lightning Farron

[BBS PM to: Fang, Sazh, Serah, and Vanille]

It's Hope's birthday on Saturday, and Snow and I are planning on throwing him a surprise party in one of the classrooms. We could use the help, if you want to help, but I know he'd appreciate you all being there. Just let me know if you can help or not; there's a lot that still needs doing before then.


[Action: Dorms, Hall 2, Room 220]

[As just about everyone knows, construction is about to begin, and just about everyone's packed. Lightning is as well, as evident by the near overstuffed bag on her bed. So why, if her bag is packed, is she on her hands and knees on the floor like she's looking for something? Seems a little concerned, too.]
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Instructor Cousland,

Could I ask a favor of you?

Lieutenant Commander Quistis Trepe
SeeD Rank A
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I guess the truth finally comes out.

((ooc; there should be an ID# assigned unless I'm mistaken? ljdl;gsd correct me if I'm wrong pleaseeeee))
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As the quarter advances and classes begin to delve into more thorough material, I would like to extend my help to those who may need tutoring in addition to their lessons. Though I specialize in para-magic, I do have a thorough understanding of the compulsory classes as well.

If you would like to set up a tutoring session with me, please let me know which subject you would like help with and which times you're available, and we can go from there.


Quistis Trepe
SeeD Rank A

[PM to Squall] )


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